What Ho Ginger!

I am part of the Colette Patterns Ginger-loving community – at last!  And not only is it finished but it has also been road tested.  Verdict?  Pretty good.  It’s a joy to wear – so comfortable, neat & flattering whilst able to hide  that lunch-that-was-too-big-&-needs-a-run-to-make-me-feel-less-guilty.  It survived a day at the office, lots of sitting, some moving around in chairs (a great length  & shape for moving seats & continuing to look demure with minimum smoothing/ adjusting).   And allowed rather a swishy sashay across town as part of my walk to/from work.  (Look!  It was a Colette day – it’s being worn with my Sencha)

Colette patterns ginger skirt

So as I said, it’s through envy admiration of the plethora of Gingers that have been popping up like rampant funghi across the blogging community that I was persuaded through the opinion of Roobeedoo “yes it is a special skirt, not a run-of-the-mill A line”, to bite the bullet & quickly visit MisforMake & slap it in my basket before I could change my mind.  Oh, yes, there was another Colette pattern that I was compelled to add, you know, to make the purchase/ postage worthwhile, but details of that can for now remain between me & Kate….

So, having broken it in today, putting it through the exigences of office working (it’s tough, but someone’s got to do it)  I can vouch that it will be a wardrobe staple.  I am loving the colour – why oh why did I wait so long to make this green fabric up as a skirt?  I can now wear grey and black together without looking like I am going to crumble away into a puff of talcum powder!  And I’ve got other tops/ blouses that contain greens, purples, so this is feeling like a good choice in livening up winter in the Scruffybadger closet.

Back of ginger skirt with invisible zip

Ooops – look at me all scruffy – not straightening out my top from being squashed under a cardi!

OK, onto the making.  Well, need I say that it is a delight to sew?  A skirt with no darts (swoon).  I can’t remember what size I made, but unusually I needed no adjustment at the waist for the hip size (Maybe I’m thickening with some good middle aged spread – perhaps it’s the outrageous evil Krispy Kremes we had as pay day treats on Friday …)  I did have to take the high waistband in at the top by a couple of inches in all I think, grading it to the waist.  Not a problem & no gaping now.  Simple.  Happy.

I lined it in sari fabric – I should try to test it to see if it is silk, shouldn’t I?

Crimson floral lining with black lace

For Law, you asked about lining it- I just cut the same skirt pieces out of lining fabric, & choosing to line the inside waistband I cut one piece out of the green, & one out of lining.  You could if you wanted to make the waistband out of the green fabric & cut lining for the just the skirt pieces.  Anyway, super lazy I serged the seams (ie sewed serged seams), rather than stitch and finish them.  I was sure not to make the lining in anyway smaller than the actual skirt- if anything it was a bit bigger to make sure there would be no internal ripping!  (Thanks for the warning Tilly– maybe less necessary for an A line but nonetheless …).   So Law, I researched how to put in the invisible zip with lining nice & neatly without hand sewing (you know me- machine where possible!)

Inside view of open zip showing lining attached

In the end I followed the Colette Patterns tutorial for inserting a facing with an invisible zip.  First put the zip in the main skirt (I took a few attempts on this to get it sufficiently invisible as I wasn’t happy with how close I got to the zip teeth).  I think I may even have sewed the skirt CB seam next.  Then, having assembled the lining (including lining skirt to lining waistband but without sewing the CB seam ) I attached it to the skirt waistband at the top.   After that, keeping right sides together, I sewed the lining to the inside of each side of the zip.    I did need to check it had all worked out before undertaking the CB lining seam, but it was fine!

I was concerned with the lining that there wasn’t enough to anchor it to the waistband, it could potentially be hanging from the top of the waistband & only attached to the zipper opening.  No idea what I should have done, what the proper way is, but I topstitched both the top & the lower edge of the waistband, making sure the lining was all nice & straight to get caught nice & securely.

Skirt showing a couple of creases

The rest they say is history.  I added some black lace to the lining’s hem, but to be honest it’s probably cheaper than the skirt deserves, but all I had, verging on being better than nothing!  The wool crepe you can see survived the office & being sat on lots with just a couple of creases.  This is lovely lovely fabric, & really suits this wonderful Colette Pattern.  Oh yes, the other finishing touch, a Tilly bow belt to garnish that lovely high waist.

I haven’t decided what other Gingers to make, but there will be more.  I’m just a bit disappointed it won’t be suitable for a bias tartan out of the purple/grey I bought recently at the Rag Market.  The check is not square.

While I’m on the subject, has anyone ever thought that if there were only a limited number of patterns a sewist is allowed to possess, just what proportion would end up being Colette Patterns?  Every one I sew I love ……& I have three more as yet untouched ….and already want to make more of those I have sewn ….

38 thoughts on “What Ho Ginger!

  1. Sigrid

    Oooh pretty. I love everything about this–especially the lining! And the bow! And the Sencha you are wearing it with. Sadly, I’m a bit too dim to understand the exact sequencing of the lining, but maybe if I tried it I too could figure it out. As far as patterns, maybe Collette Patterns should be 1/2 the proportion.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you sigrid. Yes you would be able to figure out the lining, the Colette tutorial explains for a facing, I just thought best to expand a bit. However if I was reading it without anything in front of me i’d not get it! I need pictures/ the real thing to see to understand. Hope it helps law!

  2. Kerry

    How lovely! The colour you chose is gorgeous and a great match with your Sencha. Great outfit all around. I’ve read nothing but praise for the Ginger, I really will have to add it to my sewing queue.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you Tilly! I suspect there are human limits for being able to hold out for this pattern, and i thought i was strong, but then i crumbled. thanks again for now belt tutorial 🙂

  3. Melizza

    Oh! I love it. Such a fabulous color (I am such a sucker for gray). Great idea on adding the Tilly belt. It really compliments the skirt.

    Man, seeing yours makes me want to whip out another. And that’s the beauty of the Ginger, you so can literally whip out another one without a problem.

  4. Marie

    Oh this is just lovely! I love the colour and the bow belt is such a great touch! I’m a huge fan of this pattern (having made two versions myself), but apart from Ginger and Sorbetto, I’ve not used any other Colette patterns. Must get on that fast ;o)

  5. Bella

    SBT! Amazing. You look super in it, the belt is perfect & I am again jealous at how quickly you seem to get thru these projects. The lining is great–so pretty & I like those kind of secrets!

  6. shivani

    lovely!!! I had similar waist-band issues, with quite a lot of gaping, so I flung my Ginger aside and have yet to revisit it. BUT, both you and Roobeedoo have created such lovely skirts, that I am determined to give it another go. love the belt too! x

  7. didyoumakethat

    That looks like a very lovely make. It’s so sweet on you. I can see how flattering the shape is. I really must crack this pattern open, having ordered it a while ago. I’m the same as you – a lot of Colette in my life!

  8. Jane

    Oh, it’s lovely Winnie. Thanks for the lining tips, I’ve got some cord in mind for my next Ginger and it could probably do with being lined. It’s a very flattering shape and looks fab on you, I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist for long! I’m looking at my pattern shelf as I type and can see eight Colette patterns (plus a Sorbetto print out)! I’m a big fan too, next up is a Jasmine blouse. x

  9. Andrea

    A flattering wardrobe staple. Lovely shape and colour and I really like the fun lining print. And thanks for all the details on how to insert the lining.

  10. Law

    Thanks so much for your personalised how-to for me! That makes so much sense now, I will be having a go with my Ginger number 2 (once I’ve finished number 1 that is) :o)

    Skirt looks ace btw.

  11. Roobeedoo

    Hooray! Another spice girl! 😉
    I look forward to seeing your next few Gingers – ‘cos a girl can never have too many.
    Did you attach your belt or is it loose? I am developing a new affection for belts as a solution to hold too-big skirts in place (I know – I am such an innovator! LOL) but I don’t think to add them to items that fit in the first place for fear of the dreaded belt loop.

  12. Nikki

    Generally I haven’t found colette patterns to be my thing, but the ginger sparked my interest (along with the violet)when it was released. I now own 5 cord versions! This is definitely my top skirt pattern. I have also made muslins of the violet and jasmine and both will be up there with the ginger. Your ginger looks fab 🙂

  13. Joy

    This is so cute and the color is very pretty, yet seems like a good basic. I by no means need to be buying any more patterns, but this one sure tempts me. It seems like a universally flattering style.

  14. Justine

    I love the bow and the snazzy lining on your skirt! I am starting a sewing linky party today called Sew & Tell Saturday at my website and I am hoping to get some vintage sewists aboard to post their projects because there aren’t any sewing linky parties to show off vintage creations. I hope you can come over and post a link to your blog today! Thanks so much!
    Justine @ Sew Country Chick

  15. agirlinwinter

    Hi, can I ask how you did the waistband adjustment on your Ginger please? I am having the same fitting problem and I can’t work out how to do the adjustment properly. I’ve made one Ginger skirt that fits (more by luck than judgement!) but I can’t get the fit right on a second. Thank you!

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