Oh Wow One Week One Pattern  (that’s OWOWOP!) I’m joining the fray & taking up the  One Week One Pattern challenge, OWOP organised by Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons, starting Saturday 24th March.

 I had a few options, with the following patterns entering the competition “choose me, choose me” they all clamoured.

Simplicity 2599, I think I’ve made four or 5 of these, & love the frill and ruffle additions to them.

My versions:

I won’t use this as my one week one pattern however as I think of it as a summer pattern.  And I have a feeling that they are all in my ironing basket, languishing there when I swapped my summer to winter clothes over.  Waiting for me to press them before packing them lovingly away.  Sometimes I think I do not deserve such pretty things.

Option number two, Colette Patterns Beignet.

My versions:

Now the Beignet would be a relatively easy option – work & play covered nicely.  But I just want to try something new & feel rightly challenged.  I’m going to spend one week in Colette Violet blouses.  I have now made three & think it will force me to be a bit cuter at the weekend (& keep on top of my washing & ironing!).  Having only three will force me to wear each blouse at least two different ways.  That sounds like a bit more thoughtful.



Here they are …..

Yes, that is another Violet on the end!  It’s made with some silky fabric purloined at a carboot sale last summer.

I tarted this one up with a double collar, the one below being scalloped.  I have so many ideas for the Violet blouse I have to stop myself and make something else!  But having three for next week’s challenge will do just fine.

Who else is taking part? I’m interested to see what other participants get up to.  I know that Joanne at StitchandWitter has already declared for the Violet too ….

30 thoughts on “OWOP

  1. Sølvi

    That´s a great choice! I am on board as well, and I´m using a pencil skirt pattern. I have three skirts made from the same pattern, but I´m hoping to make another one as well.

    I´m loving the collar on that new blouse, so very cute and creative! 🙂

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      That sounds like a great idea Solvi, I can imagine it would make you feel very dressed up wearing a pencil skirt all week – I’d be interested to see how you adapt it to relax as well 🙂

  2. Debbie

    ~I realise I am a repeat pattern sewing offender! I too rejected 2599 as it is too summery. I also rejected my Lisette portfolios – I have made the dress twice and the top once. I am thinking of going with simplicity 3835 tops, I have 5 of these, yes, I got carried away with this pattern. I like your violets – loving that double collar. I want to put them on a future make list. x

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      5 tops! That is great going Debbie. I think of it as “repeat pattern lover” not “offender” as it’s a good thing to re-use, no? I sometimes feel guilty at making a pattern only once ….especially if it is successful

  3. Tilly

    It’s like OWOP! was made for you! So many pretty versions of lovely patterns.

    I’ve been busy compiling a mammoth spreadsheet of everyone participating, their chosen patterns, garment type, reason for choosing it etc. There will be graphs.

  4. Debi

    YAY! Love your last Violet blouse…what a great idea to do a double collar! I’m participating and am going to wear my 1941 simplicity trousers!!! whoohoo!

  5. Tanit-Isis

    I keep going back and forth on this. The obvious choice would be Jalie 2908, my ubiquitous jeans pattern—but really that would be too easy. Likewise anything based on my knit sloper. Boring! /sigh

    It’s going to be fun to watch, though.

    My belated condolences on your clovers! Those pesky stretch fabrics are thoroughly unreliable—even if they have the exact same percent stretch, there’s always the chance that one will have more recovery than another. For what it’s worth I think the below-the-knee part looked about right, just a bit too much room in the upper portion. But I’m sure they’ll make darling shorts, too.

    I really need to finish my damned Clovers, too. I need to re-do the zipper (for the third time) and have been refusing. Other than that they’re looking good…

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you for Clover commiserations! I’m sorry to hear yours are in third zipper installation – that really is tedious! But at least you feel they are nearly there.
      As for your OWOP choice, I know what you mean by the “too easy” or obvious choice. It feels to me as if this is about extending an enjoyable challenge, & to wear something with little difference from usual kind of makes it too easy, as you say. But saying that, Jalie jeans & knit sloper tops are clearly SO successful if they are “too obvious”. How wonderful, that’s what I call successful sewing!

  6. Rachel

    Wow, they are all such lovely options I would have found it hard to choose if I was you! I reckon you might convince me to purchase this pattern by the end of the week! I’m pretty close already to be honest 🙂

  7. Marie

    Gosh, you have such lovely repeats to choose from…this project was made for you! You could easily choose to take part with any of the above, but I love that you’ve gone for the Violet, it’s so classy! I’m going for the Renfrew, which will mean I’ll be having a very casual week, but hopefully it will also act as something to layer under pretty dresses…

  8. Joanne

    Yay for the Violet! Violet for Queen! I absolutely identify with your need to make as many Violets as possible. I get to around the halfway mark on one before I’m thinking about the next one… they’re addictive. FACT. All of your Violets are beautiful and the little scalloped double collar is adorable… uh-oh I feel another one coming on…!

  9. Melizza

    How cute are all your Violets lined in a row. Your new Violet is divine. What a good idea to do a double collar. That second collar really adds a nice pop.

  10. Alessa

    A week in Violets sounds like fun! I love the scallopped collar on your latest version! I’m taking part and I’ve been thinking about using my self-drafted knit top pattern. I have three longsleeves, a t-shirt and a dress made from it, and I’m thinking I might manage to make another dress this week.

  11. Ali

    I’m excited about this challenge — and you’ve so many to choose from! In fact, your Violets are some of my favorites, but I think you do such a fab job pairing as is that it’ll be to see you have a Praise Violet Week. (And I’m still jealous at how lovely your Beignets turned out!)

    I really wanted to participate but I can’t think of anything I have in multiple (yet!) to get through solely in a week. I’ve done so much paring of half-hearted me-mades that it’s really slimmed my FO pile. The dress form is going to do wonders for my fitting — I’ve enjoyed seeing you work with yours.

    Oh! And condolences on the Clovers — I keep wanting to make another pair (the first pair has been chalked up as a fail, mostly due to the fabric). But yours is such pretty fabric, looking forward to seeing their next incarnation.

  12. Lavender

    Great choice! And I love your short hair, so cute on you! And the pink kitchen!!! We painted ours pink in the last apartment, but aren’t allowed to paint here 🙁

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  15. GlitteryKatie

    Oh *squeee* I’m so thrilled I found your post on this blouse!!
    I’m about to embark on a skirt making exercise and NEED a blouse pattern and this one is JUST what I had in my brain!! FABULOUS thank you!!
    LOVE your blog- you are wonderful and so full of joy *mwah*

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