Don’t like seafood but I love scallops

Hello all!!! Sorry I have been less frequent than usual, but this has got to be the busiest 6 week period at work – ever.  But I think it’s come to an end.  And what do I do at the end of a work period of intense trauma?  I go crazy mad sewing of course!  At one point I had three things on the go at once (I told you I was crazy & wild didn’t I?!)

And just in case you were wondering, all else has gone to pot.  Unfortunately my half marathon training has suffered.  There is no way that I will run faster than last year.  I am destined to forever joke about my slowness (to hide the true pathos) & avert my eyes at the official photos that record the weary shuffling gait as opposed to the springy gazelle that I dream of being.

Here is a picture of us all stretching after Sundays 10.75 miler though …. ha haha!

Half Marathon Training MSN 120212_11

Photo courtesy of Bo, thank you for sharing.

Oh well.  Anyway,  onto business.

This is a taster to warm you up with some inspiration while I gather my photos.  And remember my birthday giveaway is open until the weekend – not too late to enter :-)

Yes, here is a collection of sewing wonders with a common theme.  Scallops seem to be clip clopping rampant through the sewing community.  I have vivid memories of  Kirsten’s scalloped “brunch” shorts last summer.  They are even lined…..

Roobeedoo’s taunting these shorts with  promises to follow with  some purple velvet ones.  (Purple velvet- you heard right.  From the same stable as the pink corduroy flares.  What credentials!  Can hardly wait)

Do you remember Tilly’s scalloped edge jacket a la Betty Draper?  I think the sewing world united in outpourings of love & admiration for its beautiful details & swooned over the scallops.

And adding scallops to the hem of the much loved Colette Patterns Sorbetto is genius methinks.  Here is Judith’s adorable polka dotted version (& check out the Clovers too)

 And then up popped Marie from a Sewing Odyssey last week with her skirt with scalloped waistband.  SO pretty!  Follow the link for more close ups as it is truly cute.

And Casey has the made the most amazing scalloped edge collar, as well as providing us with a tutorial to make it ourselves …. delicious.  Will I ever get the time to try all this for myself?  I know I want to ….

Where can’t you add scallops I ask myself?  The Coletterie has a tutorial for adding a scalloped hem here…. I think I seriously need to try this out for myself.  I could also see scalloped edge short sleeves on a Violet blouse perhaps (short sleeved variety).  Scalloped trouser hems?  Gotta get practising !  

Now you know where this is leading ….all of this is occuring in parallel with the very pleasant contagion that is spreading via the Colette Sewing Book & its first pattern in the book – the scalloped hemmed skirt, Meringue.   Now there are some amazing versions out there since it formed the first element of the Sew Colette Sewalong, co hosted by Sarah at Rhinestones and Telephones and Erin at Miss Crayola Creepy, which *just for a change*, I signed up for, but missed all deadlines (only just though!).  Catch the wealth of styles on in the Flickr group.

So yes, in case you are asking, mine is a Meringue.  It is a raspberry filled meringue.  Not without its challenges, but I am very pleased with how it has turned out.  Here is the first picture to whet your appetite ….


I shall be reporting back this week with more photos & a separate post about my trials & tribulations trying to line the thing.  Tricksty tricksty!

26 thoughts on “Don’t like seafood but I love scallops

  1. Roobeedoo

    Ooh you tease! That looks like a deeply work-appropriate meringue you have there – I look forward to modelled shots! I have been stupidly busy too and the purple velvet is still just in my imagination… but I did wear the pink trousers “out” twice at the weekend and didn’t get shot – woo hoo!

  2. didyoumakethat

    Many, many things to say here: I love the stretching photo! Well done on the 10+ miles – that’s an amazing achievement. I am actually trying to take my own running seriously and have given the gym the heave-ho. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been so horribly busy. Can’t wait to see the scalloped skirt!

  3. Alessa

    The fascination with scallops *has* been going around, hasn’t it? I’ve also had Casey’s collar tutorial and Tilly’s jacket on my inspiration board for ages… That outfit on your dress form is adorable, love the tee with the polka-dot scarf and scalloped Meringue! My Meringue has been all cut out for a few days, now it only needs to be sewn up…

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thanks alessa, yes there is some scallop love being spread isn’t there. I should say that the tshirt is just a tiny bit too figure hugging to be worn in real life by me. But it looks good as an outfit- if only I was young enough and not so busty!

  4. Dibs

    That first picture of you people stretching is so funny. lol. My husband is running a 10k this month, and a half marathon next month so he has been training for them ( in-between bottles of wine). I will check out all those scalloped items now. Judith looks very chic. Off to her blog now.

  5. Marie

    Scallops rule! Two of my four 2012 makes incorporate scallops and I reckon they’ll be many more to follow ;o) Can’t wait to see loads of pictures of your Meringue, it looks fab from that one cheeky one.

    Thanks also for the mention!

  6. Allison


    I remember having moonboots as a child — they were more or less plastic ovals with really strong rubber bands attaching an interior foot-platform. I think they will help you spring forth.

  7. Debbie

    Great scallop collection. The black meringue looks very wearable. I managed a scalloped hem last summer on mypillowcase skirt. I am tempted to make a scallop hemmed top, maybe 2259 or 2254. xx

  8. debbie

    I like the scallop collection. Your black meringue looks very good.”black meringue” conjures up strange images….after reading this post, I am feeling tempted to make some cappucino meringues now, but that is early morning sleep deprived insanity. Back to sewing, yes, loving all the scallops. I made a scalloped hemmed skirt last summer but am so tempted by the notion of scalloped shorts in navy and a cream scalloped simplicity 2259. What a summer uniform that could be…

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I’m thinking chocolate meringue, frappacino and cappacino meringue after reading this! But I do love the summer uniform you describe! I can see it now. The base for your summer capsule wardrobe!!

  9. KristenMakes

    I love all these scallop projects! Very good round up. I’m sorry things haven’t gone as planned, but the fact that you have a running goal and are training towards it is much more than I can say for myself (she says while her rumps rests comfortably/lazily on a couch)…

  10. Rachel

    I must say all these examples of scalloped edging are really growing on me! I too think that I run like a gazelle (or at least a springbok) but really I look like a…hmmm something else. A man (in a car, with a gut that touched the steering wheel) once pointed at me and laughed when I was running…yes I am slightly scarred….but I showed the metaphorical him by doing a half marathon ;-)

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Rachel, thanks for sharing that story! I’m sorry that I laughed – but I have a feeling that was the intention- recognising the solidarity in feeling like an ungraceful plodder – but with the all important triumph at the end! Hoorah!

  11. LinB

    Yay, scallops! My sixth-grade English studies teacher wore self-made dresses of wildly printed double-knit (1969-70). All the hem bottoms were scalloped. I adored her — even though she was a religiously-fundamental preacher’s wife, who never cut her hair, etc., etc., she was a kind woman who had great tolerance for 13-year-old children. In imitation (of that one aspect of her life!) I learned how to scallop garment edges — and have used them extensively for decades, whether in or out of fashion. My favorite favorite way to use them is on blouse hems, and sleeve hems. You can fold and pin to make even divisions of whatever edge you have, without any actual math. Then you trust yourself to eyeball a simple curve as you dip and soar between the pins. Or draw them on with chalk or soap.

  12. LinB

    My favorite teacher in 6th grade (1969-70) wore homesewn dresses of wildly printed polyester doubleknit fabric. All the hems were scalloped! I so admired her, a kind woman with a boundless tolerance for 13-year old children, that I figured out how to make scalloped edges on garments; and have done them for years, whether in or out of fashion. (Fashion can kiss my rosy red rhinocerous, quite frankly.) Favorite application is on sleeve and cuff hems. You will enjoy the process, I feel sure. Love the “ballet barre” photo!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi LinB
      Don’t you worry – the other day i ended up posting 4 comments on someone’s blog exactly the same …these things happen & test our patience!! But I liked reference to your rosy red rhinocerous in this one, plus the extra details in the first one, so you have got a couple of entries this time :-)

  13. Amanda

    i love the scalloped shorts – and I REALLY love your pinstripe meringue!!! Genius, mixing that ‘frivolous’ scallop with the classy pinstripe… I may just have to copy you now lol :)

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