My pinstriped Meringue Skirt (Colette Patterns)

So following on from explanation of my inspirations last time which would have made a single post overlong, it’s time to see what I did with the skirt of many curved edges, that is the Meringue skirt.

This Meringue is such a pretty style that I wanted to mix it up a bit & use a masculine pin stripe with the very feminine hem detail.  I’d bought some wonderful wool pinstripe, a very dark navy, from my local fabric shop last year.  This fabric was a bit more expensive than my usual cheapness & I wanted to do it justice.

And do it justice I did (in terms of reworking bits that didn’t cut the mustard first time around.)  Yes, I actually unpicked the finished waistband, replete with buttonhole & button sewn on to correct the hem & the waistband seam that slightly missed the straight edge of the pinstripe.  But I am not expecting any praise for this, don’t get me wrong.   It’s the kind of thing any decent sewster  covers off every make.  I am just usually lazy!

meringue 2

This was my first make using Barbarella.  She is stellar.  She is already saving my sewniverse.  The fit on this skirt is perfect & it if it wasn’t for her I think I would have really struggled to get the lined hem right.

I plan to follow up this post with a post devoted to lining this skirt as I found it quite a challenge & think it deserves discussion.  This post will be purely a show & tell.   But Barbs, I LOVE YOU!!!!  You are my valentine 🙂

Look, it’s got a satiny cerise lining – coo!!  Do you like the vintage button?


 It slightly peeks out at the hemline in a slightly flirty (tarty?!) way…

meringue 4I wore it to a Senior Board meeting at work (in a supportive role, I am really not an important work person)  & inside I trilled to think I was unconventionalising my pinstripes.   The conversation might have been *very important & strategic* but I was wearing a secret bird of paradise.

And this is the waistband that I recast.  I had to spend a lot of effort on the hem (more in the post to follow on lining this madam) which meant unpicking the waistband.  Which was actually a good thing in my efforts to be a more perfect sewster, as you’ll see the waistband is sewn on the crosswise grain & the first time the stitching didn’t quite follow the pinstripe.  It was obvious.  It had to come out.  How did I get it right this time??

Well, in a similar way to sewing piping I machine basted along the line of the pinstripe on the outside of the waistband piece with bright thread so that when I came to attach it to the skirt I followed the basting as my stitching line.  It works so nicely.

Apologies folks – I had used Flickr to link some of my pictures, but I have since taken them off Flickr, hence the lack of pics here now.  I don’t do this anymore, it was an experiment that didn’t work out for me!



56 thoughts on “My pinstriped Meringue Skirt (Colette Patterns)

  1. Lauren

    I love these meringues made up in masculine fabrics! Cuts the sweetness down just a bit, me thinks.

    I am interested to see how you lined it – mine was a simple non-scalloped skirt dropped in under the waistband. I faced my scallops with the shell fabric. It looks like yours is lined all the way down to the scallops, though, which is fascinating to me because PINK.

  2. Stitch Parade

    First of all, love the new skirt, and I especially love the fact that you were all subversive in your business meeting – just awesome. Second, who says you’re too old to wear a tight fitting rock T-shirt? I think you’ll probably “rock” that look, but if you must turn the shirt into pants, that would be an awesome pair of underwear as well. Finally, the photos are great, as usual, so no need to apologize there. I find taking photos for the blog such a tedious task but yours are always so much fun. Great post, as usual, Ms. ScruffyBadger!

  3. Sarah

    Your Meringue is FABULOUS!!!! The fabric is terrific and the scallops great! The lining? Oh, you know how I love me some cerise!

    I love your photos, Scruffy!! Keep up the fun and awesome work. 🙂

  4. kirsty

    WOW ! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your skirt ! What an excellent job ! I love the pinstripes and I think you could totally rock the Morrissey T. Excellent work 🙂

  5. Kerry

    I love this version of the Meringue – the masculine pinstripes work perfectly with the slight girliness of the pattern. Also, I love your photos 🙂

  6. Amy

    Must admit, the Meringue’s always looked a bit meh to me, and I couldn’t see myself ever making/wearing it. But I love your twist of showing off a cheeky lining! Whole new potential to scalloped hems…

  7. Debi

    Have I told you lately how completely awesome you are? BECAUSE THIS IS FAB-U-LOUS! love the pinstripes. Seriously, I might need to copy this! And of course, cerise lining just tops it all off! Yes, please post on the lining…I’m contemplating making this skirt!

  8. Roobeedoo

    Ah – most definitely fabulous! Barbarella has worked her superpowers indeed! I like the waistband – mine could have done with one. Actually, I have fallen out with mine because it isn’t lined and keeps wrapping itself round my legs exposing far too much thigh – grrr. I am very interested in your lining and await that post with bated breath. I like how your villainous cat stayed out of shot – very wise by the sound of it!

  9. Rachel (in Edinburgh)

    I bet the person/people you support think you are important! I love the photos, they made me chuckle. And the skirt? Well, I think it’s great. Clever thinking with the line of basting to get the seam lined up too. I’ll have to remember that.

  10. Rachel (in Edinburgh)

    I bet the person/people you support think you are important. I love the photos, they made me chuckle. As for the skirt? I think it’s great. The line of basting to line up the seam is so clever too – I’m going to have to remember that one.

  11. Didyoumakethat

    Are you kidding? You could totally wear it with the Morrissey T-shirt. I love the skirt! Particularly the peek of pink lining. Could just imagine you in a big meeting with your secret smile of lining knowledge! Very interested to hear your thoughts on your dressmaker dummy.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      But the tshirt’ s just very tight around the bust – barb doesn’t worry, she’s more brazen than me and I think likes that whole reinforced bosom feeling …. But thank you. I shouldn’t knock it till I try it!

  12. liza jane

    Oh, but the massive dead rat was a present for you! Do you not appreciate your kitty’s gifts?

    Love your meringue. I also like your thoughts on sitting in a board meeting thinking about your awesome skirt.

  13. Marie

    Oooh, I lurve this! Especially how you’ve paired such a cutesy pattern with a more ‘formal’ fabric. Genius! And the thought of you sitting in a high level strategy meeting thinking of your glorious lining makes me chuckle!

  14. Tanit-Isis

    Oh, you are the most adorable thing ever! I think the pinstripe with the scallops was GENIUS! It’s the perfect combination of flirty and formal, and you’re absolutely right about dressing up and down.

    …and I love your poses. 😀

  15. Amanda

    Yes!!! I want this skirt!!! loved it in pinstripe but then you went and added cherry-Popsicle-coloured lining…. come on! how perfect is that?? it looks fabulous on you! 🙂 I have a hunch kitty did the naughty thing cause he was jealous of you cooing over meringue instead of him 😉

  16. Karen

    Winnie! You’ve done it again. I have to agree about the pinstripes/scallop pattern being ever-so-cool & ultra-stylish.

    2nd, great funny pics as expected.

    3rd, is that a new haircut?

    4th, I think I have those boots & just wore them today. Are they Clark’s?!

    You look great. I’m thinking of taking up marathon running because I’m feeling quite envious of your figure.

    Another lovely fashion item–you seem to be churning them out this year. Lovely!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Ha ha ! Thank you Karen! The boots are actually Wonders – too expensive usually for me, but they were in the sale a couple of years ago ….pretty comfy 🙂

      As for (half) marathon running….what can I say? It’s such a personal challenge for me & is not yet part of my DNA that when I hate it, I wouldn’t inflict it on anyone, but when I’m there, with my vision in my head, thinking, not doing, it’s the best….

  17. KristenMakes

    FABBY skirt! It fits perfectly! I love having those little secrets in our homemade things that only we know about! Inside my husband’s knitted fair isle cap I have inserted the rebel logo from Star Wars. He walks all around town with no one knowing he’s a Star Wars fella – our little secret 😉

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      How cool is that ! A Star Wars secret rebel – that is awesome Kristen. I know some dudes who would appreciate that – I make them boxers, perhaps I could find some logos to attach….:-)

  18. Suzie

    Your pinstriped, fushia lined Meringue skirt is fantastic! Definitely one of my favourite versions of this skirt. I would never have thought about making it up in work-appropriate fabric, but it really works…and takes simple pinstripe workwear to another level.

    As for cheeky kitties – I know all about thier ‘kind’ gifts. We have been presented with two birds so far…the second one wasn’t even completely dead. They kindly left the fatal blow for us to deliver! Very sad.

  19. Roisin

    You’re a loon. I love it – those photos! This is why your blog is one of the best in town, Ms Badger 🙂 I love the peep of lining, too – business up front, party underneath. SWEET.

  20. Clare

    I think this is my favourite meringue so far. I LOVE your photos and the shapes you pull! My cat jumps and yowls at the camera when I use the self-timer – total nightmare.

  21. LinB

    Oh! Oh! Oh! Now your “raspberry-filled merinque” comment of some posts ago makes perfect sense. I adore foreshadowing in literature and in drama.

  22. Melizza

    You can’t see me but trust me in saying that I am bowing down to you. Figuring out how to line the Meringue was difficult so I opted out of it the second time around. That hint of pink is *oh*so nice. Well done!!

  23. Ali

    I LOVE your photos. You’re too funny, always make me smile. And it looks great — we bow to you, Barbarella.

    And lining, sigh. I wish all my skirts had lining. 🙂

  24. Jane

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s Goy-jus!! Love the pin stripe and hot pink lining combo and you look fab with your jaunty neckerchief. Lovely, lovely, lovely. x

  25. Christine Laennec

    Oh you do make me laugh! Thank you for the Avengers-like poses. And that skirt! The pink lining and the scallops are so witty. I’m glad that your body double is working out well for you, too.

  26. Ginger

    Love this! I like the action you get from the stripes + darts becoming friends– very cool! And the hint of pink is yummy! ALSO. Please tell me the cat/rat situation is fictional… please… because, wow, that sounds truly awful! D-mn cats!!

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