Every cloud ….

…. Has a silver lining, & I tend to live by that mantra.  In this case, the cloud was the cruel (to me)  departure of my youngest born, to University.  The silver lining?

Red stairs

Why I get to move my sewing paraphernalia only into the BEST room in the house – the loft room.

A view of two sewing machines on a table through turned bannister things

Can I let you into a secret?  Despite my hectic goings on & inability to keep up with the Self Stitched September Flickr group, sew very much or even blog that often I managed to find time, amidst my tears of yearning, to shift a mattress down a flight & the essential sewing equipment (the desk, two machines and the ironing board, plus tools) up into “my new sewing room”.

A loftroom with ironing board, sewing machine on desk and a single futon topped with ironong & a teddy

And what’s more, I have spent the odd wondrous evening in here with an ambient breeze wafting with both Velux windows open, fiddling around with a spot of sewing knit tops (because they “happen” so quickly, don’t they?  – To come in a later post), listening to music & DAB radio (BBC R4 Extra is a new find!).   I have even done ironing up here watching iPlayer.

Another view with velux window, ironing board and two tables

I have two tables – one purely for cutting out!  The luxury!  And there is definitely room for my tailor’s dummy (if you hear me Father Christmas? )

I have only half moved in though.  The room downstairs still has fabric, patterns & books that require organising & housing up here.  There are some very untidy areas with youngest’s bits & bobs that need dealing with.

End of desk trestle with baskets of sewing things on it

This desk is fab though, it’s an IKEA desk that has trestles with deep shelves, plus a raised glass top with display space underneath it – perfect for putting pattern instructions to read underneath whilst you sew!  Also the permanent residence for the quick reference instructions for the Overlocker!

And the fun thing? This is a bare room with a lush red carpet.  I still need to make it pretty with pictures, shelving & those gadgets that any sorted dressmaker would have in her sewing room.  Claire’s (at SewIncidentally) recent post  inspired me to write this, as she has done some major room overhauling & has some great links to real sewing rooms, which I will digest.  Thanks Claire!

What are your tips & tricks for organising a sewing space (& all that kit we accumulate?)

In the meantime, I am aware that I have to get on with sewing my Bombshell dress (so far- pattern printed & taped, fabric purchased – progress!).  I am also going to do a Self Stitched September post, perhaps to help with my autumn sewing plans, since it was only due to September being warm that my aim to wear only me mades didn’t completely flounder …..But more of that later.  I need to get my long run in before it gets too hot (& here I am brewing some kind of cold – 3 weeks to the next Half – yikes!! Why???!!)

27 thoughts on “Every cloud ….

  1. StephC

    Congratulations! It’s amazing what can get done with the proper motivation. 🙂

    I’m working on mine right now, too. I’m thinking a larger corkboard surface, a few more deep boxes, and a couple of little boxes for organizing tools. Maybe I’ll frame a few “test scrap” pieces for the wall…..

  2. Magpie Mimi

    I have a loft sewing room too! Mine’s not half as tidy as yours though! I feel nearly ashamed enough to go and tidy but it’s sunny outside and I’ve got some projects I can take outside so will make the most of the nice weather while I can! Glad you found a silver lining! My dad turned my old room into his indoor workshop complete with snazzy magnifier on a stand with inbuilt light and soldering irons galore! Nice to feel wanted by parents! hehe! 😉

  3. Kerry

    Ooh I’m envious of your sewing room! That table looks perfect for making on too. I also love a bit of R4 and R4 extra, great to have on when you’re sewing.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you everyone for sharing in my excitement!
      As at least Karen & Roobeedoo are interested I’ve looked up more about the desk. I’ve done my homework as it’s a couple of years old now, the table top is still sold in IKEA, it’s the “VIKA GRUVAN”
      But the trestles I have are no longer sold- closest you could get perhaps is the VIKA ANNEFORS
      Which are mini shelves ….love the names for IKEA products

    2. Claire (aka Seemane)

      Karen, re: Winnie’s IKEA trestle style table. I think it’s the Fagerlid legs with the VIKA Gruvan desk/table top (product code: 701.030.33) see pic in Pinterest I found here: http://pinterest.com/pin/488629/ . Sadly, I cannot find a link to the legs on the IKEA site!! The nearest I can see are the VIKA Artur legs (product code: 801.500.95).

      From what I can Google the Fagerlid trestle legs with shelves are product code: 301.155.18. Loads of pics on Google http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=ikea+desk+trestle&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=1199l6149l0l9694l24l13l3l0l0l0l1367l4853l0.2.4.5-1.2.1l13l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=980&bih=459&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi#um=1&hl=en&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=ikea+desk+fagerlid&pbx=1&oq=ikea+desk+fagerlid&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=117461l118489l0l118861l8l8l0l5l1l1l212l598l0.2.1l3l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=f5cd391109f8ebe&biw=980&bih=459.

  4. Anna

    I love moving into a new sewing room, I’ve had 3 sewing rooms so far and enjoyed organising them. Funnily enough the one I’m in now is the smallest now that I have the most stuff! I use baskets to store zips, ribbons, bias binding, appliques, elastic etc. They are stackable and fit into any odd bit of space and keeps it neat, hidden from view and in one place. I also have a box that’s designed for holding screws that holds my button collection, each section holds different colours. I want to swap up to a nice chest of drawers type box with clear drawers when I have more room. My thread racks are under the sewing table at the back which saves some room and all my patterns are in a chest of drawers sorted by type so they’re easy to flip through.

    Love the Ikea table, mine is an old simple desk from years back but when I have a bigger room I will definitely look at the one you have!

  5. Roobeedoo

    oh my goodness – does your boy KNOW?! I wouldn’t dare clear out my son’s room even though he left a year ago! I am totally missing a trick because his is definitely the brightest room in the house and proper heating and a desk and… mwwahh ha ha ha! Thanks Winnie! You may have given me a very good idea!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I know, barely has his bed gone cold & I’m stripping the sheets, moving mattress into a strange room. It was his idea though, just to put your mind at ease! And the light in here, as so many others have said is heavenly – no more peering in the shadows … the perfect sewing room!

  6. Melizza

    Sewing spaces are such a luxury. I’m with Karen, I’m jealous. Happy organizing and the such. That’s the fun part…along with the sewing…and the fabric shopping. Oh heck, it’s all pretty fun. Enjoy!

  7. Allison

    ….I have but a sewing closet, with the machine inside and the chair I pull over from the dining room. ::drools with envy, but quickly wipes it up off the hilariously awesome red carpet::

    For organizing the smaller bits (buttons, snaps, zippers, etc…) I got a tool caddy from the hardware store. It has internal barriers that can be moved to accomodate varying sizes, tons of little drawers that snap shut, and because it comes from the hardware store and is meant to be utilitarian, was not at all expensive.

  8. Alessa

    Congrats on your new sewing room! 🙂 I’m very jealous, I still live in a 1.5 room student apartment with my boyfriend, so I sew on the dining table and have my fabric and sewing stuff in the Expedit shelves next to the sofa… not to mention we share a pretty small dresser for all our clothes… Although I do like that I’m sewing in the same room where he is working/relaxing.

    You should have a look at Patty (The Snug Bug)’s new sewing room, she has great ideas about organising stuff!

  9. Claire (aka Seemane)

    Great post Winnie – love that you have a loft room, and the red stairs make it look like the stairway to heaven 🙂 The breeze through the windows must be a lovely boone in this hot weather we’re having at the moment.

    P.S. Thanks loads hun for the mention and link back to my wee post too!

  10. Bella

    Winnie! Do you know about this flickr stream?

    Sewing rooms! (Tilly recommended it)

    Enjoy. And I’ll be curious to see how you organize. Mine is fixed up,
    but not perfect…one big problem I’m noticing now that the sun is around less is the lack of good lighting. I’m just using leftover lights from other rooms & houses, and think I may have to get a special one so I can see into that corner…

  11. scruffybadgertime Post author

    Thank you to everyone, Allison, StephC, Anna, Alessa & Bella for some ideas to follow up for the next stage …. organising & prettifying! It will be hard to get me out of here, I tell you!

  12. Claire (aka Seemane)

    Winnie I did a reply to Karen’s query re: the table leg details – but it’s under moderation (too many weblinks probably LOL!) so it’s not showing up as yet. Can you take a wee look at it please – it mmight be lurking in your spam folder under comments in your blog dashboard/account?

  13. Sigrid

    Oh my, a dedicated sewing room! Now you can sew in your underwear! Ha ha, maybe you don’t do that. My eldest leaves next year, and I have been eyeing his room, which has great light too, but I’m not sure how he would feel about a sewing take-over.

  14. Rosy

    Wow! Your space is really a luxury couture! Love the red carpet up to the loft, it’s the beginning of what you can find up …. very trendy and very talented!

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