New Look 6000 “Frock Fest”

It’s time to bring out the fanfare, raise your glasses & toast the mighty sewists who have dared to share & picked up the crazy red gauntlet with white fur trim to join me in sewing up a gorgeous winter frock despite the madness that can be preparations for Christmas.   Phew, that was a mouthful.  Today I have the frocks of three  now six even more other sewists to show you.

What’s more  we have a blog button (thank you Gary for taking the time to help me!).   If I can get it to work, it should link to this post, thereby showcasing everyone’s fabulous frocks…

If you haven’t quite finished, don’t worry, I can keep adding to this post & doing another round up when you send me your images – a veritable catwalk show of New Look 6000.

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As a small recap, this venture started merely as a cry for help, so overwhelmed was I about which of my few winter dress patterns I should make.  There was more than a little fervour created by one of the options, New Look 6000.  Indeed some of you recommended it being proud wearers of said frock, whilst others proclaimed that they were also going to make it themselves (at least two of you had it lurking as ready cut-out).  And the idea was born.  I thought it would be interesting to showcase this pattern in its various interpretations, & share support along the way if need be.

So I’ll be brazen & start off with  my “Pan Am inspired” frock.  Here is a  poor light shot.  Remember I did not have enough to make the side gathered version, preferring to allow enough for the awesome collar & cuffs.

You can see more pictures here and here.  I also wrote about how I undertook the underlining – not perfect & I’m sure not totally professional, but it does have a lovely finish inside as well as out.

Likeometer: I’d give this a 9/10, reserving the other 1/10 for a different fabric that a certain someone else used whose name begins with J & who likes to make things …. but more of that below.   I like the style though.

Unsolicited compliments: well I’m afraid I have only worn this in the house (not I assure you to do the hoovering & taking the bins out).  Its first real outing was cancelled.  So the only compliments I got were from the men in my life, & due to the fact that the first time they saw me in it I was also wearing this wig & all that eyeliner, also resulted in quite a fair few belly laughs.

Tabatha Tweedie at ThreadCarefully was quick off the blocks, delivering the most stylish grey polka dot number- like me without the side gathers.  There’s a wonderful simplicity in this version, as it’s all about the style and the fabric.  There’s no collar to distract from the simple lines.

But the cuffs – to die for- & with heirloom buttons!

I am seriously in love with the fabric.  She’s written about it here, go have a look at some other pictures & her experience of it.

Likeability: she says that it was a great day dress, comfortable to wear & I think you’ll agree, extremely flattering.   She has seen Jane’s (next up) & is, like me, tempted to try “the” different type of fabric.

Unsolicited compliments: “my husband doesn’t think that the clinginess is a bad thing!” & I’m sure there were lots of other compliments….

So, next up was Jane at Handmade Jane, also opting for the version with no side gathers.  Jane chose a doubleknit having me (if not others) cursing at her cleverness in this as no zips nor facings were needed.  Genius!  Read more on her post here.  I am really taken with the colour – so festive, so Jane!  It looks so sophisticated but not at the expense of comfort!  I am liking this concept!

Likeometer: Jane’s rating is 10/10- cracking!

Unsolicited compliments: Jane also said she received LOADS of unsolicited compliments when she wore it out.   “On its one and only outing I got LOTS of compliments and dropped jaws. I hadn’t told anybody I was making my own dress for the party so when I answered the usual “Ooh, nice dress, where’s it from?” with a casual, “I made it” they were the best and most priceless responses!”.  How lovely to be appreciated!

Finally I feel the need also to draw your attention to the button-cuff detail here – double self buttons – lovely finishing touch.

In hot pursuit we have Kerry from Kestrel Finds and Makes.  She made her fab frock out of thrifted wool houndstooth, lining it too.

I am overjoyed to see that she’s taken the side gathers to ripple amongst the geometry of the fabric.  Doesn’t it look effective?  And toasty!  I also like how Kerry’s treated the collar with the big button – she’s left it more open & the whole look is very retro & super elegant.

Now Kerry writes in this post about her dress, & appears to be very happy with this dress, lining it also so that is a comfy winter make that is nice slip on.  She too is contemplating another version, which to me is a firm commendation.

Unsolicited compliments: “I wore it out last night to my work Christmas Meal, and received some very nice compliments.”  I think it’s a brilliant fabric choice & is also really flattering.

Here is Rehanon from MissDemeanor with her “Bet Lynch eat your heart out leopard print dress“.  Now prepare yourself for some glamorous housework  & a rather special hairdo….

Don’t you just love the contrast cuffs & collar – nice touch!  But it’s the matching sweeping brush that shows true accessorizing!  I think the fabric choice is brilliant for this style too, don’t you?    But just to whet your whistle & to show how such a sassy lady –  rewards herself after seasonal domesticity….


Next here comes “The Holloway” from Joanne at StitchandWitter.   I am so excited – it’s the same pattern, but another swanky sexy look (hence the moniker), using winter weight fabric no less – some lovely tweedy wool.    Joanne’s opted for the side gathered view, & boy do I want to give that a go myself now ….

Remember, before you think that this is all debauchery (daylight drinking- indeed?!) – these frocks have been made with Christmas & holidays in mind, & bless her,” Joannie” is just living the highlife ….with a dress like that a gal can have cocktails whenever she wants! But what’s going on here?  More chores?


Groovy “tickling stick” though!  Anyways, back to THE DRESS.  Can you see that Joanne’s used teal coloured fabric covered buttons – what a pretty touch.  I do really like this version, & it is once again a dress that is hyper flattering.   I’m going to let Joanne, I mean Joannie take it on from here…

Joanne says,

 I really really wanted to add a lining to this dress but when it came to the crunch I was just a little too scared by the prospect, having not lined a dress before. I’ll revisit once I have more skills under my belt. It’s a little scratchy but what’s that when it comes to glamour?! I’ve gone for the ‘Joanie at home’ look with these pics.
Likeability: 9/10 – i love this dress but want to make it again with a lining. The buttons are covered with teal corduroy – I toyed with brown vintage buttons but I loved the pop of colour these gave the tweedy fabric.
Unsolicited comments: Haven’t worn it out yet but when I showed a pic of the dress in progress to my pub landlady she asked how much did I charge for making dresses for people! Now that’s a first for me!

More about her trials and so many more of her tribulations (particularly an amazing pose which in itself is an amazing test of courage, on her blog here.

Every time I see more iterations of this wonderful pattern I fall in love all over again.  It really is a classy number.  Ladies, I salute you for bringing more joy into the world.    I am so impressed by your beautiful creations – I think this is proving to be a very flattering & stylish dress.  I am really interested to see not only the difference in fabric, but the nuances caused by those side gathers ….

Now, in 2013 the following versions of New Look 6000 appeared.  I spotted (ha ha excuse the pun!) Tilly’s immediately as a prime example of the simple New Look 6000.  Follow this link for her blog post describing her NL6000 experience.  But boy does Tilly get it right every time – I wish I had her eye for style & colour ….

She’s opted for the simple darted version, plain neckline but ooh, the statement fancy cuffs.  I love how she’s paired it with red tights.  Swoon!

Around the same kind of time another glory of polka dots was unleashed from the NL6000 stable.  Roisin (aka Dolly Clackett) had us all gasping when we clapped eyes on this beauty in green.  In fact, it made me consider why I had never ever had such perfection in my fabric stash or dressing up box, so fantastic was the greenness of the fabric & the spottiness of the polka dots.

She too opted for the simple darted version, plain neckline & fancy pancy cuffs.  A dream of a New Look 6000, don’t you agree?  Here is her write up & more information about what she did here.

Now I too have made a couple of others.  In the summer of 2012 I made this version, using the basic dress & drafting a peter pan collar for it.

Follow this link for the write up on it.  Already I’m seeing 4 polka dot versions…hmm a theme!

And then in January 2013 I made this version

[to update with link when posted] , a wintery brushed cotton number.  I changed it a little lowering the neckline.  I did not have enough fabric for fancy cuffs so had to improvise.  Here is the blog post for more info


In case anyone is making this dress & would like some fitting advice, Allison at a Fabricfixation has posted about her experiences, really useful pictures & always impresses me at how much time & effort she puts into getting the fit right (& she does).  She has also left advice on previous posts on my blog, so worth checking out if you are making this dress!


29 thoughts on “New Look 6000 “Frock Fest”

  1. Kerry

    It’s lovely seeing how it looks in different fabrics. I think I might try one without the collar next, inspired by Tabitha’s lovely version.

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  3. Sigrid

    These are all amazing, but your Pan Am styling is so swank. Now you are even making dressing like a stewardess seem like something I need to do. I’m still on the fence about how this would look on me, seeing that gathered version in houndstooth makes it even more tempting though.

  4. Jane

    Aw, thanks so much for organising this Winnie. It’s great to see everybody else’s makes – they’re all so stylish, yet all different, exactly what a sew along is all about. And once again, thanks for alerting me to the pattern, I love my new dress so much and would never have made it without your post! x

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  6. Chris

    Brand new to blogging and have just done my first proper post about this dress. No idea how to add the button thingy though! Better get back to the machine if I have any hope at all of doing this by 8.30 tonight….

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi Chris
      I have just visited & love your dress! It’s so elegant (what a great fabric choice). I am having internet problems and am having trouble accessing blogger comments at the moment… but will try again!

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