New Look 6000 Frock Fest: part 2

Since the last post we have had a few recent entrants to New Look 6000 Frock Fest, & they are SO worth sharing.  I will add them to the original post once this is published so that anyone who wants to see them all together can appreciate everyone’s different use of fabric & unique interpretation.  But without further ado ….

Here is Rehanon from MissDemeanor with her “Bet Lynch eat your heart out leopard print dress“.  Now prepare yourself for some glamorous housework  & a rather special hairdo….

Don’t you just love the contrast cuffs & collar – nice touch!  But it’s the matching sweeping brush that shows true accessorizing!  I think the fabric choice is brilliant for this style too, don’t you?    But just to whet your whistle & to show how such a sassy lady –  rewards herself after seasonal domesticity….

Rehanon has created a little photo story in her post, I’d go & check it out, it’s sure to tickle your fancy & give you a better view of that awesome phone!

Next up we’ve Chris who blogs at Sycamore Stitches.  She has made this frock in raw silk (SWOON!).

Now what I love about Chris’s version (apart from the special fabric) is how elegant it looks with the cuffs & plain neckline.  It is yet another flattering super fit – as are they all.   Chris has written about it on her blog here and says that it felt super glam to wear – plus it has come out of its first wash unscathed.

Here is another photo of the cuff (I must admit to having cuff weakness with this style!  I love the way they’re pointy! & a fabulous showcase for a statement button)

Now last for this installment, but by no means least comes “The Holloway” from Joanne at StitchandWitter.   I am so excited – it’s the same pattern, but another swanky sexy look (hence the moniker), using winter weight fabric no less – some lovely tweedy wool.    Joanne’s opted for the side gathered view, & boy do I want to give that a go myself now ….

 Remember, before you think that this is all debauchery (daylight drinking- indeed?!) – these frocks have been made with Christmas & holidays in mind, & bless her,” Joannie” is just living the highlife ….with a dress like that a gal can have cocktails whenever she wants! But what’s going on here?  More chores?

Groovy “tickling stick” though!  Anyways, back to THE DRESS.  Can you see that Joanne’s used teal coloured fabric covered buttons – what a pretty touch.  I do really like this version, & it is once again a dress that is hyper flattering.   I’m going to let Joanne, I mean Joannie take it on from here…

Joanne says,

 I really really wanted to add a lining to this dress but when it came to the crunch I was just a little too scared by the prospect, having not lined a dress before. I’ll revisit once I have more skills under my belt. It’s a little scratchy but what’s that when it comes to glamour?! I’ve gone for the ‘Joanie at home’ look with these pics.
Likeability: 9/10 – i love this dress but want to make it again with a lining. The buttons are covered with teal corduroy – I toyed with brown vintage buttons but I loved the pop of colour these gave the tweedy fabric.
Unsolicited comments: Haven’t worn it out yet but when I showed a pic of the dress in progress to my pub landlady she asked how much did I charge for making dresses for people! Now that’s a first for me!

More about her trials and so many more of her tribulations (particularly an amazing pose which in itself is an amazing test of courage, on her blog here.

Every time I see more iterations of this wonderful pattern I fall in love all over again.  It really is a classy number.  Ladies, I salute you for bringing more joy into the world

15 thoughts on “New Look 6000 Frock Fest: part 2

  1. Joanne

    Wah-hey brilliant – thanks Winnie! I love the other dresses too – so sophisticated. I think we have officially declared a sainthood on New Look 6000. May she continue to bring joy and shaping to all!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I agree Joanne – maybe the challenge for such a dress is to see versions that it doesn’t look a million dollars? It really is the most feminine style & loves curves just as much as a figure with less lumps & bumps!

  2. Lauren

    I just want to know how Rehanon managed to get her hair so gloriously large. If the saying is true (The higher the hair, the closer to God), then she’s practically a Saint of Hair at this point. Send me your tips! I NEED my hair to be that big!!!

  3. Tamsin W-P

    What an amazing series of dresses! They are all fab. Would love to make one but don’t have much call for a fancy dress on the school run! ( The crazy crocheter is supposed to be doing another guest post soon)

  4. Rehanon

    Ah yay party time 🙂 I can confirm that the New Look 6000 has a whole lot of party in it. I can also confirm that I’m indeed wearing a wig so sadly the height isn’t all mine but hopefully one day it will be as I’m currently growing my hair and backcombing like crazy. I had to laugh at Lauren’s phrase the higher the hair the closer to God because one of my besties gave me a card with two big head babes on it with that expression written underneath! Also Lauren if you check out a beautiful mess blog she details how to get a big old beehive going on with the use of a shower scrunchie.

    Seeing the herringbone lovely I think I’m going to have to make another. You all look exquisite my dears. Thanks for throwing such a sassy shindig Scruffy.

    Miss D


  5. debbie

    You have started something here Winnie. They all look so good and I am loving how people have picked up on your photo styling. A homage to the badger. x


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