Crazy stupid running and me

Hello every lovely person, this is a short update just to satisfy any curiosity out there & tomorrow I’ve got a post about my next Clover trousers ….

First of all thank you to everyone who wished me well in the race ….it was my second fastest half marathon (but still slow!) & these my running tips for races and the lessons I learnt (the hard way):

  • Don’t expect to run faster than ever before over such a crazy long distance in unseasonal hot weather when having trained in the winter if you have trained for the *bare minimum* – be thankful to survive (yes, 7 days after training in hailstones we had to run in 14 degree sunshine!)
  • Although listening to a variety of music including minimalist piano music is wonderful when running scenic country routes for pleasure, make a cheerful motivating playlist for an arduous race (otherwise desired effect is not achieved, believe me!)
  • The type of training for getting faster is different from training to enable you to survive the distance (an obvious lightbulb I know, just two weeks before the race)
  • Bringing your own style to your race is a boost – some dress as bananas, cavemen, Wally, or super heros.  Girlie bows & cute running skirts work for me.
  • You always run against yourself for yourself – that is the paradox.  I hated a great deal of the heat, became dehydrated & even allowed myself a loo stop (not a Paula, I hasten to add, a welcome portaloo).  I thought “this is silly, not doing this again, no way” (actually these words are rather more tame than those I really thought) , yet all it took was the pain to die away to be replaced with strategies for beating my time next time.  NEXT TIME??!?!? Then the marathon photos were published & I’ve almost accepted the fate that is mine.  I am more than likely to inflict this on myself next year.  Here I am coming in to the finish …


Yes that is relief on my face & I also knew there would be cameras here & had an iota of energy left to overcome my gurning & grimacing for the next twenty paces …..

And I felt very close to tears as I performed my very welcome stretches on my poor ol’ legs.  It was really over!

And final lesson, crowds and supporters are the business!  There is nothing quite like someone cheering you on to force a smile & try to look as if you are managing & enjoying it!

See you tomorrow xx

31 thoughts on “Crazy stupid running and me

  1. Kate @ M is for make

    yay! well done you – you look great and as someone who recently dropped out of a half, I have the utmost respect for you for finishing it. By the way, have you read ‘Born to Run’ by Christopher McDougall? I got it for Christmas and loved it, interesting, inspiring, moving, I don’t stop blathering on about it…

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Kate I’m sorry to hear you had to pull out – I can only imagine the disappointment & hope you weren’t hurting too badly. But it is crazy, isn’t it?! Why do we do it to ourselves?! I made so many mistakes, including the music mistake. Who wants to be listening to something “calming” when it takes all your grit not to stop & sit down in the road ?
      I am ordering that book right now – I love others’ recommendations for running books- thank you!

  2. Andrea

    Amazing! Congrats! I ran my first half-marathon almost a year ago. At the finish line I fell into my mom’s arms and said, “Never again.” And I kept my promise: I actually haven’t run a single step since. Now I sit on my bum and sew. So you’re awesome!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Andrea, you are the remarkable one – well done for getting one under your belt and not forcing yourself into the viscious cycle that I feel I’ve become trapped in!!
      But thank you 🙂

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Um. well it’s a bit delicate. Our heroine Paula Radcliffe during one of her marathons (2005) suffered stomach cramps & rather than let it threaten her chance of winning, took a very public loo break for a pee en route. And went on to win.

  3. Ali

    I still think your running is incredibly inspiring, congrats on another finish!! I also love seeing folks dressed up — I was particularly touched once by a man with a flag for POWs, he ran miles with that pole in hand.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      If you talk about how many inspiring people take part Ali, I am in awe. People running for charity, for loved ones, carrying colleagues on stretchers. I saw two young men running around attached to each other in three legged race-style. How hot would they have been? How stiff being forced to run that awkwardly for two plus hours?
      And thank you x

  4. Christine

    I take my hat off to you. I could no more run a half-marathon than fly! Well done (you lunatic).

    I look forward to your explanation of “a Paula”! 😉

  5. Debbie

    Congratulations on completing the half marathon. I think it is inspirational of you. :)One day I am going to start running again! I like the sound of running skirts – you need to whip up one in polka dots!

  6. LinB

    Hurray! It’s over! You finished! You were still ambulatory at the end! You didn’t have to pee in front of a crowd! I’m proud of you.

  7. Rachel

    Hooray – good for you! I totally relate to the runner’s paradox. After a run do you think that the amount of treats allowed is greater than that actually ‘earnt’ in the event? I ate cake for *weeks* after doing a half and wondered why my belly grew….

  8. Rachel

    Hooray – good for you! I can totally relate to the runner’s paradox… and I only run 5km! 😉 I did a half once, and swore never again, but I did enjoy eating extra cake afterwards so I might reconsider one day! I love how the ribbons are visible in your photo. You look great in it too – taking everything in your stride.
    PS> for some reason my comment got lost, so apologies if you get two from me!

  9. sigrid

    Well done! I think just training and then even showing up for such an event is a big deal. So, finishing? well, that’s amazing! Brava!

  10. Marie

    Many congratulations, you’re an inspiration!!! Sadly, I just can’t get on with running…every time I try, I end up injuring my foot and having to sit out all exercise for weeks! I’m absolutely loving the bows on your trainers by the way!

  11. Kristen

    Congrats! You ran in such style! I’m so impressed. What you say about running against yourself for yourself is really interesting and so true…

  12. Ginger

    Hooray! You did it! I’m so impressed! 😀

    I can’t lie… I had to do a Paula this weekend on a ski trip… sometimes when a gal’s gotta go, a gal’s gotta go!


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