Pink elephant Violet Blouse

Am I hallucinating?  Is it real?  What have I taken?  Is this blouse a figment of my imagination, am I in danger of living the “Emperor’s New Clothes”?

New Ellie Violet with my Meringue.  If only I could go to work dressed like this!

But look!  It doesn’t quite look like a little girl’s pajamas.  The Violet blouse has made these elephants grow up, pull their socks up & wipe their long noses.

Rewind a bit – this is the pink elephant fabric from Ditto fabrics and it’s so cool.  I love it also in the navy, but opted for a bright option.  I have a feeling I may go back for the navy though…


It has got piping around the collar & along the right front edge. (Love piping!!)  I chose extra large buttons & used bold thread with triple stitching to hem & buttonhole as I thought it aged it even more.

OOops!  Didn’t think about the collar & look!  Upside down drunken ellies at the front (but they are walking the line behind!).


 I found with this fabric that the ellies were not printed on the straight grain- I had to rip across the width to get the straight grain & was shocked to see how far out the ellies were.  This is why the yoke is skewed.

I only had enough for the short sleeved version, but have to say, having worn my other one lots with elbow length sleeves I do like it lots, and would make it again, but am loving the short sleeves too.  It’s funny, every time I cut this pattern out I have an urge to cut another.  I can see myself making even more of these & have a few ideas lined up.

61 thoughts on “Pink elephant Violet Blouse

  1. Magpie Mimi

    I want one! I love the ellies, pin stripe skirt and stripy socks combo! That’s my kinda outfit! You’re really making me want to buy that pattern now…have to be good for a bit longer though as so many other patterns to sew up!

  2. didyoumakethat

    That is absolutely gorgeously wonderful! Seriously, can you not wear that outfit to work? I would, but then I work in a VERY relaxed office environment that would probably even tolerate dino skirts. Liza Jane asks a very good question. This is sooooo sweet. I am tempted to order some of this fabric now. I’m shocked at how off grain the print is, though. Good job you checked.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Yes elephants and dinosaurs rule!! Work shall learn to love it but not with the socks!!
      Shame about the grain, it only became necessary to check because the way the fold was misbehaving..

  3. Marie

    Oooh, I lurve this! What a fun and cute blouse, which looks awesome with your Meringue. I think you should definitely get the ellies in navy too ;o)

  4. Amanda

    Love it!! Ellie parade!! So cute and chic – I can see why you want to make lots of these; the style of this top really lends itself to any sort of fabric and style! Looks lovely on you – ‘specially with stripey tights! :)

  5. Sarah

    Wah!! I adore the Ellie Violet blouse and am in the throes of full-on blouse envy! Me likey! This is definitely in the top 5 of my favourite makes of yours! :)

  6. shivani

    ooo I love it!!! The elephants look fab, and the print really suits the style of the blouse. :)

    (sorry if I’ve double posted – the internet seems to be eating all of my comments lately!)

  7. Suzie

    Hee hee hee, I love it!!!!

    Reminds me of an old Madonna song….”pink elephants in lemonade….”

    - perhaps I should have kept that memory to myself!

  8. linB

    “It was the sweetest violet.” Line from a song by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Seems to fit here. (Also translated as “It was a lovely violet.” Ditto.)

  9. Evie

    How? How did you pull that off. On paper there is no way pink ellies should work. But lo! They (and you) look amazing! Run and buy the other colour-way. Now! ;-)

      1. LinB

        Usually the thought of stampeding elephants fills me with terror, but I think that I could cheerfully abide and even abet this stampede.

  10. Steph

    I am loving the stripy tights, stripy skirt and pink elephant combo. I now feel my wardrobe is lacking slightly… Amazing violet version x!

  11. Claire (aka Seemane)

    Love it – so much fun, it’d make me smile to wear that print every time :)

    Re: the off grain yoke, I’d probably of tried to cut to match the pattern direction (igonoring the off grain bit) + either fused it to some on-grain v. light weight knit interfacing (so it still had drape), or… underlined it with a large scrap of on-grain silk organza or even [pre-shrunk v. light weight] calico.

  12. MrsC

    Adorable! I LOVE the elephants all passed out on their backs on the collar too, maybe a few to many maitais or something? :) An entirely pretty vintage inspired pink blouse, until you look again and see what the pattern is. Wear it to work, go on! :)

  13. Stacy

    You look adorable! I think this blouse would look terrible on me, but I love seeing what others are doing with it. The pink elephants are so much fun.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I’d not thought of wearing this kind of pink, seems a bit bubblegum, but it is actually in my “colours”, which is why I went for the bright option ….& you’re right, the fun element is tempting me to make more ellie wear ….

  14. prttynpnk

    It’s just toooo cute! I especialy like it with the meringue- a subtle ‘big top’ homage. Not of course implying any tentlike status to your garments- please understand!

  15. Joy

    The 3 year old on my lap is enamored with your elephant shirt. But I can say it appeals to all ages (: because I love it, too! Even if it’s not in lycra.

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