Easter wedding: Crepe Dress at last!


How long have I been promising to get these photos off my (soon to be revealed most handsome i.m.o.) man’s camera?  I bet you’ve given up on me.  Afterall the moaning wouldn’t you expect at least some form of relief to actually show the Colette Patterns Crepe dress being worn proudly?  I even managed to blog about the accessories I made to go with it.  Well, perhaps I had intended to raise levels of anticipation to a fever pitch?  You may never know.  And you are not fevered either I am actually glad to say.  And then there were my blogging technical barriers.  So, without any more dallying here goes.  Remember the fabric was a polyester viscose from Walthamstow – total cost, sash included, around £20, but I have some to spare that could be made into a Pendrell perhaps or a Simplicity 2599.

Crepe Dress

Colette Patterns Crepe



Can you see the brown ric rac at the hem?  I was pleased to once more to be able to get flirty with a scalloped edging.  (By the way that brown thing hanging down at the hem is not a massive thread that I missed – it’s the fringe of a scarf!  ha ha ha!)

I’m only going to dwell on things I haven’t already said, afterall, you do not want to hear again how tricky I found it to get the fit right.  I’d say that the fit is still wrong- the back gapes slightly.  To remedy this I used a press stud.  However, through wearing it, I would not recommend it!  It’s a place of variable strain, the back.  I was acutely aware of this when curving shoulders, leaning forward as my press stud “popped” open.  I became quite good (being flexible) at doing it up again with twisted wrists, but it was much easier to get help from my handsome one.  So the moral of this particular story – press studs – don’t do it!

Colette Patterns Crepe spin

Good job I made a slip!  Despite all the trials I really love this dress.  The fabric was a perfect choice to show off the style.  I received a few compliments (I’m actually not very good at that !) With Gary also drawing attention to it being made by me & then getting more interest! #Blush#  Hurrah for blogs where that doesn’t happen!!

And the best bit ?  Gary also looking like a star (although he did get a few comments about being late for his stand up act!)  The wedding was lovely- sunny, relaxed, Greek food by the river in the city.  Lovely company & a very happy bride & groom.  The bride, incidentally was wearing a knee length sheath dress made from silver grey french lace- really classy and subtle.


20 thoughts on “Easter wedding: Crepe Dress at last!

  1. Roobeedoo

    You look AMAZING!
    That colour is just so perfect and the shape and the fit and the… EVERYTHING!
    “Scruffy” nothing!
    Oh – and the boy ain’t so bad either! ;)

  2. Portia

    You look absolutely beautiful and I love the way the fabric print is peeking over your left shoulder. You two look like you have a real giggle together :)

  3. karen

    I am SO proud that some Walthamstow fabric made its way to a wedding. You look beautiful, the fabric looks fab. I love the ric rac hem – what a clever idea. Gary looks brilliant too; I love his shirt and suit. (More rockabilly than stand up, no?) You make a very handsome couple. Yes, I used to squirm when people made a fuss over my home made clothes. I’ve got over it now!

  4. Tanit-Isis

    I can’t even explain how awesome this dress is. I love it. The fabric is awesome and you totally conquered the fit. You look gorgeous (and your man is indeed very handsome). Also, they don’t have those shoes on the Canadian Hush Puppies site. I may have to kill myself.

    Did I mention I love this dress?

  5. Tilly

    Wow! What a stunning dress. You look gorgeous. I love the placement of the flower print on the bodice – it draws the eye to the sweetheart neckline and the flow of the skirt.

  6. Christine

    That dress is a knockout! “Killer” as my sister would say (as a compliment). And I see that you’ve done the red + turquoise combo together with Gary. Well done you! I hope you’re blushing because you deserve to be showered with compliments.

    1. scruffybadgertime

      You guys are awesome, thank you for the lovely things you are saying & your support in helping me through to the end!
      Yes, the shoes are SO lush & I am sorry for flaunting them yet again (so sorry not available in Canada Tanit-Isis! Big bummer!)
      And my man is adoring the compliments too- he loves the attention!
      Walthamstow – woo hoo! We love your fabric- well done & thank you Karen for introducing us – & it’s funny that the flower placement has turned out so well – I have to admit that it was by accident… something I’ll be more aware of another time!

  7. bridget

    Love your blog and definately love your wedding dress (!). In answer to your question about finishing seams in lined garments – no there is no need at all and that comes from my sewing teacher with a knowing wink :-)

  8. Ayse

    I loved the cyan blue colour and the black prints on it. It is a lovely fabric, you look stunning in your Crepe dress! Just the right feminine pattern for the occasion :-)

  9. Ali

    You look fabulous!!!! What a great print, almost inspiration enough to get me started on this pattern ;) I even like the sweetheart shaped neckline, which I’ve been personally weary of, but your fabric choice really highlights it well!

  10. Becky

    The color and print are lovely, and I think you did a great job with placement on the floral pattern. And you’re right about the shoes–totally justified.


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