Cherry Red Beignet

A few hours pinched here & there to lovingly bestow upon some gorgeous red woven wool ?fabric I bought last year in the sales.  I’m not sure what it is, apart from it being wool (smells a bit like old fashioned blankets).  I bought a metre of it (60″ wide), as a skirt length, not at the time having been smitten by Colette Patterns’ “Beignet“.  Anyway, the pattern calls for two and a half yards.  Miraculously I managed to persuade the pieces to breathe in & squeezed all of them out of it, including the belt this time.

I’ve since seen Tilly’s fabulous “Dazzling” red version of the same pattern & it helped confirm that yes, red is the colour – I would proceed with my thicker winter weight cherry red wool.  Why, you may ask am I making something for the winter when there are buds appearing on the trees, the birds are back & the daffodils are finally peeking through?

Cherry red Beignet skirt

Call me pessimistic, but I think I’ll get some wear out of this.  I can’t quite see me hanging my tights up for a good couple of months.  Plus, it was on my February sew list (I know, I’m fickle, the list is just a guide, but sometimes I actually sew stuff from it!)

My joy of this pattern is noted here, my first attempt being a more lightweight purple linen version (still being worn in winter would you believe it?).  This time I omitted the pockets, I hope I won’t miss them.  I lined it with lightweight purple cotton from Walthamstow (a very regal colour combo).  The fabric was so thick that I was as slow as a waking  tortoise stitching the belt loops over the seam allowances

With the Beignet, the buttons are such an obvious feature.  I really wanted to use my vintage buttons, but only had the two “flower burst” & four of the wooden ones.  They were a perfect colour, but I could not find another 7 to complement them.

vintage buttons

So I bought repro vintage black jet ones (100% pure plastic) instead.  Somehow I always buy one less than the pattern calls for & mark out the button hole, make it then have to unpick it when I realise I’ve run out of buttons.  I could of course wait & buy another, but then it wouldn’t be finished, would it?

So, blogging break over as I get to re-making this shirt.

I made this a good 15 + years ago, so its shape is well out of date, wouldn’t you agree?  The fabric is wonderfully light black cotton with mini polka dots that seem vintage (it’s not though).  My Grandma gave me the money for this, & it’s always been special, I wore it lots back in the 90s.  For years now, I’ve kept it in my stash to remake.  It has real vintage mother of pearl buttons from the old Antiques market.  Anyway, when I was looking at my finished Cherry Red Beignet, trying to work out what to wear with it, this old fave called to me, ” remake me into a cute blouse with a round collar”.  So that’s what I’ve just cut out.  Anchors away!  I hope to model them both together 🙂


8 thoughts on “Cherry Red Beignet

  1. Roobeedoo

    Ooh yes! Red and purple and black buttons… and than a dotty black blouse to go with it? Get back to that sewing machine – we want to see it all together! 😉

  2. Christine

    That skirt looks good enough to eat (‘beignet’ meaning also ‘donut’ – at first I thought this was a food post), and the remake of the shirt sounds great. There’s nothing better than helping an old friend to have another life.

  3. scruffybadgertime

    OO thank you everyone- I can’t wait to put it into use!
    Christine, I wish! I’d love a cherry donut – cherries must be one of my favorite sweet fillings & the way I feel now – it would go down a treat!
    I’ve nearly finished the blouse as well now – hand sewing tomorrow evening after a bit of research….

  4. Debbie

    The skirt looks fab, loving the red colour. I am intrigued to see your shirt refashion – you should be posting it over at refashion co-op when it’s done you know! (That’s my editor duty speaking there)

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