Frenzy yay or nay?

What can I say that hasn’t already been said after Karen’s (Of Did You Make That) review of yesterday’s venture into E17, crafted by the hostess & ringleader herself & Tilly’s version of events (Of Tilly & The Buttons) as one of the joyful, eager & if anything like me initially awestruck participants?  We came, we saw, we bought stacks of fabric.  So much in fact that I for one envied Claire from Sew Incidentally‘s wise moves in bringing along a trolley for all of her goodies.  I just stuffed as much as I could into a shopper & could be seen with back distinctly curved & creaking from its weight heading back to the Tube.  Tilly & Karen took some atmospheric photos of the event – worth a look to get a real feel of what it must be like to have a pub’s back room filled with seamstresses who have just blown their pin money, guiltily figuring out how to sneak home & hide it all before being found out.  (Well, that might have just been me!)

I for one will be most definitely up for “Walthamstow, the sequel” as I am still smiling today from meeting so many gorgeous ladies chatting about fabric, sewing (& generally finding out about each other like you do) & of course, the big buying opportunities.  I would not necessarily describe myself as frenzied, but have to say that I veered off my list & did become super tempted by fabrics found by my fellow shoppers …

As a run down here is what broke my back, but not the bank …(in weight order – heaviest first!)

Now, a real bargain, lightweight denim with a bit of stretch (no skinny jeans for me though) – £3 per metre.  Unfortunately, there was not enough worth leaving on the roll so I was persuaded by the very authoritative sales assistant to take the extra 1.5m for only the price of an extra metre.  OK!  This is going to be a shirt dress of some kind, perhaps this 80s version.  I’m thinking maybe piping, maybe coloured top stitching plus some brass rose buttons I bought yesterday but haven’t taken a picture of.  And the rest?  Perhaps these 50s fitted shorts …

This was my most expensive purchase (£4 or so per yard)- it’s a polyester viscose mix – brown & turquoise with some very fine metallic swirls that catch the light every now & then.  This is going to be Crepe, possibly with the brown sash (also bought).  It’s “lush” as I would have said aged 15.

A crinkly viscose in navy & white.  Cheap enough to buy lots to make a full skirted Spring/ Summer dress.  Perhaps Crepe or this 50s pattern.

Beautiful powder blue lightweight linen spoke “nautical” to me.  I can see it with a white collar & red piping/ ribbon or else this gingham for the collar.  The gingham was so popular (super soft to the touch) that it was one of a few rolls we cleared out !

Last & nice & lightweight, a purple cotton to be used as lining for the red wool blend (already in my stash) that I’ve earmarked for a Beignet.  I need to make it whilst the weather’s still chilly so off I go now to get cutting  – or slicing now I have my very own rotary cutter – late birthday present – lucky me 🙂

Thank you again Karen for such a well organised meet-up – it was so worth the visit. 🙂

0 thoughts on “Frenzy yay or nay?

  1. karen

    Thanks for saying so many nice things. Am glad you girls enjoyed yourself. Wow – I don’t think I realised you’d bought quite so much. Happy sewing!

  2. Tilly

    I’m so jealous of that gingham – why didn’t I buy that?! Love the fabric you chose for your Crepe dress too – bet that will look lovely.

  3. Something in the Way She Sews

    Hey, it was really nice to meet you! I’m a little worried that I went overboard, because everyone is saying you bought so much, and I think I got even more. Whoops 🙂 . I also bought the blue gingham, and I can’t wait to see how the dress turns out.

  4. Shivani

    It was so lovely to meet you on Saturday! I love all your purchases, and I am especially envious of the crinkly navy/white – it will make a gorgeous Crepe! Can’t wait to see the rest of your makes!

  5. Christine

    I’m so pleased you had such a good time – I’m enjoying a wee vicarious thrill! You’ll have enough to keep you busy for a while now. I’m looking forward to seeing all these things take shape!

  6. Claire (aka Seemane)

    Hi SB!
    So lovely to meet you on Saturday & you came so far for it too :)!
    I can’t believe the lovely denim (I must’ve missed that one… doh silly me!) – can’t wait to see how your dress turns out in it, will you go for buttons or snaps maybe? Oh, and the Beignet is a lovely skirt pattern too – I’ve got that one in my stash at home as well – only made into a toile so far (note to self – must finish skirt).


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