Time to ‘fess up

Where do I start?  Life is chaos at the moment.  I thought making a “To do list” would help, but I only managed to cross through a couple of things on it.  There are far more pressing things I should be doing & not blogging, but, hey, I’ve got blogging constipation in my head & on my camera- need to get some movement here!  I’ve even got a few F.O.s to write about now that I have pictures (not forgetting the Crepe wedding- although these pics are still on my man’s camera #sigh!# )

So, let’s get down to it peeps.   You have probably already read what actually went down in Goldhawk Road on Saturday.  A big thank you to Karen of Did you Make That, perfectly organised, beautifully hosted & heaps of fun.  I met so many adorable people & am still so excited about the wonder of meeting fellow sewists, sharing sewing tales & fabric obsessions.  I am still excited to meet my online heroines, I think you know who you are all, & I won’t embarrass you by naming you so publicly 🙂  Karen’s written the story of the day when we all descended on the unsuspecting shopkeepers in what can only be described as a hugely successful Fabric Fandango.  Fingers were not kept busy with castanets, but were happily employed gainfully in almost nonstop fabric feeling (you know the motion).  And for the photo story Tilly has captured it on film.   I have a few pics of my own- in theory anyone can go & visit Flickr to download originals (search for Scruffybadgertime).

In honour of the event I made myself a quick & 100% appropriate necklace:

Sewist necklace


Before I venture into my tales & confessions from Saturday, I must first reveal the truth about a secret I have been keeping.  I would have told you sooner, but that’s also related to the Crepe wedding photos.  However, big love goes out to these babies:


My very own Hushpups



Justification: the perfect blue for my wedding outfit.  There.  But I have to wax lyrical -not only are they the most beautiful shoes in the world, they are the most comfortable pair of shoes EVER.  I even wore them all around London, & then the next day to a family do without a single plaster!!  Cushioned soles, round toes, a walkable heel – geez.  Hushpuppies have aimed this product at this 40 something woman & got her square between the eyes.  Do you know what has happened since?  I have discovered just how versatile turquoise is.  It goes very well with red, brown, navy, black.  I am even basing my future wardrobe around them.  (As you will see Hehehehe!!)


Did anyone mention that whilst the Tube was overridden with the Sew Weekly ladies dressed in red, white & blue ( for pics & words see Debi’s postMagpie Mimi’s post just to name the couple that I have had time to read so far), there was  also a fair swarm of Stoke & Man City supporters, also dressed in red, white & (pale) blue swarming through the Tube, in the opposite direction to me, for the FA Cup final at Wembley.  Interesting coincidence.  And then there was me & Handmade Jane, first time ever we met, not (consciously) prearranged dressed in red cardi & gingham (& not members of either the aforementioned groups!)


Gingham Twins - taken by Tilly (Click to visit Tilly and the Buttons)


Check out one of Karen’s Pendrells in the forefront ….


Fabrics Anonymous



And here’s a flavour of the view (before it became overran with Fabric Fandangoists & Sew Weeklyists) :


Goldhawk Road



OOO exciting!  But even more exciting …


Handmade Jane & Pimp My Curtains


And there was more …

And Debi, from My Happy Sewing Place found our gang (Jane- leader, Aisha, Tamsin, Debi & Debbie) tucked away inside an inner sanctum of wool crepe & silk.  It’s truly lovely to meet people in real life …

So come on ScruffyBadger, what did you buy?  Well, to my embarrassment, I seemed to become possessed (but I got a lot for my money).   And the majority of my purchases will go with turquoise (He he he!).  I must also add at this point that I am purging my wardrobe of things that don’t fit well & have limited options.  Many were things that I was given, I have enjoyed wearing them, but they are someone else’s style & I’m rekindling my own now.  I ultimately want my wardrobe to be “me” & handmade, & this will help progress it & fund it ;-).  I have washed & ironed them, bundling them up this very evening to be sold at a Pink Gin (Preloved Fashion) sale, where I will hopefully get some £s back.

Have I prepared the way for my fabric confession now?  Will I be forgiven for a mega splurge?


  1. Chambray for 3/4 length casual trousers (BBW casual capris) & maybe shorts too
  2. Duck egg blue voile (a top with buttons & pintucks)
  3. Turquoise jersey (a versatile top of some sort)
  4. Teal sprig cotton (“Gorgeous” according to the shopkeeper) to make a top
  5. Voile (I think) for a remake of the vintage dress I’m wearing (Also “gorgeous” from the same shop!)
  6. Red & white striped cotton for a summer jacket, lined with green muslin
  7. Green muslin for lining
  8. “Flock” floral knit polyester for a top
  9. Mustard & cream minicandy stripe shirting to make Colette Patterns, Chantilly
  10. Bright “Hawaii” florals to make a 50s vintage sleeveless shirt
  11. Lining for Chantilly dress.

Now having thrown so much of my summer wardrobe away, I have an opportunity to have a slimline & “Lite” wardrobe.  Arguably that is still achievable even if I do manage to create something out of the whole towering inferno (not likely though!)  But on the other hand, being able to sew my own clothes has always been the way that I’ve afforded to have a larger wardrobe than if I’d just bought ready to wear….Hmmm I don’t know how it’s going to end (if indeed it ever will!)  Once I have a handmade wardrobe I am hoping that I will be able to allow myself to buy fewer but more expensive lengths of fabric & be courageous enough to cut into them!  But for now, I’ll seek counselling so that the next time I’m in a similar paradisaical situation I am very much in control of my fervour.  That, or just take a smaller allowance !


14 thoughts on “Time to ‘fess up

  1. Debi

    YAY! It was sooooo fabulous to meet you! Wish I could have stayed for the dinner! Next time I’m spending the night in London 😉 Love, love, love the shoes! I definitely make clothes to go with my shoes. Great finds in terms of fabric as well. Can’t wait to see them all made up!

  2. shivani

    oo – what a haul!!! Looking forward to seeing it all made up.

    Can you remember which shop you bought the chambray from? I couldn’t make it on Saturday, but I’m planning a fandango-for-one soon, and chambray is on my list.

    also, LOVE the shoes.

    1. scruffybadgertime

      Hi Shivani – we missed you! Now the chambray was possibly in Fabric House or Classic Textiles. £2.95 per metre. I had to ask for it. That was where I also got the red knit fabric with the black “flock” flowers.

  3. Tamsin

    Great list for the heap of fabric – you are going to be busy! I need to make a list for my lot. Good to see some more photo’s of the day, although I seem to be pulling a pretty weird face in one of them! look forward to seeing your makes…

  4. karen

    Great summary. Love the shoes – I’m always looking for comfortable shoes. You made some great investments. I love the duck egg blue. Can’t wait to see what you make! Fabulous to see you again.

  5. Jane

    Oh Winnie it was so fantastic to meet you, I had a really lovely day and isn’t that picture of us by Tilly fab?! You’ll feel better now you’ve confessed, do 10 Hail Mary’s etc etc. My confession is that I’m SSSOOO close to buying the shoes you were wearing AND the shoes Tilly was wearing. Bad I know, but both pairs would go with my entire wardrobe! Can’t wait to see all your makes, they’re all “gorgeous”. xx

  6. Roobeedoo

    Hee hee hee! I spotted the shoes in other bloggers’ photos rightaway! Fab fab fab!
    I too am suffering from too many ideas and too little time to develop them. I might have to award myself a crafty day off work one day soon just to get my head together. Your fabric choices are great – really looking forward to seeing the results!

    1. scruffybadgertime

      Oh Roo, great thinking! I want a day off too just to get some semblance of order to my crazy life. I am so behind in everything (except keeping my commitments to running & my family) SewingScruffybadgertime’s getting squeezed ….
      Jane, I do feel so much better now I’ve come clean. I am so happy to have met you too (at last!) Yes get both shoes – I also have Tilly’s Clarks & I live in them when I’m not wearing my new Hushpups!

  7. Magpie Mimi

    Um. Need. Those. Shoes. Soooooo jealous! hehe!

    Nice score on the fabric front too! Wish I’d had more time to go to all the shops but then I wouldn’t have any money left! Can’t wait to see the finished garments!

    We’ll have to arrange a meet up next time I take a trip to London, which may be end of June finger’s crossed! x

  8. Christine

    Wonderful fabrics, wonderful shoes and it looks like a wonderful day out with some great women – I think you should just enjoy it all. My favy photo is you with your gingham twin!


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