Me Made June: the beginning

This time around, as with many bloggers I’ve been checking out, I’m going to try to take a slightly less sensational approach to Me Made June.  I’m going to attempt to review the makes that I’m wearing, tell you “how it really is”.  Afterall, what tends to happen is that once it gets finished I blog about the creation, the pattern, instructions & my variants to it, maybe critique the fabric, but who knows whether it’s success & gets worn to pieces or if languishes in the bottom drawer?  So this will be Me Made June, the good, the bad & the ugly.  Now I’d thought about this a while ago, & see that Jessica over at Green Apples is doing something similar.  (I shall not try to compete, she is an awesome seamstress with an extensive handmade wardrobe.  I shall be interested in her wearability comments though).

So, day 1

A work day with a presentation & a briefing, so a bit of professionalism needed, hence my office-y pinstripe skirt.

  • Top: Simplicity 2599, blogged about here
  • Skirt: Secret Sari pinstripe skirt – a pattern I adjusted using a Built By Wendy basic A line skirt blogged about here
  • Me made earrings & pom pom ring.


  • Additional non me mades (cos it was flippin’ chilly) cardi & jacket in a “heather” colour, not shown as they were a later necessity.

The good:

  • Both of these items get worn a lot, but I have never put them together before- result on day 1!
  • I adore the top, it’s made from vintage fabric &  I used my overlocker extensively.  The rolled edges on the frills make me swoon even now.  I also find I love wearing it for work & for play – therefore it’s a winner in my book.
  • The skirt is really useful, fits well & is a great office number.  I love it being lined with slippy fabric (sari material), as it hangs beautifully.

The Bad

  • I will cling onto wearing this top even when it wears out, I love it so!
  • The skirt’s high waist feels obvious & sometimes I can’t wait to get dressed in something more comfy.

The Ugly

  • Both of these don’t have any outrageous sewing fudges/ disintegrating seams (to my genuine surprise!) The thing I’m not sure if I got right is the lining attached to the front split – it is a bit “baggy” perhaps.

Saucy split



However, not sure how it could have been rectified, or even if it’s a problem since the lining peeping through is saucy, no?

Day 2

Even though the forecast was for beautifully sunny weather, with temperatures soaring, I was working in the coldest office known to man, therefore trousers were the only option.

  • Trousers: New Look 6190, blogged about here
  • Top: cowl neck lovely Butterick B4132 blogged here
  • Refashioned red Cardigan (now discarded at the day’s warmer end)
  • Jewels- swirly button ring plus some basic earrings.

The good:

  • I do actually really like this top, the fabric is gorgeous & it’s a cowl, so of course I love it!
  • Trousers are actually quite useful, very comfy & now fit well-ish.  Good for breezy summer days, and can be dressed down too.

The bad:

  • The cowl neck top is not as good a fit as my cowl neck dress (Simplicity 2580) – underarms gape, & the back neck is probably too wide.
  • In comparison to the cowl neck dress, the facing is more flappy (not that it flaps, it’s just not part of a sealed unit like the dress’s).
  • For some reason I reserve the top “for posher” occasions.  This is its first outing this year.  Hopefully I will get over that.
  • Boy do the trousers crease.  I had a lot of linen making last year & regret it – if I am diligent I’ll iron things before I wear them, or even at the end of the day …. but oftentimes a good proportion of the time am not.

The Ugly:

  • The award has to go to my shameful seam finishing.  The trousers were made when I only had white thread on my overlocker (#blush# in shame).
  • These trousers have also been sitting on my alteration pile all winter & spring.  I made them too wide.

Seams of shame



  • The trouser leg completely absorbed my foot at the bottom!  When I saw photos they made me feel square.  So I altered them & feel happier in them (my toes now peep out the end of these khaki tubes.

There, that’s where it’s at.  How are you finding it so far?  These reviews will fade out as I re-wear items.  Hopefully it’ll be of some use/interest.  You can always scroll quickly to get to the pictures, some of which may even amuse!

But watch this space as I have discovered that there are amazingly over 100 subscribers to this blog, I am so humbled!  Thank you everyone for visiting.  As it seems is tradition I will be having a bit of a giveaway, but it just needs a bit of work to get it ready ……

14 thoughts on “Me Made June: the beginning

  1. Jessica

    I’m glad you’re doing this too – I love to see how patterns work over time! I know what you mean about high waisted skirts – I love them, but at the same time they are so unforgiving. I find that I don’t wear my pencil skirts as much as I could, though the full high waists are fine.

    Also, I love that self-made ring. I’m thinking of trying my hand at some simple jewelry making, and you’ve inspired me!

    1. scruffybadgertime

      Hi Jessica, Yes I am definitely with you on high waists – very slimming – but sometimes corset-like!
      Hello Mimi & thank you – it’s great to have some sunshine again isn’t it?! Enjoy

  2. Jane

    Winnie, that top from day one is just gorgeous. I’m totally with you re the panic at the thought of it wearing out! Great start. x
    PS. Your arms and legs are annoyingly bronzed, it’s not fair!

  3. roobeedoo

    I love your energy for this project! It makes it all such FUN!
    Are you going to post every day? It is such a treat!
    Oh – and great clothes too!

  4. karen

    Great blouse! With ruffles – I adore a ruffle. I’m with Jane – your tan is fabulous. And yes, it’s definitely hay fever season, have been sneezing myself.

    1. scruffybadgertime

      Oh my God – was just replying to the leg tan comments, thinking “how on earth can they be tanned with a distinct lack of sunshine on non working days” when it clicked. Hahaha – I was wearing stockings- but not just any “neutral” stockings, no, these were M&S “suntan” from the Autograph range. Thought it was closer to my skin tone. Very funny though!! Hope to get the legs out this weekend for some rays.
      I’m glad everyone’s enjoying the challenge so far – it’s great watching everyone else’s fun too! SO thank you for the comments :-)

  5. Dibs

    I love the trousers and the top. I have the butterick pattern, and am planning on making a couple of tops this weekend for next week’s outfits. It suits you so well.

  6. Vicki

    ugh… this is all amazing! Everything you show is an absolute treasure! I’m trying to do the Me Made June, too, but so far am pretty half-hearted and sticking to tiny accessories. I’m not sure if your pictures are inspiring or intimidating! :o) We’ll go with inspiring. Love it all.

    1. scruffybadgertime

      Thanks vicki, don’t please be intimidated! That’s a scary thought. if inspiring- thank you!I just tried to challenge myself . I bet it will start to fray around the edges as the month goes on.

  7. Tanit-Isis

    You look great in both outfits, and that jewelry is definitely great!

    I will be curious if your impressions of anything change over the month—whether some things seem more wearable after several outings or less. :)

  8. Debbie

    You look lovely in all the pics. I especially liked the hay fever one. :)
    I never think to tuck in my simplicity 2599′s but it looks very chic like that with your sari skirt. Have a good weekend. x


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