A Renfrew for Spring, and that’s really saying something

First things first, I, Scruffy Badger of scruffybadgertime, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I endeavour to wear only clothes made by me each day for the duration of May 2012 (with the exception of undies & sportswear).  I shall up my game this time by pursuing better pictures and will try to take two thirds outside the safety of my own home ….

I have been feeling like a really bad blogger, I have a heap of blogs to catch up on, but everything has been so busy.  I hope you all had a great Easter.

So, back to business.  It’s been a busy weekend for everyone, and what better way to celebrate return to my sewing machine than by rustling up a Renfrew using my now near perfectly adjusted pattern.

Remember this is a franken pattern using my Built By Wendy Home Stretch basic tee for the upper body whilst retaining the shaping of necklines, sleeve lengths & side shaping of the Renfrew.  Had I been more patient I could have tried Vicki Kate’s FBA for the Renfrew as that is what I think I really needed.  Check it out – it’s a very clear description of how to adjust for a full bust where there are no bust darts – ideal for a knit like this.

Okey dokey, so here it is.  I LOVE this fabric, it was from Ditto and when I clapped eyes on it I just had to click “Add to basket”.  Not only does it have the most adorable pattern, it also has the most beautiful drape.  If I remember rightly it is some kind of poly viscose (but NICE!)  feels more like a bamboo knit.

Keep it simple, let the pattern do the talking I thought.  No flourishes or gimmicks.  Squeezed as much out of 1m as I could.  Not a snowball’s chance of eeking out for the cowl neck, but ¾ sleeves were in the bag.  Tell you what though – there were pathetic scraps of fabric left.  Remnants?  Only pieces large enough to fulfil the role of a rather colourful gusset in a pair of knickers.

I can imagine wearing this with red, with blue, with black even.  At the moment it’s a denim companion.

 With these over sized jeans I kind of went all Bananarama …

But clearly without the back-combing & shaggy hair

Or dungarees….

And as a final catch up, just to offer a glimmer into some of what’s been keeping me away, our Easter took us down to Cornwall.  We stayed with my parents and we got to spend some time with my dog nieces (who I adore…) And on Easter Sunday guess where I ran?

 You got it.  This is Perranporth, a 2 mile stretch of golden sand.  It wasn’t quite such a nice day for my run, but wow, to trot alongside the waves for 4 miles.  No music necessary.  Just me & the elements.    Still not fast.

I don’t know about you, (any runners maybe?) I admit I am a bit weird, but whenever we go somewhere I always assess the “runability” of somewhere.  Could I run here?  Would I want to?  I tell you the days when my running shoes are packed for a holiday but never get to see daylight are decreasing!   (Oh, the number of holidays with “great intentions” that I never delivered !)

I think this “could I run here” is something to do with my older age –  I like to be inspired physically by my environment.  However, maybe all I really need is a dog.

If we moved house, wherever we end up living, this will be one of my considerations.    Gosh, that is “middle aged” isn’t it?!

53 thoughts on “A Renfrew for Spring, and that’s really saying something

  1. House of Pinheiro

    Winnie, this is great and again your photos make my day. Love the high energy and fun attitude

  2. Ginger

    Eep! This is way too cute!! I’m in love!

    I’m a lazy sonofagun, and I think even I would be inspired to run on that lovely beach! I don’t think that’s “middle-aged” at all– you’d just be taking your interests into consideration when and if you relocated! My next apartment will be smack-dab in the middle of the Garment District (OK, maybe not… don’t want to dive headfirst into bankruptcy!).

  3. Clare

    The top is lovely and the photos – as always – are classic. There’s a woman who runs past my house with a fox labrador trotting along beside her – I don’t think it’d matter where you were if you had that dog, it looks like the perfect companion.

  4. Meg

    Your posts are delightful!! I love the shirt – that fabric is so fun and looks so comfortable! And I totally check out the “runability” of a location when I arrive – it’s nice to know I am not the only one who does that!

  5. Karen

    Ooh, that fabric IS fabulous. You’ve made the perfect top with it, also. Love the photos, as ever – she’s a mad’un! I agree re the running and visiting places. If I go somewhere lovely and don’t take my running shoes I feel quite bereft. Wasn’t always the case! It’s getting out early when everyone else is still asleep. My favourite New York moments by a long way have been out running.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      That is so cool, running in New York. I am thinking of doing a spot of race tourism to see if the experience of running in different locations is worth the training/ travel. Still thinking!

  6. Marie

    My, oh my! This is a glorious Renfrew and my favourite of all Renfrews – including my own! Off to see if they have any of that print left ;o)

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      That;s kind Marie, (esp when you have THE ultimate floral renfrew!) I have a feeling there is no more of this fabric left, unless I missed it/ it has been restocked. Crossing my fingers for you! x

      1. Marie

        Sadly, none was left :o( I find this happens a lot with Ditto, but it’s probably for the best, otherwise we’d all end up wearing identical clothes!

  7. Tanit-Isis

    Aww, your adorableness floors me as usual. Also, I need to remember to make a cowl-neck version of the Renfrew still. 🙂

    The thing about moving house is, location is pretty much the one thing you can’t change. I mean, just about everything else you could conceivably change, but not the location.

    And honestly, I could bitch about just about everything about my current house, but the location is gold.

    And, actually, pretty run-able, now that I think of it…

  8. Michelle

    Wow! Fantastic top! Adore that fabric, and I agree – I think it would go well with anything. Sky blue pencil skirt. Black trews. Perfect.

    I have longed to visit Cornwall for the longest time and your photos might have just clinched the deal. We’re planning a trip next year to Paris and Rotterdamn. Sure I can squeeze in a Cornish trip while I’m 24 hours away from home!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Gosh, put in that travel context, you’ll be just down the road! There’s a general differebce in character between the north and south coast, hope you get chance to catch a representative slice of cornish splendour. I love it….

  9. Helen

    Love the t-shirt – the pattern’s lovely. I just received the Renfrew Pattern thorugh the post over easter so I need to go on the hunt for some jersey material to make it with.

    Plus as always, the photos are very entertaining! ;D

  10. Helen

    Oh love the t-shirt – the pattern’s gorgeous! I got my Renfrew pattern in the post over Easter and I can’t wait to go on a hunt for some jersey to make it with.

    As for the running – what an amazing place for a run! Unfortunately I’m still firmly in the court of unrealised good intentions – I take the trainers away with me and then they stay at the bottom of the bag!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Renfrew yourself up! I think you’ll enjoy it. So many options and v quick to make.

      And I have so been there with travelling trainers, and I’m sure will experience again!

  11. shivani

    I just love this! It’s my all time favourite version of the Renfrew! And as usual, you do the best photos too! x

    [the internet eats my comments on your blog, so forgive me if this ends up being a double-post!]

  12. debbie

    Oh Winnie, you are “…guilty, guilty of sewing in the first degree…” and “yep baby, you’ve got it….” And “Rbert de Niro’s waiting …to see your new top…talking italian…” Impressed???? With my ability to paraphrase/adapt badly Bananarama lyrics at will? Fab top, love the fabric. xx

  13. Rachel

    Awesome tshirt. I definitely do the ‘could I run here’, along with the ‘was this village/town/city planned?’ and ‘are there enough cake stores per square mile’….

  14. Hillary

    The colors are so gorgeous on you, especially with the red scarf in your hair! 🙂 It looks lovely!

    And yes, what a gorgeous run that must have been!

  15. linB

    While I describe myself as “middle aged,” in reality that would only be true if I live to be 106 … I have now entered the time of life best described as “A Certain Age.” I applaud your physical flexibility — in one of your dancing poses, you look as if your top half is completely disconnected from your lower half! And you didn’t fall over! I love the sweetness of the dots and bouquets print for your new blouse.

  16. Ali

    Ooooh! Very pretty and very spring-y. I like your MMM pledge — even though your photos are COMPLETELY FABULOUS, it’s a nice reminder that great photos can be taken while we’re out in the world. I loved Solvi’s take on the challenge where she photographed herself while she was out int he world — baking bread, teaching. How fun to see her life!

  17. Christine Laennec

    What a beautiful top you have made! As for middle age, I think assessing things for “runability” is not so much a sign of ageing. However, I was recently given some new dishcloths (not handmade) and found myself exclaiming ecstatically over them – and then my friend and I collapsed in laughter at what middle age has reduced us to!

  18. kbenco

    Your Renfew is terrific, and I am so glad that you posted the 5 prior versions first, or I would be green with jealousy at your whipping up of a top of such excellent fit and neckline awesomeness after dashing back from a holiday weekend. What great photos.

  19. Debbie

    I love your Renfrew. It looks so nice on you. Just made my first one over the Easter weekend and already have a second cut out and ready to go!

    I too check out my locations to see whether I could run and two of my most memorable were running down the strip in Vegas and along the beach at Cocoa Beach in Florida looking the Space Shuttle on the launch pad in the distance. My holidays are highlighted by the runs I do.

    Running is also a good way to scout out the local stores in a new area and see if there are any fabric ones to come back to later!!!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Wow! Those are locations for a run! I am super impressed. I think I’d have a scorecard of best places I’ve run if I had been along Cocoa Beach or down the Vegas strip. Super cool!

  20. Alessa

    I love the roseprint jersey! Great Renfrew!
    How is it middle-aged to want to live near the seaside? I’m not a runner, but I’d move to the sea side any day. I’d even start taking walks! 😀

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