Very lucky Clover trousers of a paranoid pudding eater

After months giving the appearance I was all signed up for the Colette Patterns Clover Sewalong, I finally got my now 3%-lycra-mix snuggly covered butt into gear to explore the feasibility of Clover pants & Scruffy Badger’s potentially quirky waist down.

There has been much emphasis on making a muslin for these trousers, so that’s partially what stopped me.  I had my fabric (£4/ m from Birmingham Rag Market) but nothing more expendable.  All the wonderful fitting fixes prepared by the sewalong also convinced me that I was going to have to get heavily involved in “issues”, therefore I wanted some cheaper fabric to mess up.  Hard to find.  I thought I was really clever dismembering an old pair of trousers to harvest their fabric that had lost its colour, but still had an element of stretch.  When finally coming to position pattern piece on the separated pieces of fabric I was scuppered  simply by there not being enough there.  (Despite appearances, Clover pants, although slimline amazingly still require ample fabric for one’s butt.  Get that!  There was I thinking that slimline meant “smaller-on-me” & therefore, the low rise wide legged trousers that I took apart would surely suffice.  But no.  Remember these babies go up to one’s waist & fit nice & snugly around one’s rear.  That does not mean that they utilise any less fabric, or enable one to shed any inches in that area.  Sadly. Shame I didn’t engage my brain on this before the unpicking.)  Therefore, with no other choice I opted to make what I hoped would become a “wearable muslin” out of the grey.

Strangely enough, however I cut it out, by complete chance, sort of merging between two sizes, and it seemed to just about work out.  I took photos at the first trying on stage.

First try on- last time you see this view of me- only in the name of science

First try on

There was some runkles at the back hips, suggesting that I needed to allow a little more at the hip seams.  But try as I might, I could not for the life of me see any “smiling crotch” or, even worse a “frowning crotch”.  (Heaven forbid!!  The very idea fills me with dread…. Nothing untoward down there, let me assure you!)  Eeeking out a 1/4″ at both sides I came to try on again.   Now, I might be blind, there might be some other area that could do with better fitting, but I could not see it therefore it did not take much convincing to continue with the making.

I adored the style with cute little waist pockets & used some leftovers from my pussybow galore blouse.  The only deviation I made from the pattern was to sew a lapped zip, as I did not have an invisible zip.

The final try on to set the length was puzzling.  I wanted to most definitely avoid the Miss Ellie look.  Shoes?  I know I NEED a pair of brogues.  But will remain prudent.  I found two pairs to mess around with lengths.  Just above the ankle?  Does that work out OK?  I am not sure if I need to make them narrower though ….is that better Miss Ellie avoidance?

The first time I wore them I felt in heaven.  Give me fabric with lycra in any day.  Oh my word!  But am I getting old before my time?  Will the curse of Miss Ellie style never leave me?  Am I destined to bulldoze my way through the throngs of more deserving grandmas for the navy slacks to be found alongside lilac acrylic turtle necks in British Home Stores?

And here continues my doubts about this particular trouser shape on me.  Now I am carrying a bit of extra load following the festive season, which is bound to fall off once I start running again (huh! in my dreams!) I tried to funk them up.

(Apologies about the photo -taken in daylight, but inside- can’t wait for more light …)

The first time I wore them I went a bit “Audrey” daring to wear a neck scarf to the office.   Engaging my inner doubt was the fact that no one, yes no one, commented on me wearing something pretty unusual.  (Should I have mentioned that I also wore leopard fur loafers & stripey socks?) Paranoia is not an attractive trait.

Not to let negative thoughts prevail, I shall make one more pair.  I am planning to make them in navy velvet needlecord, but silly me, I did not buy enough fabric.  Don’t ask me how.  I can be so stupid sometimes, as well as paranoid.

But hooked it seems I am on trying more fabrics with some S-t-r-e-t-c-h.  Like these three from Croftmill.

Navy velvet needlecord

Light weight denim

Floral Bedford cord

There will be at least one more pair of clovers, maybe some 3/4 length for the spring as well.  The floral bedford cord has a slight stretch to it as well, & I thought it could make a cute Pastille.

And no, I hear you hollering, but you cannot see more pictures of my finished butt.  There are limits to the number of times I refer to my backside, let alone inflicting it on you, me, anyone, in its technicolour non glory.  Even in the pursuit of science. Take it from me that the runkles are no longer there.  You are not seeing my ar**e in lycra again.

So what have your experiences been wearing lycra mix garments?  Does it make you feel fancy free, or does it pile on your psychological years?  How has your Clover experience gone?  Do share … no butt pics required…..

37 thoughts on “Very lucky Clover trousers of a paranoid pudding eater

  1. Shivani

    Ooo, looking good (definitely not Miss Ellie-ish)! I think the length works really well. And I love how you’ve done your hair 🙂

    I recently bought some of that navy needlecord from Croft Mill – it will (one day) turn into a Beignet x

  2. Suzy

    I think they are great and definitely look fantastic on you 🙂 Don’t give up on the shape, they do suit you!!

    I have done 2 clovers so far and fortunatelly have little to no fitting issues. It’s fantastic and makes up for all the fitting woes I have with upper body Colette Patterns (always way too big).

  3. Melizza

    Those look great! It’s so great when a garment comes together with little hiccups. Hiccups suck 🙂

    Also, I love how you styled your hair in the first photo. So cute.

  4. Ginger

    Ooh, these look good! I’ve been afraid to make my muslin. The thought of trying to identify problems and solutions is so intimidating! But I’m glad to hear that yours went together so painlessly! I love it!

  5. Amy

    They look so good! And much respect for your brave picture-taking 🙂 I recently got the clover pattern, now just trying to find some fabric… Hope I find it just as straightforward!

  6. Sarah

    Change absolutely nothing about these trousers! They are utterly fantastic on you and there’s nary a peek of Miss Ellie in sight! Audrey would be jealous.

  7. Roobeedoo

    Ok… so this is the first time I have seen this pattern made up and not been either terrified or intimidated or both 😉
    They fit, you say, straight out of the packet?! No tweaking or twitching or fancy footwork required? Because I really really like this look and I suspect that you and I are cast from a similar mould…
    My experience of stretch cotton sateen (my Audrey-inspired trousers) is that after half a day I have a stretched-out bottom and baggy knees and have to tug them down at the ankles every time I stand up because they cling to my over-the-knee socks! It is entirely possible that the problem is the socks…
    Oh – and I have some very substantial grey stretch flannel-look cotton from CroftMill that I had earmarked for trousers such as these… but I have been too chicken. 🙂

  8. Roobeedoo

    So… you are saying you made these fab-tastic trousers straight from the packet? No faffing or tweaking or otherwise messing about with scary alterations?
    Because every other pair I have seen have terrified and intimidated me. Your bottom looks… approachable! 😉
    These are definitely not grandma-pants. Make more! And give me your leopard print loafers! 😀

      1. scruffybadgertime Post author

        Roobeedoo, thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts – who cares there’s more than one comment?! Not me for one. I make loads of goofs when using iPhone to comment, so this is nothing compared to misplaced capital letters or half started but published comments.
        Anyway, thank you yes – I’d give them a go. I really was expecting doom, & strangely seemed to get it right – just a tweak on the side seams. Ha ha ha! ” Approachable bottom” indeed!

        Interesting what you say about your Audrey inspired cotton sateen – as you say socks could be the culprit. I wore knee length (yes the stripey) socks & they didn’t stick. This fabric is actually awesome – doesn’t stretch out of shape, definitely returns to where it started, & very little creasing. To think I was a bit snobby about it & didn’t give it the credit it deserved for being Practical. Not bad for £4 per metre. Now time for you to grasp the nettle perhaps & mobilise your grey flannel?

  9. Marie

    These really do suit you, in fact I think they look pretty perfect on you! I’m so impressed that they came together with little trouble, compared to many other people’s trial and tribulations! You clearly have the magic touch ;o)

  10. scruffybadgertime Post author

    Thank you everyone for your vote of confidence in them NOT being Miss Ellie-ish trousers. I will take faith!
    And for all of you that mentioned my hair- you are too kind! Thank you – it is actually me being lazy & taking the easiest option to style it – but you should just see it in the morning after …. shocking! (A likeness to David Lynch you might say)
    Shivani – the navy needlecord will be lovely as a Beignet – I had to buy another meter so will have some left, & could just imagine it as the skirt of dreams. (However when I got my second meter there seemed to be hardly any left!)
    Lisa – thank you too – I like these heels, but not very practical for work… I am trying so hard to avoid buying anymore shoes …..
    Suzy – I have seen your Clovers & they gave me hope too- as yours looked just right (& you said they fitted pretty straight forward). Your meow ones though, are the cat’s whiskers …:-)
    Melizza, you’re right – I just somehow expected there to be hiccups! But there weren’t any!

  11. Tanit-Isis

    I think the fit through the hips is great! The only change I’d make would be narrowing the legs a bit, but that’s me ;).

    In my opinion (again, this being me), Lycra is absolutely necessary to get comfy, close-fitting trousers. I mean, you can get tight trousers without it, but they’re not very comfy.

    I just cut a wearable muslin of this pattern—hopefully I’ll get it blogged in a few days! 😀

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you tanit Isis. You know it’s leg width that I’m wondering about, so both you and Allison making that suggestion kind of echoes my own thinking.
      I totally agree about trousers and Lycra, the Capri trousers I made last summer are not that comfy, when compared to these!! That’s why I bought the stretch denim I think. I will look on with keen interest for your clover post coming up!!

  12. Montana

    Ooh, how cute! They look lovely on you. I especially love the outfit where you are wearing the ankle strap heels 🙂 Very chic. I have never tried sewing with lycra. Must give it a try.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi Montana!! Thank you for your lovely feedback, and endorsing heels over loafers! I have actually sewed with denim and a bit of Lycra, a dress, some shorts and a skirt, and it really adds comfort! I’d sort of forgotten until now….

  13. Allison

    I think we should start a band called ‘Paranoid Pudding’

    I think they look nice as is, but I agree with Tanit-Isis, that a little slimmer below the knee might work out well – but thats just how I have them in my head from 60s era advertisements. When its on my body, I always make things wider below the knee to balance out my hips. However, whatever you do, these are lovely, and I think look nicer with the non-sock option.

  14. Lauren

    They look great on you! I am so jealous you had an easy time with the fit and didn’t have to rip through 4 muslins ::cough::. ALSO, I like both shoes with the pants! I think the length is so great with both heels & flats. So versatile 🙂

  15. Sigrid

    I am so afraid of that pants shape on me, not wanting to look like I have the dreaded ice-cream cone leg syndrome. But you have given me hope that these pants could work for me with no frownies!

  16. Amanda

    Wow, these turned out great! I’m so afraid of pants… they are such a strange garment, and slim pants such as these always make me look disproportionate but I was encouraged to buy this pattern because they just look great on everyone I’ve seen them on – yours are no exception 🙂 Now that you have a good fit, you can make a whole fleet of them in every stretch fabric you can find! ^__^ Clover jeans, maybe? 🙂

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you ladies – I too am in fear of the ice cream cone leg look – doesn’t help having wideish hips….I’m still not sure whether to narrow the legs now …. will have to play around with some pinning …

  17. Joy

    I don’t know Miss Ellie, but you’re definitely channeling Audrey. I’m amazed you got such a good fit so quickly. Grey is a great, versatile color for them.

  18. LinB

    Oh, how fresh and young that silhouette is on you! I cannot think of doing it on my own body — long rise and short legs and narrow-legged trews on me would frighten children and stampede livestock. I’ve sewn lots with lycra-blends. The ten yards of mini-gingham in cream, grey and tan made a wardrobe of blouse, dress and slacks that wore like iron until I was sick of wearing them (at least 3 years). They were all still in perfectly good shape, so I felt no guilt in gifting them to the nearest thrift store.

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