Pyjama Party

Hi Karen,

How are you feeling?  Did you get any sleep last night? ……………………..Ha, funny!.  I love your PJs by the way & your split jumps are really impressive!  I think I’d have fallen off the bed.  ………………………………..Yeah, I know.  Meryl is kind of cool isn’t she.  I wish I could pull off dungarees like that, but I just channel Bananarama ……………..

Well, you know, *stuff*………..  Of course we did!  ………………..Well it’s kind of glam I suppose.  Sherry went a bit crazy on the blusher………..Yeah, Chardonnay, as usual, you know what she’s like!

No, there isn’t any glitter – oh, except I’ve found some glittery blue nail varnish.

……………..Oh no!  Far too cold !  Tights and boots but I just got in the mood.  Gotta go …. they’re calling for me.  Bridget Jones is just about to start…..wish you were here with us!  See you soon xx

So what do you want to know?  (Apart from what we talked about ALL night?)

I did find the old duvet cover, it is from Ikea & any dreams this piece of reclaimed fabric had of being paraded as a beautiful dress have declined.  What started for the bed, has gone full circle back to bed.

If you remember I used the Sweet Nothings bloomer pattern, really easy to sew, with one piece per leg- not side seams, just inner seams – very quick to sew.  I used the rolled hem on my overlocker to finish the flounce edges (something that is always incredibly satisfying!).  And for the top I found a camisole pattern & managed yet again to introduce rick rack!  Yeah! zigga zigga ah!  The top was designed to be lined, but for bed I thought that it would be too hot to have lots of layers, so I used bias binding rather than make facings up.  And the buttons?  They are also reclaimed from the duvet cover.  What a great cheap make 🙂  And how nice not to be wearing an old half marathon t-shirt with PJ trousers.

Great sewalong Karen!  Thank you for hosting it.  And for once I have hit the timescales!!!

And I’m still reading “Born to Run” by Chris McDougall – it’s not a big book, but I’m just not getting much reading done. It’s great – all about ultra running, but not in a scary way, written in a very engaging & at times quite exciting way!!

Can’t wait to catch up with the rest of you – later though.  The sewing machine is shouting for me.

49 thoughts on “Pyjama Party

  1. Jane

    LOVE them Winnie! The fabric is gorgeous – you’d pay a fortune in Anthropologie for something similar. Why don’t I look so glam with a towel on my head?! x

  2. theperfectnose

    Niiiice! And very well styled; love the towel + makeup. Bedsheet fabric actually feels awesomely soft against the skin, the first dress I made, I hand sewed from an old sheet =D

  3. Kerry

    Winnie, as ever, you have the best photos. And check out your fab jammies too, I love that you’ve got your signature ric rac in there .

  4. Marie

    Could your photo shoot be any more brilliant? I think not! And as for the PJ set, it’s seriously divine, I would like one exactly the same please ;o)

  5. didyoumakethat

    Yes, Jane, doesn’t Winnie look totally glam and gorgeous? You’ve outdone yoursel with this post, Scruffy Badger! ‘Yeah … I know … she totally can’t take her Chardonnay … what’s that? … he did that?! … gotta go, mum’s coming back and I need to hide the booze!’

  6. Helen's Sewing Adventures

    Gorgeous!!! I want me some bloomers! That print is lovely too.

    Oh Born to Run – good book – much like watching the London Marathon, I read it and thought, yeah that sounds amazing, I’d love to do that, then I realize that I struggle to run more that twice a week and a half marathon was bad enough, so I regain my sanity quite quickly!

  7. Amy

    Hilarious. Your photos and stories never fail to make me laugh. And, I’m excited to hear you’re reading Born to Run. I thoroughly enjoyed that book. So much so that I’ve somehow managed to own three copies of it at one time or another. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thanks Amy, yes I was recommended it by Kate at Misformake. Another book that I bought for my friend as a result of a sewster’s recommendation was “what I talk about when I talk about running” – now that’s a book for motivating me.

  8. Karen

    LOVE IT, WINNIE! The photos, as I’ve come to expect, are great; laugh out loud stuff.

    The PJs are just sooo cute, too. And I love that they’re from an old duvet cover–perfect. I feel so much better when the universe balances itself like that.

  9. scruffybadgertime Post author

    Thank you for your lovely comments peeps. I’ve SO enjoyed checking out everyone else’s PJs – great to be able to show off those clothes that rarely get seen by many….just your housemates/ family & the cat. 🙂

  10. Melizza

    Winnie, you are so flippin’ cute. I love these fun quirky photos. You always manage to make me laugh.

    Your PJS are so pretty and dainty. I love them. I need this pattern. I want more PJs! Who knew one could get addicted to sleepwear?

  11. JenGren

    What a perfect little set of summer pajamas! And you’ve probably created good sleepy vibes what with it having been a duvet cover and all.

  12. shivani

    your blog posts are always a ray of sunshine – much needed on this dreary, damp weekend!

    Fabulous PJs too. What a good idea to use bed linen! I’m definitely going to check out ikea’s selection for a summery pair of PJs. and the ric-rac trim is perfect! x

  13. rehanon

    Ah dear me how lovely is your bedwear…I’ll tell you too lovely. You look so glam! Love the storyboard as always you excel in the narrative 🙂 xxx

  14. Rehanon

    Ah Scruffy as always the narrative is as much of a win as the make itself 🙂 This has just made me chuckle a great deal so thank you. They are gorgeous PJs and you should be suitably pleased with yourself xxx


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