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lace yoke sencha

From working on a 4,000 word (plus 11 appendices) project what itch better to scratch than sewing something completely unplanned, but something that took my fancy?

I think it was earlier in the week that Colette Patterns blog contained this attention grabbing tutorial created by Rachel – to add a yoke to the Sencha pattern.  Like the sewing starved lass I was I lapped it up, accessing a piece of black lace that’s been hanging around & looked desperately for some fabric to sew around it (I was even tempted to carve up a black silk skirt that I don’t wear much).

Have no fear, silk skirt, you live to hang in the wardrobe another day as I found a piece of polyester something that had lovely drape bought aeons ago to line a piece of embroidered chiffon.

But there was not enough fabric to make a full Sencha so I had me a puzzle.  The solution came to me via a brain burstingly well behaved, finally rid of aforementioned project.  All it took was minimum hem allowances on the sleeve turnings as well as cutting the back in one piece on the fold instead of the two pieced button up back (this saved me quite a lot of excees width).  I reckon this version of Sencha took less than a metre (basically I used the shoulder- hem length worth of fabric) But how was I to get into it?

Well the clue came from the lace yoke tutorial – the neck edge is finished with bias binding (yay – I also made my own using another ace Colette patterns tutorial).  I cut a slit at the top & made one of those continuous lap finishes like for shirt sleeves.

Anyway, I loved making this, adding the lace made it seem so dainty & special.  I even tacked it.  Yes – would you believe it – me, (with genes confirmed by my Mum as not being “tacker” genes) I needed to secure the neck edge, particularly the lace to the bias so I could sew it with the lace on top (my machine didn’t take to the lace).  All this trouble made it feel more precious than just something assembled from scraps in my stash.

I think this yoke really works in Sencha – I will make more like this.  I know that Debbie & Ali have “yoke love” & I can see why now – maybe it’s contagious? By the way, anyone notice the black permanent marker on any of my fingers?

This is why – dot-to-dot.  My bias binding was black with white polka dots & it was just a bit too busy with the lace.  Shhh – don’t tell!

8 thoughts on “I’m free

  1. Roobeedoo

    OMG that picture frame picture is… a picture? Were you a child model for Woolworths paintings department circa 1966?!
    But back to the point – I love what you have done to the Sencha! I haven’t been reading the Colette blog but clearly I need to. Talk about something out of nothing! I just hope your neck doesn’t come out in black spots if it rains!

  2. Debi

    FABULOUS! I love this idea so much! I especially love it with black lace….your photos are fantastic! And good job on getting out of the project…that sounds like a real drag 🙂

  3. Debbie

    The blouse looks very pretty. I am glad you are sharing the yoke-love – that blouse would also look fab as a dress – if you had more fabric of course. I like the felt tip colouring idea – that is the sort of thing I do too.

  4. Ali

    Love it! I bookmarked that Colette yoke post too (yes, yoke-love). 🙂 The black looks lovely — makes it much more interesting than a plain black top, and an incredibly versatile piece.

    1. scruffybadgertime

      Thank you everyone for your lovely comments – I am really looking forward to wearing it & testing the black marker pen’s resiliance! I will take the pen back as faulty if I end up with neck stains!!!


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