December makes: the sequel

I know I’ve been less of a voracious blogger during November & December – here’s why.  During the months of November & December I was feverishly busy making gifts (excuse sloppy photos- they were taken hastily before a mass wrapping session) :

  • 1 hooded cape
  • 1 crocheted snood (with a twist).  This comes from Carly’s fab snood pattern, only I made a fundamental mistake on round 2- when I came to the end of the round I think my end of row join included some serious twisting which I didn’t notice straight away….. but it’s OK, it snuggles a bit more closely!  My friend loves it which is the main thing  (she doesn’t know it wasn’t deliberate!)

Twisted Snood

Twisted snood


Fab big loop scarf

Loop scarf with Moomin flower




  • 2 Martha Stewart scarflets
  • 3 knitted looped scarfs (using “Patons Fab Big” & the pattern on the label!)
  • 4 fur collars using this pattern from Colette patterns via Mollie Makes

Faux fur collar (why didn't I make one for me? ....)

  • 3 pairs of boxer shorts
  • 1 Negroni shirt (I will review later)
  • 1 “waterfall” cardi/ wrap
  • 2 pairs of PJ trousers.

Phew!  As a result of all that making I needed a break & could only lie on the sofa, craft battery recharged by my Colette Sewing Handbook & Liberty Home Sewing Book (yes, Father Christmas smiled on me this year!).  All of a sudden I was overwhelmed by sewing options – there were so many I was paralysed.  To overcome this debilitation I cut out 3 things then sewed them all at once (no, I didn’t end up with a pair of trousers with a skirted kindle cover pocket  !)

I now have a pair of Clover trousers, plus the most adorable floral skirt (Anna Marie Horner fabric) that leaves unanswered the question: has she a big bum or is it the fabric?  Both of these items scraped in as the last makes of 2011 that will get photoed & discussed soon as.   My super new lucky me Kindle* also has a papoose.  I was getting quite anxious not having sewed anything selfishly for a while, but rest assured feel a lot better now.

Looking back at these woolly things, I really enjoyed making them, but feel I need to progress into cables or thumbs….. any ideas for some easy progression patterns?  I feel a look at Ravelry is a good starting point.  And after so many fabulous online yarn shopping suggestions I feel (but do not fear) onset of Imminent Yarn Stash fever (it appears to be contagious!).

*I am a super lucky Badger/ Mum/ girlfriend





16 thoughts on “December makes: the sequel

  1. Lauren

    Oooh that twisted snood is such a delicious color. I am so so happy that Ii learned how to knit – it is so much fun! Working on a pair of bunny slippers now :) lol

    Also I LOVE that faux fur collar. I thought about making one when the tutorial came out… then decided against it… now I’m kind of thinking I need one. That leopard fur is fab!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Bunny slippers? Cool! I have a pattern for some crochet bunny slippers in the Debbie Stoller “Happy Hooker” book, but they scare me in their complexity. Yep, I think you need a collar, after having seen my giftees wearing theirs I KNOW I do too…

  2. Roobeedoo

    What lucky gift-ees! I can’t believe you didn’t make yourself one of those fur collars – so cute!
    On the edge of my seat awaiting your Clovers and skirt makes!;)

  3. Carly

    Ooh I love the twisty twist on the snood! I may try recreate that on one for next winter! I got the Liberty book too and can ‘t wait to whip up some lovely things from it.

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