Ultra Violet (blouse)

Ok, so it’s only violet in name, & very deep green with sprigs on in actuality.  The Colette Patterns Violet blouse though had been tempting me for a while before I laid out the dosh.  What’s not to love – slightly scoop neck with a peter pan collar.  Pretty gathered yoke.  Cute puff sleeves.  But I thought surely I could draft my own pattern to make this?  Surely I had enough in my pattern library to cobble my own version together.  Surely.  But then I collapsed under the burden of beauty, visualising the many wonderful creations on the internet (Flickr has a lot to answer for), succumbing to my ultimate laziness.

Funnily enough I cut this out over the Christmas holidays possibly just as Joanne at Stitch and Witter was contemplating Violet.  After a New Look 6000.  I like the collective consciousness going on here.  Joanne finished two beautiful versions before I got to the finishing post however.

I had a metre of this fine cotton which is almost lawn-like that I bought from Goldhawk Road at the Fandango last summer (I’m pretty sure it was just a metre …but no more than a metre and a half)  Let me tell you, I managed to get the longer sleeved version out of it, save the undercollar which is cut from some spare.  This collar is greedy on fabric you see.  Even with the short sleeved version I wouldn’t have been able to get another collar cut, so as there was enough, I opted for this sleeve length.  I’m not sure I like them as much as the short sleeves, but I thought I’d give it a go.

Not much to write about this pattern, except, as always, Colette Patterns provide fabulous instructions & beautiful styling.  I adapted it a little to scoop out my waist a little as it was pretty voluminous in an unflattering way on me.

Pre side seam waist adjustment

I thought about adding front vertical darts, but with the gathered yoke, wanted to keep it as more of a floaty top so just adjusted the side seams.

With such a busy print as this I wanted to provide some distinction to the collar. Remember my penchant for ric rac, here on this polka dot blouse, & here on the hem of my “happy” denim dress, well I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add it to Violet.

The collar & sleeve edges are adorned with very dark navy ric rac.

And I used 9 buttons in dark navy, because, well, I had that many!

So there you go.  I’m not sure how the sleeves will fare under a cardigan, they have potential to annoy the heck out of me.  I will definitely make more, especially short sleeves & maybe sleeveless.  It is my dream pattern! Ultra!

52 thoughts on “Ultra Violet (blouse)

  1. Kerry

    I LOVE your version! Great fabric and fit and love your use of ric rac – after seeing your use of red ric rac for edging your dress at the Crafters’ Ceilidh I have been inspired to use it in a similar manner in some form, soon.
    I also made this blouse over Christmas and am yet to post about it because I feel ‘meh’ about my version. After seeing yours I want to give the pattern another go though.

  2. Magpie Mimi

    Ooooooh! This looks fantastic! LOVE the ric rac! And the headscarf! I’m really tempted to get this pattern now…will go check out the flickr group. Well done on a lovely blouse, just hope the sleeves behave themselves for you!

  3. Magpie Mimi

    Oooooh! Love the ric rac and the headscarf! Hope the sleeves behave themselves for you! Am really tempted to get the pattern for myself now so will go check out the flickr group. Hope this one posts as my last comment disappeared into the ether!

  4. Dibs

    The collar is so neat, and like Kerry, I also want to try using ric-rac because of you. I actually prefer the longer sleeve version. Did you fork this blouse out of only 1metre? If yes, I need to come to you for fabric management lessons.

  5. Jane

    Ooh nice, lovely combo of pattern and fabric. The fine fabric gives it a totally different, floaty look, I love it. Gosh, you really scored some fantastic fabric at the Goldhawk Road didn’t you?! x

  6. Roobeedoo

    Boho chic badgers – whateva next?!
    As always, the ric rac adds the edge – most lovely! And I am liking the sleeves, though I know they would drive me nuts at that length 😉

  7. Tamsin W-P

    Beautiful fabric – I remember that from the fandango! I love it with the longer sleeves too. Great use of the ricrac, I have used it on stuff for my girls, but managed to use it for myself yet!

  8. Tamsin W-P

    Beautiful fabric – I remember that from the fandango! I love it with the longer sleeves too. Great use of the ricrac, I have used it on stuff for my girls, but not managed to use it for myself yet!

  9. SuzySewing

    Fantastic version and gorgeous fabric. I have plans to do violet in a few months, ready for Spring/ Summer. I might do the same as you and scoop at the waist. I haven’t looked at the pieces but I do like some waist definition.

  10. Marie

    Oh, I love this blouse! It’s so flattering with the additional shaping you opted for, I think if I try this pattern I’ll do the same. I also think your use of ric rac is genius and it has inspired me to use up my stash!

  11. joanne

    Oh winnie i love the rick rack so much! It’s just the perfect touch. The violet is also my perfect pattern now i’ve adapted the fit for me. I think anyone who is umming and ahhing about the voluminosity (is that a word?) should just dive in. Thank you for the mention too 🙂

  12. Allison

    could you wear it with a shawl instead of a cardigan? its lovely, and ever so tempting to try myself, however, slippy fabrics scare me. I bow to thee.

  13. Suzie

    Gorgeous! I’m tempted with the Violet pattern too…but like you I’m trying to see if I could cobble something together from the patterns in my stash….or should I just buy it! lol.
    Love your version and the sleeves are v cute.

  14. Mrs Exeter

    This is a great pattern and as you say, the instructions are so good the thing pretty much sews itself! That neckline and collar seems universally flattering. I do like your jolly fabric, and the long sleeves, and I’m quite tempted now to make another one with them. As for not drafting it yourself, I’m sure you’ll make another version and the pattern gets cheaper every time you do! xxx

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Ah, Hello Mrs Exeter, & thank you! I do like the neckline – it’s semi scooped isn’t it, not too high. And that’s quite right about the pattern getting cheaper each time, this is such a cute blouse there will be more!

  15. Clare

    I love your version – such a pretty print and nice ric-ric touch. It does look really sweet as a sleeveless top – wouldn’t mind trying that for summer.

  16. Montana

    Ok, I must be totally niave and inexperienced, but I have NEVER seen ric-rac used that way, I love it!! I have a huge stash of the stuff that I got from my grandmother and was on the verge of tossing it, because I had no idea what to use the stuff for. I have only ever seen it sewn on the outside of clothes and I’m not one for the zig zag running around the bottom of my skirt, but scallops peeping out…?! Oh golly, I see ric-rac in my future! Thank, thank-you for schooling me!

  17. Sigrid

    Winnie, you are the master of making ric-rac look sophisticated! I had the same pre-Christmas fantasy of self-drafting a peter pan collar top and ended in disaster so I think your choice of pattern was wise,. It looks so perfect on you.

  18. Franca

    I love it! I’m a sucker for a peter pan collar. If i wasn’t running out of the country, i would defnitely try my and at a blouse – tops are the only type of garnment I don’t already have 5000 of.

  19. Joy

    I haven’t succumbed to this pattern yet, but it surely tempts me. First, I should probably sew up the Colette patterns I have purchased to see how the fit works for me.

    Your version is so pretty. I love the ric rac, too! Some sleeveless versions sound like a great idea.

  20. scruffybadgertime Post author

    Thank you ladies – it’s really a lovely pattern – I can’t wait to make more & for the weather to warm up so that it can be seen in its glory…not under a cardi/ jumper!

  21. Leah

    Oh my god I love this! The fabric is so lovely, god, I need to make this pattern, clearly, that’s just what the universe is telling me.

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