New Look 6000: in technicolour

Just a few more photos of “the dress” , ie New Look 6000, in daylight, & before I launch the “gallery” proper later today.  (And blog button, woo hoo!! watch this space).  Let’s get my silliness out of the way shall we?    You can see that I had the benefits of my crazeee photographer.  Apparently he is just so creative, that even in 5 minutes shooting snaps of some bint looking a bit mad, he needs to push the boundaries …..I blame him.   Totally.  For the more bizarre ones that is.  Starting relatively somberly & sensibly …

Yes it is a wig!  I can’t believe how polite everyone was last time!

Anyway, lengthwise I wanted this to hit the knee, being more of a demure dress.

Here are the cuffs – darling aren’t they?  I sewed the button (plastic homage to marcasite!) through all thicknesses of the cuff, although as you’ll see in the gallery post, or already on her website, Jane sewed 2 buttons, one each side & they look super cute.

The good news?  I’m still sitting in the frock now, very badly postured with laptop on knee & the ease in the upper back seems to be OK.  (I was concerned about it).  No too sure I like what is happening to the hem though.  If only I’d not seen that, I’d be so much happier!  I think it’s where the hem to underlining is pulling a bit.  A whack of the iron & I’ll see if that’ll fix it.

Onto some self indulgent silliness now.

To explain this shot- whilst it shows the collar a little, photographer was in the “air stewardess” zone & asked for a “the plane’s going to crash!” pose.  Hmm. Fat lot of use I’d be in a crisis!  But the collar – another interesting thing about this pattern, it’s not interfaced – but being cut on the bias that’ll be why.

And which zone you ask are we in here?  The tropics perhaps?  Well the cat’s thinking otherwise … I’m sure it was the “Twilight Zone” …..

(And yes, I have tortured him with a “Scooby Doo cover for the sofa he is so intent on covering with fur, twigs, more fur and matted chunks of fur).

So anyone wanting to send me photos or links for the big round up post later, please do.  Im at


Look forward to hearing from you 🙂


By the way, New Look 6000 “Frock Fest” has absolutely no requirement to be silly or immature in any way.  All participants can take part, knowing that their credibility & creativity remains intact & any photos shared will be to the glorification of the wonder of the pattern and the skill of the participants.  Scruffy Badger is merely the happy hostess.


22 thoughts on “New Look 6000: in technicolour

  1. Roisin

    Too cute, Scruffy! I love the wig 🙂 And now Im rethinking my whole ‘I have a dress a bit like that so I won’t make this’ stance… darn blogs are just too full of temptation!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you Roisin! Just wait till you see some of the others! The worst thing is? I’ve got all those other patterns to make & now want to make another one of these as well. How does that work?! Clearly too many patterns ….

  2. Andrea

    Thanks so much for sharing the additional photos – the dress looks fantastic (and tempts me to make one as well), as do you. I’m glad to hear it wears well and is comfy. Well done, Ms. Scruffy Badger!

  3. Jane

    It’s goy-jus Winnie (for some reason I reserve my Max from Hart to Hart adjective just for you). Despite the madness, these photos really show off the details of the dress and the fit is just perfect, look at you in your go-go boots! I love the buttons too. x

  4. didyoumakethat

    Ha, ha, ha, HA!!!! The plane is going to crash. Scruffy, I wouldn’t be rushing to you for help with my inflatable life saver. And that wig would be a liability on the chute out to sea! Absolutely brilliant and potty. I love you. The dress is gorgeous. That cat’s expression: ‘I’m living in a mad house.’

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you for making me laugh Karen! I’m glad it’s not just the cat that gets to appreciate this insanity! ANd it wasn’t my idea with the plant – I seriously thought I’d split my dress picking it off the floor!

      1. Allison

        I was wondering that one too. Love the photo-shoot. (esp the appalled cat. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I can shock mine.) And per your earlier comment, feel free to link / copy pictures at will.

  5. Marie

    Hehe! I love these ‘silly’ photos, especially the cat’s expression in your last shot ;o) It’s so good to see close-ups of all the lovely details of this dress…I could totally be tempted to make one!

  6. Tabatha Tweedie

    It’s brilliant! It looks great on you. I love the different poses and I love those red shoes too! I’ve just blogged about my version with photos of me actually wearing it. After some initial doubt I’m definitely going to make another – in double knit as recommended by Jane!

  7. Debi

    hehehehe. I LOVE these photos…I agree that kitty’s expression is priceless. Just FYI…I picked up this pattern on Friday ….I really want to join in! Is there a deadline I should aim for? (because that means I’ll have it ready the day after…hahahahaha)

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Debi, It would be lovely for you to join in too – I’m so glad you’d like to. I reckon someone with your proven speed of sewing would get finished in a matter of hours!! But seriously, I’m happy to keep posting updates as more come in – there isn’t such a fixed deadline. When do you want to make it by? 😉

  8. Magpie Mimi

    This has to be your best photo shoot ever! haha! I love your poses! Your photographer is ingenious! I just wish you’d done the whole ‘exits to your right and left’ poses too! hehe! The dress is spectacular, the buttons are darling and the collar reminds me of the Vogue dress pattern I gave you so hopefully that’s going to be just as fabulous for you!

  9. Alessa

    Aaaah! Those pics are so adorable, you’ve made me fall in love with that dress! Now I’m just debating if I like Simplicity’s download policy, if printing will work out on A4 paper, or if I want to pay the same amount for the shipping as for the pattern…

  10. Roobeedoo

    Oh my word! I am trying to remember the name of that dance that Cher does in Mermaids, where you hold your nose and wiggle down and up…?! I am hearing the B52’s in my head now…
    Love it!

  11. Suzie

    Just catching up on my blog reading so only getting to this post now – oh my goodness, so hilarious! Thanks for a good laugh, the photoshoot was excellent entertainment!!! But on a more serious note, your dress is really lovely, it really suits you (so does the wig!!!)

  12. Bella

    Winnie! They’re all great! And you’re such a nut. I love the red accessories.

    The underlining is great, bit I tend to wear bias cut or knit silk slips–easier than lining something.

    Merry Xmas & best in ’12!

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