Photo story: was SB able to rekindle the love she once felt for her Clover trousers?

Dear readers, this is where we last left off with regards my Clover trousers.

The “Hammer pants” or “Poop pants” as Roobeedoo fondly named them.  Remember I had  foolishly cut the lower leg rather narrow.

Here follows the story of what happened next ….I’ll let the pictures do the talking….

So let's see what you have done to your "Hammer Pants"

So just about got the fit right, (in the body) but why the long face?


Oh, I see, a bit tight at the waist and you've already reinserted that invisible zip quite a few times


It's not just the waist though is it? What's happening at your knees?


You could attach some weights to the hem to keep the legs pulled down?


Ah, listening to the suggestions from last time?


Where's your bicycle?

But you wouldn't be wearing them in winter with bare legs. I could (but don't want to) imagine the look with knee socks


Hmm, needlecord plus tights....return of the wrinkles


Now you could line them with something, but it would need some stretch?




The End

Feels like a waste, but should be grateful it doesn’t happen more often!  Would any of you seriously line such tight shorts?  (Please don’t try to convince me, I’m only interested in what your views are)!!


42 thoughts on “Photo story: was SB able to rekindle the love she once felt for her Clover trousers?

  1. Noelle

    BAHAHAHA! You crack me up!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while but I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment. I just love seeing your silly poses and facial expressions!
    Shame about the pants though :(

  2. Marie

    Ok, so maybe your Clovers haven’t gone quite to plan yet…but it has to be said! What smashing legs you have Winnie! Anytime you get bored of them and fancy a swap with a stumpier pair, please get in touch ;o)

  3. Hillary

    Aw, I’m so sorry, although the photo format was sheer comic genius! I wish all your efforts could have been rewarded; I was really pulling for you and those clovers! Ah well, cleared the decks of that UFO hanging over you, so that feels good, and on to something more fun! :)

  4. Tanit-Isis

    Ah, rats. Like others have said, though, onwards and upwards. I have a similar irritation with my red pair bagging around the knee because they’re tight in the calf. Obviously we need a full calf adjustment.

    Better luck next time! :)

  5. Roobeedoo

    It’s the fabric at fault. I had a needlecord skirt that started at my knees and five steps later was wrapped round my waist, even after lining it. (Note past tense!)
    I am sorry to witness the demise of the pooh pants (poo, as in “Winnie-the-pooh” not “poop”!) but I think they may be beyond redemption.
    Time to move on… the previous pair was great!

  6. Ginger

    Gah!! Nooooooooo!!!!!!!! Oy, guess that happens sometimes. I’m trying to fit the Iris shorts right now and I’m totally clueless! I don’t really know what I’m doing up top, but I really have no idea how to sort out fit for bottoms!

  7. Amanda

    LOL I’m sorry they ended up being wadders but I did enjoy the ride; it was like reading a Dr. Seuss story for sewists – complete with stripey socks and all! :)

  8. Portia

    Aw, Scruffy, nay mind!! It’s freeing to finally give upon something that’s just not working. Sewing time is far toooooooo precious to spend on something that’s just not ever going to co-operate! I’m with Marie onthe legs though!
    You do tickle me. (Not literally of course. That would be weird behaviour for grown women…;)

  9. Rochelle New

    You are HILARIOUS!
    I’ve heard the Clovers are really hit or miss with the fitting, which is why I’ve been hesitant to give them a try. I guess I should just go for it and if all fails, I can write about my disaster and at least get a really funny blog post of the the experience ;)

    p.s. they were looking really cute as bike shorts!

  10. kbenco

    Despite my great sympathy for your horrible trouser experience I have been laughing for the last 10 minutes. Thanks for such a fun post.
    I find both needlecord and slim trousers extremely difficult to wear, cord always grabs unflatteringly and enbulkens the figure in my experience.

  11. kbenco

    Despite my great sympathy for your horrible trouser experience, I have been laughing for the last 10 minutes. Thanks for your terrific post.
    I would blame the fabric too, needle cord both grabs inappropriately and enbulkens the figure in my experience.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I’m glad my misfortune has amused :-)

      I think you’re right about needlecord & Roobeedoo also suggests it is the fault of the fabric too. It hadn’t occurred to me that my choice might have been off point. I saw that it had stretch & that was decision made. Thanks for the wisdom :-)

  12. Ali

    Ha! You crack me up. Mine had a similar fate. As much as I love them, I just think Colette patterns are not drafted for a gal with my shape — so much fitting! Too tight, too loose, too curvy, not enough. Sigh. But you’ve had such winners with Beignet, Violet … I’m sure you’ll get there with the Clovers, too!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Oh Ali, but the whole iteration (or should it be irritation) of making many version is hard for an impatient & lazy person like me!! But I will take faith …or work out some kind of solution…

  13. Helen's Sewing Adventures

    haha love the photo storybook format. I’ve been giggling away over it for the last 5 minutes while I try to write a comment! Shame you couldn’t get the trousers to fit – the issues you’ve had are the exact reason I haven’t yet attempted a pair of trousers! Sometimes the best place for these things is the bin though – I agree with Portia, sewing time is way to precious to spend agonising over something that’s not going to be fixed very easily, if at all!

  14. Debbie

    Well done for being able to admit the bin was needed. I tend to put that sort of item in my wardrobe in the hope that the problem will miraculously solve itself. All those fitting issues are the reason why I haven’t tried clover trousers. Love the photo story format. though I am surprised Gary didn’t spot the opportunity to sneak in! x

  15. Sigrid

    Did you have any idea when you started blogging that you would become a comic sewing blogger?? Thanks for providing some morning humor. Yikes, these are the WORST fitting pants I have ever seen, and I say that in a complimentary way. Well, even if they ended up in the trash, at least you got a lot of mileage out of them. And, really I think the garbage is too good for them, did you consider roasting them in your pizza oven?

  16. LinB

    You could comfort yourself that you gave them up for Lent, but it is now Eastertide. Having the discipline to toss out what doesn’t work is good for one’s soul. I herewith give you permission to feel all virtuous and everything. (I’m a church secretary, so I have the spiritual authority to grant that permission, HAHAHAHA!)

  17. Sølvi

    I guess the other commenters have summed up all I wanted to say about the entertainment level of this blog post, may I just add “hahaha” as well! :-) But have you tried sewing Burda trousers? I love the fit of those, and haven’t even been tempted to try out the clovers seeing so many sewers are despairing over them. When a pattern demands that much tweaking, I say the fault lies with the pattern, not the sewer…;-)

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi Solvi,
      I have a feeling that I am going to rediscover trousers that have previously worked …. & maybe do another franken pattern! But thank you, it’s worth remembering in desperate times ahead – try Burda!

  18. Christine Laennec

    Oh Scruffybadger you have made me laugh and laugh too… So funny. I guess you win some and you lose some. And your ratio is far greater win to lose, so this post can just serve to make the rest of us ordinary mortals feel a bit better.

    Thank you for being so hilarious!

  19. anne w

    hehe, that’s funny. I found you via Karen’s pyjama party. I think leave those pants, the cut doesn’t suit you, but the pics are great for a laugh! :D


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