Quiet but silently sewing

They say a picture can speak a thousand words, therefore, unusually for me I shall drop a couple of pictures in, leaving the words for later, y’see I’m supposed to be catching a bit of rare time this week for sewing….but rest assured I will do these various mentions justice later – promise.

As well as a couple of knit tops to post about (a Nora top – thanks Debbie & a black cowl neck), I’ve also been fiddling around a bit since my culottes.  This is what I’ve been working on, but have yet to wear & therefore get some action shots of …

Lace collar on simplicity 2599This is a close up (un-ironed by the look of it – tsk-tsk!) of the Simple Simplicity 2599 with added lace collar, worn once with my culottes, so you have kind of seen it before.

Here’s what I finished this weekend.  I’ve had this bottle green wool crepe for a while now & hadn’t been sure what to use it for.  Then I succumbed to the temptation that is the Colette Patterns A line  Ginger skirt,wanting to be part of the party.  Roobeedoo convinced me that yes it was a “special”, not your usual  A line skirt, so in I dove (or is that dived?).   Please be warned – it might be a bit of a Halloween shock to you but I kept it straight & simple – not a spot of piping or ric rac to sully its simplicity!  No way I hear you say – that’s not the Badger way!   But you know me well enough by now to know that it needed something to add a bit of Badger personality …enter a Tilly bow belt!

Oh yes, I should have said there is some extra personality inside – I’ve lined it in crimson sari fabric- it might even be silk.

Finally, this is what is drawing me away from writing any more.  (Sorry about the flash shine – I’m trying to be speedy & I guess it shows!)

Simplicity 2614.  I’m making a pussy bow/ tie neck blouse out of this gorgeous cotton.  I’ve made it before with the shorter tie neck tie & the 3/4 length sleeves (my Randall & Hopkirk blouse …).  It’s a lovely pattern with back & lower front cut on the bias with pretty bodice gathers.  The drawback with 3/4 length sleeves like this is that wear a cardi on top & the sleeves are all bunchy inside.  Solution, I have lengthened the sleeves to make them full grown wrist warmers.  Now to see how I get on.

Have you noticed that there is a green theme going on with my latest makes?  It is actually deliberate – how to introduce a new brighter colour into my winter wardrobe ….that still goes with all the perfectly serviceable grey, purple, red and black….(please don’t get me started on my rebellion against so much black in my wardrobe! )

Time to get on with the sewing ….bye for now xx

15 thoughts on “Quiet but silently sewing

  1. LinB

    Oh, I love that Simplicity blouse! I’ve made it six or eight times, for me and for my daughter. I’m always amazed at how little fabric it takes, to such good effect. The print you’ve chosen for it is a good one — a busy, all-over small floral worked well for me. Happy November.

  2. Law

    Ooh I’m in the process of making a black cotton Ginger, and have bought some courduroy to make another one. I want to line it but wasn’t sure how (it’s the zip bit that I get stuck on). How did you line yours?

    I also own Simplicity 2614 so am very curious how yours will come out.

    Now stop with the tantalising teasing and show us a complete garment!

  3. Catherine

    I love the Simplicity blouse pattern too and have made several but I know what you mean about the bunching up of the sleeves so will be interested to learn about your extended version.I have made the one with the tie also but at the moment it is my least favourite of the lot but that is perhaps because I have a scraggy neck.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Catherine ! You do make me laugh in your totally unfounded self deprecation – you must be one of the most glamorous sewists I know! Interesting that both you & LinB have this pattern too ….it is lovely

  4. Sigrid

    Not fair showing those tempting little previews and not letting us see the whole thing! I just finished a Ginger and I agree, it is special. But a bow and bottle green, sounds really special.

  5. Alessa

    Ooh, Ginger with a bow belt, how lovely! And the contrast lining is wonderful! Also: lace collar blouse, yay! Still on the lookout for a cute lace collar for a black dress…

  6. Karen

    Wow, Ms. Badger, where do you get the time for so many accomishments? I’m anxious to see all these creations post-production!

    If I didn’t have to clean my house tonite, I’d be sewing, too. But first, before cleaning, an evening constitutional..,the weather is gorgeous here!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Ah Karen, but you see I have been sewing & not blogging, hence the illusion that I have been mega productive! I’d have been sewing, tonight except have been writing up a blog post. And I should have been running with my ladies but for the first time ever missed them, arriving too late! Shock! I should have still run on my own, but was p***ed off & needed sewing therapy instead. I like the sound of an evening constitutional but not the cleaning ….


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