Darn those scissors, how an earth do I pour myself into these Clovers?

Can I say thank you to everyone for the lovely comments you’ve been leaving – it is so lovely and so much fun to receive them ,thank you again.

Onto my trousers then, or pants as I am already thinking of them.  Pride comes before a fall they say and it’s true.  There was I crowing over my very few adjustments to my first clovers.  The niggle that arose with them was that perhaps they needed to be slimmer.  I had bought (in two batches) this wonderful stretch velvet needlecord from Croftmill especially for a second pair of Clover Trousers.

Navy velvet needlecord

This pair was going to be better than the grey pair that are just about work appropriate.  I wanted a pair that would be fun and homey as well as maybe OK for work.  I wanted mine to be real classic, inspired by Audrey, proper cigarette pants.

So I laid out the tissue pattern with my me-skinnified jeans on top to see how much wider they were and to maybe narrow the legs more.  I didn’t really stick much to the jeans’ shape because they were all over the place.  Instead I made the fateful error of “eyeballing” a new cutting line.  Snip snip snip.

And then I sewed.  But the trouble with making Clovers (all trousers actually, not just Clovers!) is that you have to get quite a way through before you can try them on.   Finally with invisible zip installed, half the waistband attached & two legs sewn I skipped downstairs to the mirror for try on #1.

OMG.  Jodhpurs anyone?

The fabric was easily ballooning over my upper legs & I could grab a handful at my hips, but knee and below?  Skin tight.  I should have taken photos except that this was at night (as all horror stories are).  The photos I do have are following the first adjustment after taking out the seams, eeking out half a centimetre here & there.  The lower legs & knees are still tight, so please chuckle & chortle thinking how tight the first attempt was!

Yum yum!  Nice & tight around the legs & all that room in the hip area!

Now I have to see if it is possible to take any kind of remedial action that will resurrect any semblance of decent trousers out of this wonderful (but is it too small in places ) piece of midnight blue velvet needlecord.

There is some massive amount of fitting needed.  The invisible zipper will need to be re-installed.  And what is my crotch doiong?  It is not frowning, it’s chewing bubble gum!  I fear these trousers could end up like leggings …. Tell you what.  All fabric with stretch is not the same.  I am officially scared.  Please can someone put the light on and give me a cushion to hide behind until it is over?

27 thoughts on “Darn those scissors, how an earth do I pour myself into these Clovers?

        1. Alessa

          Navy needlecord harem pants actually sound like something you could rock. You’re definitely rocking the pink elephant Violet, so nothing’s impossible! 😉

  1. Sigrid

    Nothing like pants hubris to make the sewing gods punish a satisfied seamstress. And stretch fabric–it’s so fickle. (I fear I am due for some unwearable pants.)
    I suggest you give up running and take up dressage.

  2. Lauren

    Ok, I should feel bad for laughing – I kinda do! – but I can’t help it. Stuff like this aaaalways makes me feel better, especially after having sewing nightmares myself. Hahahaha that last picture omg 😀

    This doesn’t help you NOW, but in the future, I find it easier to do additional slim-fitting after the pants have been mostly constructed (sans waistband, pin the zipper). I put them on inside-out and pinch away. Pin if you dare – I’m not that flexible, so I use a ruler at key points to determine how much to shave off 🙂

    Maybe consider chopping off below the knee & wearing them as dressy-ish shorts? Maybe with tights in the fall, and a little vest and mary janes. Ooh that would actually be cute!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Lauren that is good advice all round- thank you.
      I have taken a bit of a break from them, but am starting to feel almost ready to fight back. I had also wondered about chopping the legs off too! The fabric is sadly so GORGEOUS to wear. I couldn’t bear it if it was all scrapped. I now know that at the very least I will have cool shorts ….

  3. Christina

    Oh dear. I just picked up the clover pattern and plan to try my hand at it soon. The look on your face in the second photo is awesome! Keep at it, these pants do look really great when they’re finished!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thanks Christina – I really do think that everyone appears to have a unique experience with this pattern – yours could be positive like my first one!! Fingers crossed for you

  4. Kerry

    Uh oh…I have never made trousers so can’t offer any advice only wish you good luck.

    (your photos did make me laugh tho – so thank you!)

  5. Tamsin W-P

    Ha- that’s funny! I don’t think I’ll be tackling the clovers anytime soon – everything I’ve read says they need tons of fitting. I have been having my own ‘hammer pants’ issues with a burda pattern, which I’m slowly coming to terms with!

  6. debbie

    I second Lauren’s suggestion of making them into shorts so you still benefit from the lovely fabric. The alternative would be sew elephant inserts into lower legs but that would probably make you look like Mrs Weirdy McStrange. 😉

  7. monkeysocks

    I would definitely chop them off, see what they look like at just below and just above knee height. If you fin that you have to chop slightly higher than you would like to make the leg shape make sense, you can always make some long cuff out of the bits you have cut off!

  8. LinB

    All I can think is that your incessant running has hyper-developed your calves. You will now have to always consider making a full-calf adjustment to your trouser patterns. Sadly, unless you want to run a gusset down the leg seam (inside or outside: sewer’s choice!) I don’t see any option to salvage this garment as full length trousers. I agree with the other commenters, chop them off and use them as shorts.

  9. Roobeedoo

    Ah ha – what you have there, madam, is a genuine pair of poo pants, as in “Mummy… I think I filled my nappy…”!
    SO sorry this happened! But that last photo is priceless! 😀
    Yes, all stretch fabrics are different. Do not trust them. They are evil and are out to get you.
    But seriously – the last pair was so very nearly absolutely spot on, don’t give up!

  10. Amanda

    LMAO!! Love that facial expression! Defo make them shorts; maybe the fabric was communicating what it wanted to be, in this way… either that or Clover is the most schizophrenic pattern EVER! lol

  11. Karen

    Oh, Winnie. I’m sorry. I know the horror of fitting, but you are an excellent sewist, so I’m sure you’ll have it fixed soon. And the pants will look great!

  12. scruffybadgertime Post author

    So guys, shorts (of some description) they may become. Thank you for your suggestions, laughs & appreciation of “the fear”! I shall be attacking them with new vigour as a result of all your help, & will either have to make myself some un-hareem pants that are tight fitting everywhere (ski pants come to mind & not sure what I think about that) or luxurious shorts, hopefully not too tight. I like Lauren’s idea of teaming it with a waistcoat/ vest (I have just one in mind)………

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