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I’ve an announcement to make: It’s my birthday & as there are some lucky threes going on here I decided to give three things away in a giveaway to you lovely readers.  OK, first of all you have to tolerate me accounting for the threes before I get onto the goodies.

  1. 3rd February is the obvious one – the date of my birth;
  2. 3 day weekend for me as I am taking Friday off – a fantastic reason to celebrate I declare!
  3. Er, well, there is a three in my age this year too.  (And it’s not at the beginning!)

And that makes three lucky reasons for three prizes.

So, what’s up for grabs?  I thought quite long & hard about this, in fact I have been doing lost of creative thinking about you gorgeous bloggers out there, & will have something else exciting to test on you later this month, but for now, let’s get to the mercenary bit! reward…

Up first, in lot 1 is my signature ric rac.  I am spreading ric rac love in zigzagination & will make it easier for you to join in with 3m each (brand new) of red, bright yellow, black velvet as well as some gigantes white (which would look lovely at the hem of a summery skirt methinks) .

 Zig-a-zig-a- aaah

Lot 2, can you guess what’s coming?  Happens to be a brand shiny new pattern.

New Look 6000 for those of you who have been admirers of NL 6000 Fest’s party-goers !!  Woo hoo!! Just make sure when you make it you tell me & we can have another party update 🙂  If you haven’t seen the wealth of inspiration brought by other sewsters out there go check out my roundup.

And lot 3 is a book, but rather a special one.  You know I like making jewellery, well I bought this book for me ages ago as I loved the pretty flower jewellery.  Beautiful Handstitched Jewellery by Emi Twakiri is ideal for anyone who can sew a bit or crochet but doesn’t have pliers & tools for normal jewellery making.  This is very much fabric & thread based.  The designs are unusual, crafty/ arty & very pretty – bobbles, flowers, crochet cherries, tassles- gorgeous.

I really do love the designs & have earmarked some of them for “another time when I feel like it”.  But it’s as new for someone else to take on & be inspired by.

If you want to be entered into this giveaway please leave me a comment telling me which prize you’d prefer to win (yes, you can enter all if you want!).  I’ll run this giveaway for about a fortnight, closing it on midday 18th February.  And I’ll post anywhere !

Oh, & I’m not likely to get replying to any comments as I’ll be SO busy being birthdayed so can I say in advance, you are all lovely, I do appreciate any comments you leave everytime you leave them- thank you for sticking with this ol’ badger & encouraging her!  I cannot describe how much pleasure I get from the online sewing/ knitting/ crafty community xxx

65 thoughts on “A triple sewing crafting giveaway

  1. Mela

    Hope you have the happiest of birthdays this weekend. And how thoughtful to give your readers a gift in celebration of YOUR day. Woo hoo! I wouldn’t mind giving that New Look pattern a try!

    Happy birthday, Winnie!

  2. Lene

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and long weekend.

    If you are willing to mail all the way to Australia, I would love the New Look 6000 pattern. I have been admiring your beautiful creation along with all the others in your round-up.

  3. MrsAlex

    Happy birthday and hope you have lots of treats and indulgences (is that a word? It should be if it isn’t already). I’d love a go at making jewellery, so the book would be great. I’m plier-less, but have a lot of yarn and sparkly bits to use!

  4. Marie

    Yay, a fellow Aquarian! Happy Birthday, have a wonderful long weekend! Your giveaways are very generous, but I shan’t enter as I have an awful lot of everything and must learn to stop hoarding!

  5. Bibliophile

    Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have a great weekend. I’ve been reading blogs for ages, but have never, ever been tempted yet to enter for a prize draw. That is until today. Your prizes are fantastic. I cannot choose. But not to be tooo selfish, can I please be entered for the ric rac and the jewellery book.

  6. Jane

    Aw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINNIE!!! What a very youthful 23 year old you are!! The feeling is mutual, your blog brings a lot of pleasure to a lot of people. Enjoy being birthdayed. Oh yes, I’d love to be entered for the ric-rac please. x

  7. Steph

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! First week of February is the best week for birthdays, not that I’m bias having mine yesterday…;-)
    Your version of it was so gorgeous that I’d have to go for New Look 6000. I can copy yours to the last detail can’t I?

  8. shivani

    happy birthday, Winnie!! wishing you all the very best 🙂

    v generous giveaway! I’d love to be entered for the ric-rac trim please. have a fantastic long weekend! xxx

  9. Kerry

    Happy Birthday Winnie! Hope you have a good one.

    Please can you enter me in the giveaway for the ric rac – you know how much I love that! It’s great that you’re spreading the love with the NL6000 too – I’ve worn mine to work a few times now and really love it, so would highly recommend it! Already managed to split the lining though – whoops 🙂

  10. Roisin

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SCRUFFSTER!! Enjoy your three day weekend, my love – kick up your heels BIG STYLE.

    I’d love to win either the ric rack (ric rack hems FTW, my sailor Ceylon is hemmed with it and it’s bloody fabulous) or the New Look pattern. If I can make one that makes me look as foxy as you or gorgeous Handmade Jane, that would be a treat and a half!

    Lots of love, birthday girl! x

  11. Lorna

    Happy Birthday. Here’s another 3 for you…… you are the third person I have wished a happy birthday to today. 3 people on the 3rd, how fantastic!

    Extremely cheeky as I have only just started following you, but I rather fancy that ric rac. I have fond memories of such stuff on the dresses my mom used to make me. 🙂 (Well in for a penny and all that.)

  12. liza jane

    Giving away presents on YOUR birthday? How kind! Must be because you were born at this awesome time of year (my birthday is Sunday- and there will be a 3 at the beginning for the first time ;). I hope you have a fabulous birthday! Celebrate all weekend!

    Oh, and I’d love to have that pattern…

  13. Francesca

    Happy birthday. My favorite lot of the lot is #2. After seeing all the versions of it lately, I have been thinking it would suit me perfectly.

  14. Roobeedoo

    Happy Birthday Mrs Badger! 23 again? My, these birthdays come round so fast!
    Consider yourself toasted! (Hmm, that doesn’t sound quite right does it?)
    I would love to win any of those items, so throw me in the pot and light the flame (more stewed than toasted!)

  15. Roobeedoo

    Happy Birthday Mrs Badger! 23 again? My, these birthdays come round so fast!
    Consider yourself toasted! (Hmm, that doesn’t sound quite right does it?)
    I would love to win any of those items, so throw me in the pot and light the flame (more stewed than toasted!)
    If I have posted this twice I apologise – my PC is playing silly games with me.

  16. Tania

    Best wishes on your birthday! Maybe it’s about time I got on the NL6000 boat – I loved your version. I rarely comment here but must say I do love your blog and you make some lovely stuff. Happy weekend!

  17. Law

    Many happy returns! I can’t believe you’re only 23!! :o)

    I’m so in for lots 1 and 2 please.

    Hope you have a super weekend and nothing gets cancelled because of potential snow!!


  18. Stitch Parade

    Happy 23rd Birthday! May you have a lovely long weekend and a fabulous year ahead. What a generous giveaway. I would like to sign up for either the dress pattern or the book. But wait; shouldn’t we be giving you birthday presents instead of you giving stuff to us? You are a very generous lady, Ms. Scruffy Badger!

  19. Dibs

    Happy Birthday Scruffy. I am having a ric-rac moment now so yeah, I’d love to be entered for the ric-rac giveaway. I have the pattern already, and I would not mind the jewellery book as well.

  20. linB

    Happiest of days to you, on the anniversary of your birth! No need to buy my affection with rick-rack or other gift; I’d have sent birthday greetings even without a bribe.

  21. Ginger

    Happy, happy birthday, Ms. Badger! I hope you’re already mid-celebration! Thanks for the giveaway– I’d love to be in the running for the ricrac! Many thanks!

  22. Stitch Parade

    Happy Birthday! May you have a lovely long weekend and a fabulous year ahead. What a generous giveaway. I would like to sign up for either the dress pattern or the book. But wait; shouldn’t we be giving you birthday presents instead of you giving stuff to us? You are a very generous lady, Ms. Scruffy Badger!

  23. Regina

    Happy Birthday ScruffyBadger! Have a great birthday weekend!

    I have been looking for New Look 6000, but it has been sold out everywhere! That’s definitely the prize I’d pick!

  24. Evie

    Sigh…23! I’ll be exactly twice that this year! Sigh again! Seriously though, have a wonderful time.
    I’d love the pattern…it’s gorgeous!

  25. Amanda

    Happy Birthday!!!! Three is a very good number, it’s the number of balance and completion 🙂

    It’s so generous of you to do a giveaway for your birthday – please count me in! I would be honoured to receive either the ricrac or the pattern (I did ooh and ahh over all those gorgeous Joanie dresses floating over the interwebz lately!!)

  26. Debi

    YAY! Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you are having a good start to your three day extravaganza celebration! What lovely giveaways…count me in for the ric rac love!

  27. kbenco

    Happy Birthday. A 3 day weekend is an excellent thing.
    How lovely to have a giveaway. I have been admiring New Look 6000, and would be very pleased to be entered in the giveaway for this pattern.

  28. Amy

    Ooooh! I want to play along in the New Look 6000 Sew-Along, so please add my name to the hat for lot two. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Enjoy your lovely birthday weekend!

  29. Allison

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday (3!) just a hello though, not entering — I’m working on decluttering at the moment, so signing up for the possibility of new things seems counter productive.

  30. Noelle

    Happy birthday to you!
    I am so in love with the New Look pattern. I stumbled across Kestrel’s post, which led me to your blog, and immediately went to Spotlight (big craft chain here in Oz) to buy it but they had none. So, I’d love to be in the draw for that! Thankyou for organising this great giveaway!

  31. Tanit-Isis

    Happy birthday! Bappy Earthday! Enjoy those threes… (we finally washed our car and got rid of the ones my niece wrote on it for my husband’s birthday last summer.)

    I must admit pattern lust keeps me from hanging back and not entering. Too many yummy versions of that dress out there. (As if I don’t have a jillion other patterns…) I also wouldn’t turn up my nose at the rickrack, especially if I’m doing more sewing for little girls (as it kinda sounds like I may be…)

  32. Magpie Mimi

    Hi di Ho! Happy Birthday! Wow, aren’t you a generous badger? They’re wonderful gifts and I can’t decide between the ric rac and the pattern! Ooooh! You decide! Hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend, you deserve it! x

  33. Magpie Mimi

    This may appear twice, my apologies the computer isn’t playing fair.

    Hi di Ho! Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend, you deserve it! Thank you for a lovely giveaway, I can’t decide between the ric rac and the pattern, so may I be entered for both please? Thank you!

  34. Cat

    Belated happy birthday!

    Put me down for Lot 2 please! I have some red/orange wool fabric that would be perfect for this dress. It would clash nicely with my electric blue coat AND bemuse the local mum’s when I rock up to the ever so subdued M&T group. Who could ask for more!?

  35. kirsty

    aww happy belated birthday ! Hope you had a cracker ! I would love the pattern – but would be well happy to win anything ! Thank you so much for the give away ! xx

  36. Judy B

    I’d love to be in with a chance of lot 1 and 2 please. And – if the rumour about the next get-together being in Bath is true (!) I’ll come up from Dartmoor!

  37. Mo H

    Hi Happy Belated Birthday, happy to hear other sewing fans out there. Can I be entered for the giveaway pattern. I love your new dummy trying to get a new one mine is broken the boys kept playing with the bust increase clog! Boys will be boys.

    Thanks a lot

  38. Susan in Peckham

    I hope your birthday was a very happy one! Congrats on your doppleganger
    I’d love to enter your draw for the rick rack and for the book but not the pattern (I have too many in the queue to let any more into the house)

  39. MacStabby

    Looooove that dress pattern. That’s what I’d choose to be entered to win! I’m so envious of how Joan-like everyone in the round-up looks!

  40. Tina C.

    Happy Birthday! You are far more generous than I am (my birthdays are TOTALLY all about me!). If possible, may I be entered for BOTH the pattern and the rick rack?

    Thank you!

  41. Vicki Kate

    Happy very belated Birthday! The stretching picture in your last post was fabulous 😉 after much consideration please could I throw my hat in the ring for the ric-rac? I have the wondrous pattern (should it be that or the pastille for my first dress?!) and I have ideas which involve lining pleats with ric-rac so it peaks out. I hope that makes sense?! Thank you for the chance!

  42. Kirsty

    I’d love the ric-rac to decorate some plainer garments – around the neckline and front opening of a cardigan perhaps? What a generous idea to host a giveaway for your own birthday. I trust you celebrated in style 🙂

  43. Jane Whalley

    Happy belated birthday, you do make me smile. Whatever your age, you are looking fab! I don’t think you need to worry as my age has a 4 and a 9 in it eeekkkk don’t panic mr manwearing!!!! lol Thanks for the chance to enter, if I won I would love the gorgeous book xx


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