The purple Beignet skirt: yes I slowed down

It is finished at last, an achievement in many ways for me.  Not only was the skill level more testing (ie it was not just straight zippy seams that my machine would fly over- but more of that later), the beautiful pattern required more care & attention than I might always take.  I loved thinking through the details instead of diving straight in.  It took me quite a few sittings to finish, & coupled with the extra “quality” details (such as lining &  in seam pockets) I think it qualifies as a slower sewing success.

It was the first Colette pattern that I have ever sewed & when I received it I was so taken with its presentation: a book for instructions & integral back pocket to keep the pattern pieces in.  As I have read in other pattern reviews, I was not disappointed by the clear instructions & diagrams.  The skirt’s a beautiful shape with all the panels, & feels like a quality garment that has been built to fit.

I made it in purple linen (which I may regret judging by how much it creases!!!) & for its lining I chose a cheeky poly cotton in bright pink (ooo! )  To add to its hidden secrets I also used some black lace on the lining’s hem (double ooo!).  I had bought a metre & a half of this fabric & assumed that would be plenty – however I didn’t have enough to make the tie belt, so some kind of skinny belt will need to be found.

This skirt is made up of lots of panels, with side seam pockets and also belt loops at every seam.  To start my slower sew journey I felt extremely virtuous (& considered) by actually using good ol’ fashioned tailor’s tacks instead of lazy pins.  Hurrah!  With these seams though, the instructions said to press to one side, which could make it quite bulky – so next time I would think about doing that differently.  What I found the most tricky was sewing the curved seam that joins the lining to the facing – it involved trimming seam allowances, clipping & snipping, but with lots of care & basting (as suggested by the instructions) it worked first time.  I followed all the instructions letter for letter with the exception of the belt loops, which having struggled to turn one & cursing too much I cut one new piece that was a bit wider & just a bit easier to turn before chopping it into six loops.   The only other thing that I didn’t get right first time was button positioning – for some reason I didn’t get the skirt snug enough & had to move all of the buttons.

So, I am pleased with this skirt for many reasons, I think it will be useful for work & also out of work too.  I will definitely make Beignet again.

2 thoughts on “The purple Beignet skirt: yes I slowed down

  1. Ali

    Great to see your Beignet! This fall I’ve really got to whip up a version I like; it’s such a great pattern and purple’s a wonderful choice. Enjoying seeing your SSS posts :)

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