Summer Essentials for a weekend by the sea

I am guilty of not yet having outlined my Summer Essentials whilst sporting the stylish button on my sidebar.  I assure you I am not just a collector or gorgeous blog buttons (although having to choose just one out of the range offered by Ali & Sarah was SO hard!  I wanted to use them all!)

I have indeed been thinking, planning, rethinking & actually sewing quite a lot towards my summer essentials.  If you’d been looking at my projects in the pipeline page, I have been chopping & changing my plans with my latest thoughts, & updating in a fashion.  So, to Ali & Sarah, super hostesses of the second annual Summer Essentials Sewalong, here is my first real post, spurred on by the coincidence of packing for a weekend away by the sea.

I have been lucky enough to have had a couple of weekend breaks, staying with friends & family, & as we are harry skinters & haven’t booked anything like a summer holiday, they have been like mini holidays.  I don’t know about you, but I get real pleasure out of packing my me made clothes.  I love seeing how they all coordinate (nearly), helped along by actually keeping to a colour palette when I buy fabric.   I have also used these trips away as occasions to try to only pack me made holiday wear, & this has been helped enormously by the Summer Essentials Sewalong.  There, you see I got there in the end.

The pile of clothes above is what I am packing for a weekend by the sea.  Cornish summer weekends are not predictable by any means, hence an array of coordinating me mades & refashions to cope with wind & grey drizzle or even blazing sunshine.  I hope to get some photos on location showing off the new sundress, so that it can be blogged.  But if the sun doesn’t come out it stays in the case, I am not a martyr to the cold!

So for my summer essentials I thought & thought & thought some more (facilitated by the blog being out of commission) & recognised the need on the whole for some weekending casual summer pieces:

  • 50s vintage denim shorts
  • Denim capri trousers
  • Casual weekending dress that was not too formal
  • A sundress
  • Sleeveless 50s blouse
  • A cool & comfy dress for work
  • A lightweight casual jacket

The good news is that I’ve made everything on my list except for the jacket.   Just have some yet to blog about.  I promise to try & get weekending action shots wearing anything that is as yet offblog.

To review makes to date then:


  • The 50s shorts, blogged here & in the weekend bag
  • Denim capri trousers blogged here & to be worn on the journey
  • Casual non formal weekender dress: my swimmers dress, blogged here & packed
  • Sleeveless 50s blouse – my Rockahula blouse, blogged here, worn lots
  • Sundress, not blogged, but can be seen in the packing above
  • A cool comfy dress for work- I have made the Simplicity Lisette Passport dress & am hooked!

As for the jacket I am also in two minds, actually more than two minds.  I have too much choice.  I might make the Lisette jacket in Chambray, or a 70s Vogue blazer in red & white striped cotton.  Then there are the temptations of the Built by Wendy Coats & Jackets book …. I just don’t know!!!  I have got some thinking time over the weekend.

But, onto essentials for a weekend by the sea.  I shall be taking my crochet, as a few flowers bloomed last weekend away & justified the transportation of my crochet kit.  Yes, the running magazine was left unthumbed & unpacked, & the trainers remained clean & unsullied by sand or mud.  The crochet & the reading though at least were not useless carboot fillers.  
Anyway, I thought I’d share some of the comments left about what other people take away on holiday with them to satisfy that need to sew/ craft/ create.

It seems that I am not alone in overpacking for those “just in case I have time” moments.  Stacy & Shivani both admitted not always making as much progress with the range of crafts packed, with the lure of lounging in the sunshine sometimes to blame (I SO know that feeling!)

It probably is easier to travel with yarn & needles/ hooks than sewing, pins, needles, scissors etc.  Miss P & Bella both partaking in knitting & crochet.  Bella mentioned that with the (relatively new) airport security restrictions no needles/hooks are allowed which is an absolute pain -just imagine how much you can get knitted/ crocheted on a long-haul flight!  I have bought some glitter plastic crochet hooks in the hope that they will be allowed through (not that I am going anywhere in the short term).  Do you think they will be allowed, or will they create a sudden need for disco  in the security queue?

Allison of a Fabric Fixation I think wins halo points by sometimes taking her mending away with her .  Even if it doesn’t get done I think that there is any inclination to do mending deserves a medal, especially on holiday!!   She also takes handwork sections of her current project

“I travel with all sorts of random stuff — I’ll save up the handwork sections of whatever the current project is. I also have been known to take mending along, although that doesn’t always end up being accomplished…..”

Debbie of Minnado’s House always cracks me up, I think because she reminds me of myself.  Lots of vision but reality often gets in the way.

“I often pack my current sewing project when I go away. It usually remains in the car boot till we get home. I don’t know why but everytime we go away I imagine myself with relaxing evenings hand sewing. Truth is being away with my family is busier than being at home and I usually pass out by 8.30pm! I think what I need is to go away without the family!”

As always, some interesting views (thank you ladies!).  I think there was also recognition that on holiday (should you get the head space) you can actually pause & plan, read, gather your ideas & become inspired.   Don’t forget your notebook, if your memory’s anything like mine those flashes of inspiration are very fickle!

Happy mobile crafting!!  xx


5 thoughts on “Summer Essentials for a weekend by the sea

  1. Jane

    You’ve been busy! I think you’ve created a GORGEOUS summer wardrobe Winnie, I hope you’re suitably pleased with yourself. A jacket is also on my upcoming to-sew list, have you got the Built by Wendy coat book? I’ve been eyeing it up on Amazon and am quite tempted. Would be good to know what you think of it.
    Enjoy your weekend by the sea! x

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi Jane
      Thank you 🙂
      Yes I have got the BBW jackets & coats book & it’s fabulous! I am paralysed by choice at the moment – really do not know which jacket to make!!

  2. Sigrid

    So excited to come back from vacation and see that your blog is back. And, wow, you have ben busy. I especially love that seersucker sorbet with daisies ! have a great weekend.


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