Handmade gifts, Episode IV, A New Cape

Once upon a time I used to sew only for myself, but since November it seems I’ve been fully engaged in sewing/ knitting gifts for Christmas (apart of course from my Pan Am dalliance with New Look 6000).  This week I’ve been on holiday, but right up to Christmas Eve I’m still finishing things off.  Must start earlier next year. Or do less.

So at last I can start showing & this post will be devoted to a gift I made a friend who is most definitely not a Star Wars nerd, but you’ll see why I chose to have some fun with it ….and how it links to Karen’s (DidyoumakethatMan Craft post a few weeks ago….

  I saw a hooded cape on Crafty Christmas Club last year, a gorgeous blogger posted something heavenly made out of Boucle.  She was swirling, it had a hood, she clearly had “the Force”.  But I haven’t.  Try as I might, I could not find the post, nor any other replication of the type of simple hooded scarf I’d seen.  Was it a vision that visited me via a droid?


I therefore had to use my loaf & summon all my Jedi sewing skills.  It was to be lined in sari fabric & made out of some teal wool with bobble trim.    I’d make the scarf out of a length 1.3m long, cut in half lengthwise.   The hood would be made by sewing the two short ends together, & then another seam at right angles to this equivalent to a head height plus some.  There would also be pockets at arms length, sewn to the scarf once I’d assembled the hood.  I’d make the lining & scarf separately, sewing together right sides together once the scarf was one piece.  The finishing touch was a tassle on the hood sewn through all layers that also served the purpose of attaching the lining to the hood.  (See diagram below if you want to have a go at this).

Here follows a few different views …a bit of twirling….& something sinister …

Now you see me ….

Now you don’t …


It seems to have evil properties …

Too many similarities with this chap for my liking.  But why can’t I be Obi Wan?  I want to be good, not bad!



Although as part of Gary’s education of me & my boys in 70s gentle (& at times unintentionally comedic)  post apocalyptic films there is also a striking resemblance to Matthias from Omega Man, don’t you think?


So to explain, this is the clay head that I boasted about on Karen’s post on Man craft.  Made carefully by Gary using the touch of his own head to capture bone structure curves & skull shapes (he’s so handsome isn’t he?!).  It has holes for the eye sockets & the mouth, originally intended to stick candles in.  (It rests with the face facing upwards).  It now has glitter eyelashes (false of course).    The best bit?  Until its recent adoption of the cape, I have images of Gary sporting it, his own head hidden inside his shirt collar, with this (small) head on his shoulders as he danced around to Kraftwerk (Autobahn) in the front room.  The best bit?  He’s still got it on video!!    When I can work out how to upload it, I’ll delight you with it, but we’re getting an error message so it will have to wait.  What a star !

Anyway, back to the cape – if you want to make one yourself I’ve tried to create a kind of map below.  Let me know how you get on?

But until then, I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas – you deserve it!   

13 thoughts on “Handmade gifts, Episode IV, A New Cape

  1. Allison

    marvelous fabric — I’m also quite impressed that it looks both elegant and evil. For some reason, I feel it requires a bustle dress and dark woods…..

  2. Law

    Allison is right!! If it were in red it would be so red riding hood! Love the colours you have gone for though. Hmm i wonder, could you ine it with fleece for a super soft interior?

    By the way where do you pick up all your lush sari fabrics?? They are so bright and colourful

  3. Roobeedoo

    That mask is SO creepy!
    That’s it – I will never sleep before santa comes now!
    Love the cape – especially the lining and the bobbley edging 😀
    Happy Christmas!

  4. liza jane

    A scarf with a hood is a genius idea. The bobble trim is my favorite part. Thanks for the nice words on my blog! I have enjoyed reading about your stewardess dress. Also, the man craft mask is awesome (as is the idea of man craft- lol!). I can totally picture it as a candle holder.

  5. LinB

    Lovely garment! I am so impressed at your inventiveness. As for the cape-styled-with-the-mask, I can only say, with great affection, “Girl, you are not put together right.” I snorted out loud when I saw your photo, and that amused the rest of my office family, so we all thank you for that 10th Day of Christmas present.

  6. scruffybadgertime Post author

    Sorry late replying this time …I’m sorry you all for creeping you all out, but thanks for the lovely comments about the cape itself & the lovely Christmas wishes. It’s something that I could probably do with for me too, another gift I should have made two of!


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