Rockahula vegas vintage shirt & 50s denim shorts

Rockahula vegas shirt

Oh my word, I still need to show you my already much worn, super loved, “Rockahula Vegas shirt”, pulled together last month.  It’s made out of fabric I purchased at Karen’s Goldhawk Road Fabric Fandango, referred to my team members as “Vegas” fabric.  I also think it’s got something tropically Hawaiin kitsch about it, and therefore lovingly like to call it Rockahula Vegas fabric, as it makes me super excited when I think about it.

I have been hamming it up a bit, prancing around in the rare sunshine like an idiot during Me Made June.

Rockahula vegas vintage shirt & 50s denim shortsThis picture showcases the shirt & shorts from this pattern – 50s vintage .

Now I have a penchant for sleeveless shirts, & in my pattern stash I found the pattern above, New Look 6343 which in its time survived various iterations in floral cottons of various descriptions (about 15 + years ago).  I also used to love wearing them with shorts – just not such stylish ones!  Anyway, the vintage pattern , need I say, surpasses the 90s New Look.  Let’s find out why.

First & foremost it has to be the shaping.  The 50s pattern uses fine pleats, much like Colette Pattern’s Sencha to shape the waist area, creating not only the cutest peplum, but also a really attractive blousey-ness.

Actually, the shaping of this blouse is truly divine.  I haven’t yet worn it with the peplum out, but I imagine it will look very sweet with my capris.  Tucked in, it’s a huge success.

I’m not sure how much you can see from the picture above, but not only does it show the adorable tilted curved pocket (such a pretty detail- it’s set at a 45 degree angle) but can you also see that the collar does not have the “double revere” finish?  The collar edges meet right up to the blouse front edge to create a much more streamlined pointed shape.  And check out the buttons … pink glittering crystal hearts!  Now the pattern only called for 3 & despite following the placement faithfully, it needs more. More have since been added.  One other detail I customised was the armhole facing, preferring to create a self bias facing instead.

Me Made June day 18 outfit with denim Beignet

So, here it is on its first outing, being worn with the denim Beignet for Me Made June.  (note the Beignet also has crystal sparkly buttons too- double Barbie shimmer!)  It was a perfect match & was also worn to the Morrissey gig on June 30th (I thought he deserved some rock-a-hula action in the crowd)

This outfit inspired me to make some accessories to match.  Enter the rockahula headband …(on badger hair!)

Handmade hairband

I also made a necklace to go with it specially with some wowzee rose beads I picked with this in mind.

Fancy chain freshwater pearls and pink rose beadsI added freshwater pearls and interspersed some of them in some fancy chain.  I also glued some of the pale pink roses onto clip on earring backs, but the glue hadn’t dried in time for this particular outfit premiere.

Finished it off with one of my handmade rings ..

Crazy pink wire ringThis is made with silver and pink wire – crazy curling!!

Anyway, the blouse itself took hardly anytime to make & I know I’ll make it again.  I will however make sure that the fabric I choose is just as amazing, because that is a large factor in how much I adore this blouse – it rocks my hula!







22 thoughts on “Rockahula vegas shirt

  1. Roobeedoo

    I love how you push a look to it limits! Did you have the whole thing in your mind when you started sewing, or did it evolve as you went along? I love the rosey jewels and the headband and the Barbie buttons and that tilted pocket is something special! And I wish I had your knees. That will be the running I suppose… ah well I can’t copy EVERYTHING you do!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Aww, thank you everyone for admiring Rockahula too. But I have to say I wasn’t expecting comments on my knees! That is a first! I always used to think them knobbly & the victim of bendy legs….maybe I do have the running to thank!

      Anyway, Roo, you asked about whether I plan the look…did I have it mind before hand – the answer is no. I am ultimately a serendipitous being, but am trying to train myself to at least keep to certain colour palettes. The Rockahula fabric was the last I bought after spending all my dosh – but it shouted so loudly to me that I just had to have it! It was after it was in my stuffed bag of fabric that I then decided what to make with it.

      And Debbie, you have also been channeling Elvis movies – that’s why I called it Rockahula, but didn’t have the confidence to know if I’d made it up!

      A few years back I used to sell jewellery …. enjoyed it too. Thank you for the comments about the ring & the necklace. I am trying to make pieces with personality, but make as often as sewing!

        1. scruffybadgertime Post author

          Ha ha ha! I have never felt so self conscious about my legs before!!! It takes over from my a*se now (which I’m afraid is where all my alcohol units gets stored and is definitely not tanned – ooops too much information!! )

  2. Jane

    I love everything about this outfit Winnie, but especially the Vegas blouse, it’s just gorgeous and the pinks and turquoises really pop out with your colouring! Do you sell your jewellery? If you don’t, you should, that rose necklace is just stunning. And I wish I had your knees too! xx

  3. Christine

    I love the word “Rockahula” just as much as your fabulous outfit. And the matching headband and jewellry – is there anything you can’t make? Next it’ll be shoes!

  4. Mo

    What beautiful fabric!
    Sadly, the fabulous fabric shops of Goldhawk road are at threat of demolition.
    You can read the full details on Melissa’s blog:

    Please spread the word,join the facebook group, write to the council and lend your support in any way you can. Otherwise fabric shopping trips to Goldhawk road may sadly become a thing of the past.

  5. Tamsin W-P

    Welcome back Winnie! My goodness you have been busy whilst ‘off-line’. The shirt is lovely, but so is the ring – very clever. My feed wasn’t working properly hence the late comment, but I think I’m linked up again now, and look forward to reading you again!

  6. Sølvi

    Oh, there are so many cute details to comment on here, that I don´t know where to start! Love all of the matching accessories as well as the fabulous shirt!

    And thanks for the comment on my blog, I´ve been knitting and sewing and been social off line so much that I had to take a break from writing. But I´ll soon be back. I miss it so! 🙂

  7. karen

    That is absolutely brilliant. I love the angled pocket. You chose the perfect fabric to work with. What a fabulous pattern, so many interesting details. And the buttons! I do love your creative imagination.

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