The dress decision is made- NL6000 Fest- care to join me?

Thank you all so much for the excitement and interest in the winter dress options. In fact such a flurry has there been that I’m getting caught up in it myself. There’s a lot of activity ( some new purchases no less) around New Look 6000.  Not only Joanne at Stitchandtwitter, but Alex & Allison have it cut out, Lysy made it last year, Solvi has also made it, Law’s tempted & then HandmadeJane’s bought it also….

The fabric's a deeper blue than shown in this picture

I have checked my stash and I have some Heinz 58 unknown denim blue coloured fabric, mid weight with a little structure, bought at Birmingham rag market ( was it £1 per metre?). It’s funny that upon deciding on this pattern I wished I’d bought more than 1.5m of the homage to Black Watch tartan, as now (yes too late) I could really imagine how that would look in such a style ( with collar & cuffs). But I shall have to go for this plain blue with big black ornate buttons – that’s what I’m thinking.

I was going to make the plain darted front, (with collar & cuffs of course) but, should I actually make it with the wonderful gathering at the waist?  Would that be work appropriate?  Aargh!  I thought I’d made my decision you know, but doubt clouds in ..

Anyway, as this seems to be so popular, past, present & future, who else wants to join me in a NL6000 Festival?  I can share pictures and progress? Could be a pre Xmas project – you know, because I bet you haven’t got other things to make this month. Nothing like a bit of pressure to make it feel like December !!

I shall start to cut it out tonight and have to decide on whether to underline as well ( I’m not sure how soft the fabric will be without it). Hmmm.   So if you are interested in joining the NL6000 Fest, let me know if you have made this frock or shall be making it and I’ll do a round up post in a couple of weeks.  If you don’t have a blog but would like to show off your pictures, I’m more than happy for you to email them to me. scruffybadgertime(at)gmail(dot)com

Feels like a Christmas party!!!!

43 thoughts on “The dress decision is made- NL6000 Fest- care to join me?

  1. Karen

    Great! What a pretty color. I’d love to join you but am STILL struggling with 7051!!
    It’s not winter here yet so I’ve still got time.

    Looking forward to seeing you modeling it soon.

  2. Joanne

    Yes yes yes I’m up for it! I’ll do view C when I get my pattern 🙂 I’ve never underlined a dress before so will look forward to seeing how you do it. Thanks for the inspiration once again!

  3. Jane

    Wahay, I’m in! You’re quite right, I haven’t got anything else to sew in December so no pressure at all (NOT!!!) but what the hell, it’s much more fun sewing along with friends.
    Thanks Winnie, this is a great idea, really looking forward to it. Now to select my fabric….. ! x

  4. Clare

    I love the shape of this dress but not sure I could wear it at the moment without a very tight all in one body shaper underneath. View C is my favourite.

  5. Sølvi

    Ah, good choice. Absolutely. I loved making my versions, and I´d love to join your fest! I adore the gatherings, but if they are work appropriate depends on your work space, I guess… Happy sewing! 🙂

  6. Roisin

    Oh it will be tres Joan-esque in that blue, very nice indeed! I’m going to pass on this one – I have a Laura Ashley dress with a similar detail at the waist and I’ve got to crack the Peony fitting before I take on any further challenges. Looking forward to seeing it though! x

  7. Andrea

    This is going to be a super cute dress. I won’t be joining the party – to much on the go before the holidays, plus I still have that Rooibos hanging over my head… but I sure look forward to seeing your finished product!

  8. Sigrid

    You’re tempting meeeee! It really is a classic design. I could use a dress. I have some purple wool crepe. As for the gathering, I would make a tiny little swatch of gathers just to see how the fabric acts and then decide.

  9. Debbie

    I will be watching from the sidelines given my lack of waist and big bump. Looks like it will be a fab dress though. I have some slightly stretch denim from the Ragmarket too and will be interested to see how yours sews up. I haven’t decided what to use mine for yet. x

  10. Tilly

    Soooooooo tempting! Love this pattern. But I’m stretched far too thin at the moment. I’m sure I’ll want to make it even more when I see your version…

  11. Andrea

    Wow, I just bought this pattern on a whim yesterday but didn’t find your blog until today! I haven’t purchased fabric for the dress yet but your “NL6000 fest” may inspire me to start on it right away. Can’t pass up a good party!

  12. Kerry

    Ooh I’m glad you decided to make this dress, it looks like a great, classic choice. I want to join in too as I have some beautiful houndstooth lambswool that I so want to use and I think this dress seems like a good mix of tailored but easy to wear. Am going to buy the pattern and try to sew along too.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      OOOh Tabatha! The grey polka dots will be fabtastic. Me too – I’m also thinking of view C, not being able to squeeze my fabric far enough for my first make I think I shall feel cheated if I can’t make the fancy pancy pleated version as well. Pea green gabardine hey, that’ll be gorgeous!

  13. Adrienne

    Hey! thanks for making me discover this pattern — it looks amazing! Really want to join in but the pattern probably won’t get here in time for the end of the Sew-along! Look forward to seeing what everyone will be making. :o)

  14. scruffybadgertime Post author

    Hi Adrienne, Nice to hear from you – I remember you from Goldhawk Road! Thanks for popping by & you never know, maybe you’ll come back to this in the future if I can gather examples from other talented ladies 🙂

  15. Jane


    Would you mind helping a newbie? I made this dress a few weeks ago out of red wool crepe (exactly the same as the picture on the front) and I gave it a grey lining. It’s only the second dress I have ever made, and the first made out of wool. I’m quite proud of the finish and very proud that I managed to work out how to line the dress; however I don’t think the fit is very good. According to the back of the pattern I should be a size 14 but when I made the toile I found it far too big, so I eventually made a size 12 but had to increase the centre of the back by a little so it didn’t feel too tight at the top. The problem I have is that the waist seems very big and the top of the zip would gape if the collar wasn’t hiding it. Although I’m on the slim side I am quite curvy; I wear a d-cup and have definite waist and hips, however the dress doesn’t really accent this. I’d like to make it smaller in the waist in particular but am not sure how to adjust the side pleats.

    Can anyone give me any advice please? The lovely pictures people have of this dress make it look very curvy and sexy but mine is just a bit boring!


    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi Jane
      I’ve emailed you as well, but in case my answer provokes other great advice, here are my thoughts (not that I am an expert, you know that!)

      First of all I am so impressed that the second dress you made, you lined! And that you are pleased with how well it went shows that you are clearly confident & very capable. I find that it’s the fit issues that are the most challenging. Now I haven’t made the pleated version, so I’ll have to feel my way into any advice I give around that.

      I think I have two thoughts on how to handle this conundrum: the first – how to adjust what you’ve already made with minimal unpicking; the second: what might be a solution for next time. As a possibility for both scenarios, you could customise the shape of this pattern to fit your body, and dont be scared at the strange shapes you might make as adjustments to your pattern.
      Because I’m an odd shape I am always questioning the weird shapes I make into “standard” pattern shapes with adjustments I need to make- I seem to need to take massive curves in the side seam bodice quite often. When I draw this on a pattern it really looks strange – but oddly it fits my body! With this dress, I looked at measurements on the pattern envelope & I am smaller on top than through waist & hips, with a D cup too, so I sympathise with you. I cut out a 12 on top & blended the line below the horizontal dart out to a 14 through the waist & hips. When I tried it on, under the bust was a bit billowy, but the waist was perfect, so I took the darts in a bit more – easier with the simpler non pleated version of this dress.

      So for the first:

      Can you make adjustments to dress & lining without taking it apart? You have the lining attached? From what you said it’s the front & side seam area which in theory would be possible to adjust with minimal unpicking- you’d be able to get at both dress & lining seams without detaching the lining to make a scoop at the waist. You could also pin lower down the skirt to make it as narrow & pencil like as you like. The back neck – sounds as if you might need to partially re-insert the zip (although probably easier to take it out & start from scratch)- but may not want to if OK with the collar. OR another fix that suited me was to increase the shoulder seams by 0.5cm – doing this to mine pulled the whole bodice up slightly & made it sit better on top also (but I needed severe centre back adjustment as welll)
      Is there any way you can try your dress on inside out & pin out the bits that you might want to take in?
      I assume that the pleats are secured at the moment so that if you did want to take a sliver off the side seams at strategic points you’d be able to? It’s obviously easier to pin adjustments if it’s inside out, but you run the risk of not being able to get out of your dress with the zip inside – make sure you’re not alone! Or, if not possible, I’d pin it right way out & then transfer pin markings to the seams. So if you try scooping out the waist at the side seam I know the pleats confuse things a bit. It might be that you could also play around with the pleats to bring a tighter waist shape also, since it’s acting instead of the darts- but that would be quite a head bender for me. Which leads onto thinking what would I need to do to the pattern if making the pleated version next time?

      If I remember rightly each size has its own front. Perhaps next time (& this is helpful to me as well) us kind of mixed size people would need to blend the two sizes together on the pattern piece, aiming to cut the size correct for the waist pleats & adjusting for smaller bust & larger hips. Hmmm, Interesting.

      Let me know if this makes sense? I’d love to know what works for you – fingers crossed!!

  16. Jane

    Scruffy Badger – thank you so much for your comments.

    I attached the lining across the shoulders, around the arms and down the sides of the zip, so adjusting further down the dress should be possible. I won’t attempt sorting out the gaping neck line at the back because it doesn’t really show under the collar and it would cause all sorts of complications with the zip, facings and lining.

    I should be able to take a sliver off the waist as you suggest. I wasn’t sure about adjusting the pleats as I thought it might make the dress lop sided, but I could do as you suggest and play around with a few pins to see if it would help.

    Alison I have put a couple of (rather dodgy) photos on Flickr. The first shows the whole dress and the second is of me pinching the excess fabric at the waist so you can see the problem:

    Actually looking at the first photo I wonder if the main problem is that the skirt looks a bit A-line. Do you think if I narrowed the skirt tapering from the hips down it would help?

    Incidentally you may notice the collar looks a little floppy. As per the pattern I didn’t use any interlining but I do wonder whether I should have. I also decided not to put in the hooks and eyes as I prefer the collar sitting a little on the low side.

    Thank you again for all your help,


    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi Jane,
      Great photos – the dress looks great – can’t see that it’s too big until you pinch out the excess. I’d be tempted to take the sliver off the waist/ hip area – both sides – as long as it doesn’t affect the pleats too much (& there’s still enough room to sit in it!) It really looks special though (SO lovely seeing someone else’s version – VVVV exciting!!). In terms of the skirt shape, it would be easy to take it in to make it less A line if you wanted to, but I personally think it looks lovely.
      I did the same as you with the collar & followed instructions not to interface – I did think twice about it also- but recognised there’s a little bit of floppiness allowed in the styling. It’s great you added your pictures to Flickr – too late in the day it made me think I could have set up a Flickr group – maybe there’s still cause …. Good luck with what you do – keep me posted & I look forward to what Allison devises (she is an expert in fitting & also has this pattern!)

      1. Allison

        ha, hardly. just obsessive. (but thanks!) okay! first of all, the color is fantasmagorial.

        So I agree that I wouldn’t have noticed there was too much fabric until you pinched it out. beware of overfitting!!! you still need to do crazy things like sitting down and going up stairs, and before you take more out, pin it in place and try a squat or two.

        Is it possible there is a bit of ease going on around the armpit? Its kind of hard to tell as your other arm is obscuring a lot of your body.

        I’m also slim but curvy, with some major sway back — thats when the small of your back cups in over your tush and can make the lower back gape and the waist feel off. Could this be happening? You fit it by taking a wedge out of the skirt, full at the center and tapering to points at your sides (like a slice of melon)

        Also – is the dress’ waistline hitting you at your natural waist or somewhere a centimeter or two higher or lower? Grab a piece of elastic, pop it around yourself, do a few jumping jacks and see where it settles. Wherever that may be is your narrowest point and what you will want to accentuate, such as by having the folds radiate out.

        However, even if you don’t change anything, I think it looks great. It may need a month in the magic closet so that you can forget any little fittings issues that are driving you nuts. I had a jacket I’d begun to loathe when I finished it, put it away for about three months and now adore. Just remember ease is your friend.

        Hope this helped

  17. Jane

    Thank you both again for all this wonderful advice. I’m going to have a go at altering it on Sunday and will let you know the outcome. Jane

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