OWOP: 7 days of Violet

Hello everyone!!  Not a wig in sight for this post, I promise!  This is my round up post for OWOP, one week one pattern, where I took the humble & very pretty Colette Patterns Violet blouse and wore it different ways for 7 days.  This challenge is the brainchild of Tilly and the Buttons., and I can’t wait to catch up with others’ posts.

So I have three Violets which meant that I had to wear each twice in the week, with one starring three times.  Mid week I had the panics in case the overnight washing did not dry, but thankfully we had a week of wonderful weather & the drying happened overnight.  Let’s get started!

Day 1: Saturday in the garden …

A beautiful sunny day, the denim shapeless shorts came out, & I wore my double collared Violet as a jackety thing over a camisole.  Yes, that is our pizza oven- how cool is it?!  No, there is no fire lit, I’m just demonstrating….

Day 2: In the garden

Sunday, showing off my salad & sweet pea patch….ooh exciting!  Slugzone central!  I’m wearing my pink elephant Violet with my Anna Marie Horner Loulouthi skirt.

Day 3: A work day …

Phew, it’s good to be home!  I’m wearing my ultra Violet blouse & my Ginger skirt.

Day 4, another work day:

All day in a brilliant coaching workshop, re-motivated me about running!  Woo hoo! I’m wearing my double collared Violet with my pinstriped Meringue (note there is a bit of a double Colette Patterns theme going on here….I seem to be a groupie!)  And yes, the sun is out & so are my turquoise Hushpups!!

Day 5: Working at home:

My pink elephant Violet with my denim Beignet, a smarter than usual look for working at home, it has to be said!  I usually slob rather more.  Don’t my eyes under my glasses look freaky in this photo?!

Day 6: a day at work

Here we are, the most worn Violet has been the double collared silky version.  Worn here with my first Clovers, which having put myself through the mill of trouser fitting I now know DON’T FIT me right!  Yes you heard right, I need to get at that centre crotch seam & take some width off the hips.  *That* is why they felt like old dear trousers.  Even though it was a warm day, I wanted to show the fabby jacket I have been wearing a lot this week too- it’s brown satin from Gap about 13 years ago & if ever there was a piece of clothing I would try to recreate it would be this.  (With grey cardi peeping out too.  ) Sorry I’m rather rumpled, it is just the leaping around with the self timer I think.

Day 7: Last day at work

It’s the second outing for Ultra Violet worn here with my pinstriped sari lined pencil skirt – yes that dart always looks like that & I notice it every time & will not do anything to perfect it!  Merlin is embarrassed by my slapdashery, he won’t even look at me.

So how did it go?  It was the perfect choice for the week – it was sunny you see.  I had to be smart ALL week & as a result I fielded a couple of unsolicited compliments & discovered a young male sewster in the same building I work in which was interesting!  Yes, I am not used to washing & ironing midweek, so that required me to be better organised.  And that I wore so many Colette Patterns “doubles” amused me!  I also think my winter wardrobe is much smaller & needs to be developed, which is happening slowly.  But it’s Spring sewing now the sun’s out, surely?!

Who else enjoyed this OWOP challenge?  Did you enjoy it?

36 thoughts on “OWOP: 7 days of Violet

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thanks Liza Jane, my clogs have become my slip-em-on-really-quickly-to go-out-shoes and live by the back door…. and yes, having a pizza oven of our own is ACE, Gary is the man behind it (multi- talented pantomime horse and bricklayer ) & he can cook a mean pizza, whole roasts and so much more I could go on forever but won’t, in it…..when the sun shines the oven gets lit 🙂

  1. cowroad

    What fabulous garments you sew!!! But what I like even better is all your fun photos! And those wigs are ‘da bomb’! 😉 Always happy to see you’ve posted again! 🙂
    A fan from Seattle (but Dutch originally!)

  2. Debbie

    Love your Violets. I have made one and you have inspired me to make more! My favourite is the ultra violet.

    BTW the pizza oven looks amazing. I think we need one in our garden!!

  3. Jane

    I love every single one of your outfits (I really do!) but the pink Sunday outfit with clogs is my fave. My husband got very excited seeing your pizza oven, and sadly, your salad patch (he’s getting old)..! x

  4. charlotte

    This has been a while on my wish list, even more so! Just brilliant and the pin stripe skirt is great. I am also so jelous of the pizza oven maybe this year I will get round to one after dreaming for the last 10!!! Well done. x x x

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you Charlotte, I too had this on my wish list for a while, & am glad to say that making it up already has made it worth buying it. I am enjoying it! And we recommend the pizza oven culture…. if that helps ?!

  5. Melizza

    First things first…a pizza oven! That is my dream! It *will* be built in our next house.

    I loved all your Violets. They are vibrant, fun and pretty.

  6. Roobeedoo

    You have definitely shown how versatile this blouse can be – so many different looks! I wouldn’t have thought of pink elephants with louluthi skirt but it really works 🙂

  7. Marie

    Outstanding outfits Winnie! I really love how you dressed down and dressed up your violets so well, you look cracking in each one! And I’m impressed by how many other self-made items you managed to showcase during OWOP too!

  8. Debi

    Love your 7 days of Violet! All your outfits are fabulous…I especially love the ultra violet blouse and how you styled it up on day 7! So much fun!!

  9. KC

    Great work with the OWOP! As to the slugs, why did you make a slug-shaped garden if you didn’t want slugs? Be that as it may, Eartheasy says get them drunk:

    Slugs are attracted to beer. Set a small amount of beer in a shallow wide jar buried in the soil up to its neck. Slugs will crawl in and drown. Take the jar lid and prop it up with a small stick so rain won’t dilute the beer. Leave space for slugs to enter the trap.

  10. Christine Laennec

    All your outfits are so different one from another, that it’s hard to believe there are only three blouses involved. Very lovely, very versatile, and all very you! That pizza oven is unbelievable as well. Are you sure you live in Britain?

  11. sigrid

    I love every single Violet, and envy all your shoes.
    And hey, Congrats on being featured over at Colette– being as you are almost an ambassador for Violet I say it’s about time!

  12. Alessa

    Great outfits! You certainly wear a Violet very well – I can’t even decide which outfit I like best! 🙂
    And those turquoise shoes are amazing!

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