Is this the perfect vintage dress for autumn in the office?

Just a short post, as I am in love.

Vintage simplicity dress pattern 7051 from 1967It says on the envelope that it’s from 1967 (someone else looked it up, obviously).

I thought I had lost it, but found it tucked away in between the “Welt pockets” pages of my Vogue Sewing book to find out how easy it would be (see view 2).   Despite the fact that I should probably sort out my separates for the autumn/ winter, I am drawn as though hypnotised to this pattern.  I feel compelled to make a 3/4 length sleeve variety for wearing to work.  Thing is I don’t have any suitable fabric.  (Yes, really!) I know I am asking a lot of you at the moment, but just one more thing ….. I’m after a mid weight machine washable fabric.  Any suggestions?  Anyone got any visions of their own for such a cute frock?  It’ll be on my shopping list this Saturday … I’m in your hands peeps!  Hit me with your wisdom & inspiration…

As always I am very grateful xxx

12 thoughts on “Is this the perfect vintage dress for autumn in the office?

  1. Debi

    I think a linen-look (i.e. synthetic linen) would be fabby for this! That or a lightweight wool (you know how much I love the lightweight wools). Love it so much! It will look stunning!

  2. scruffybadgertime Post author

    Oooh, linen look, yes I can see that – & a ponte knit (is that like a double knit wool? ). Gorgeous – you know, for the office, perhaps I’m veering towards a plain colour. But it also cries to be made in some vintage patterned bark cloth or jacquard …I don’t know! Overwhelmed at this instant …

  3. Michelle

    I’d go for a cotton sateen, personally. I find it to be a good mid-season fabric. BUT I also find you either need to wear a slip with it, or line the skirt if you want to wear tights or stockings – it clings like the billy-o!

    Such a great pattern … and yes, I think it is the perfect fall office dress.

  4. Allison

    I vote for a thick, not very stretchy double knit, in the fiber of your choice. Can’t wait to see it. (Any chance of taping a picture of my head to a stick and pretending I’m at the fabric meet up this weekend? That pesky ocean is getting in the way.)

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hmm, Bella, that’s like a rainbow – pretty colours….
      I’m agreeing with the other ladies too – a plain colour to show off the details, cotton sateen (with lining!) or double knit. I shall be on the look out – thank you for your combined wisdom ladies, I have a few ideas now!
      Allison, So sorry you aren’t coming to the blog meet up …. we will be thinking of you 🙂


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